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A German tourist goes to a Greek hotel…. He gives the owner 100 Euros and asks for some room keys so he can take a look at them and see if he likes them. 202 more words

Economic Institutions

Economics + institutions + pirates

I’m writing an essay on institutional analysis and whether it helps us understand problems of economic non-development. Specifically, I’m responding to the implicit claim that institutional analysis is an improvement from the “neoclassical paradigm” that often neglects, or takes for granted, the role of institutions. 461 more words


Why Nations Fail by Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson; a discussion of the main ideas

This book addresses the core reasons for why some countries are rich today and why some have been stuck in a vicious circle of poverty and corruption. 836 more words

Do Market Economies Imply Greater Political Freedom?

Rohit Sinha: 

Amartya Sen, in his seminal work on human capabilities, argues that freedom is central to the idea of economic progress. He writes, “Economic Development is the expansion of real freedoms that people have, so that they can pursue the objective that they have reason to value”. 929 more words


three Ideas on Enhancing Your Organization' Credit Score

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Labor costs in GIIS.

Struggling countries in the eurozone – Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain … Have been reducing labour costs steadily.

Economic Institutions

Hurricane Sandy impact compared with other cyclones.

Hurricane Sandy had an impact of around $40B…& ranks 3rd for damaging. in the picture its compared with other cyclones.
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Economic Institutions