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PhD Dissertation: "Essays on Institutions and Institutional Change"

My PhD dissertation focussed on the evolutionary nature of institutions. It explored how changes in the economic environment affect institutions and whether these changes, in turn, have any effect on the economic environment. 2,959 more words


Growth that Makes Us Richer and Growth that Doesn't

Economists distinguish between two kinds of growth, extensive and intensive. Extensive growth raises a nation’s total output, but doesn’t make the populace better off and can easily make it worse off. 1,132 more words

Property Rights


Based on Gregory Clark, A Farewell to Alms (Princeton, 2007)

A continuously rising standard of living would have been an alien concept to anyone living in Europe (or anywhere else) before 1500. 2,095 more words

History Of Economic Growth

The Intellectual History of Property Rights

The post below is an excerpt from a long post by Gerald O’Driscoll Jr. and Lee Hoskins. The original post is “Property Rights: the Key to Economic Development… 1,640 more words
Property Rights

Voltaire’s England

Alan Charles Fors

Professor Emeritus, Department of History, University of Pennsylvania
This article was published in The American Interest on 1 July 2007.

Americans derive a certain pride, however mixed, from the ways in which Alexis de Tocqueville observed and analyzed them in his justly famous two-volume  2,651 more words

Property Rights