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Eight Years Ago President Obama Increased US Debt by $3 Trillion and 28% - President Trump's Increase Only 8%!

Eight years ago President Obama increased the US debt by more than $3 Trillion and 28% in less than two years in office.

President Trump took over in 2017 with nearly $20 trillion of debt that he inherited from Obama. 118 more words

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Gold Expected to Rally By End of Year Despite Unjustified Performance

Director of WisdomTree Investments says gold is in the perfect spot for a rebound.

Some would call gold’s measured performance this year understandable due to the different headwinds the metal has faced. 427 more words

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The Next Economic Crash Will Be "Far More Painful" Than The 2008 Recession

“This is a bigger bubble than the one that blew up in 2008, and the crisis that is going to ensue is going to be far larger”

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Weekly Economic Update

Economic Update 10-15-2018

  • Economic data for the week featured more tempered inflation results than expected as seen in last month’s PPI and CPI, lowering the trailing year’s results. 
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New Data Shows Federal Reserve Is Causing More Inequality

Back in August, Bloomberg interviewed Karen Petrou about her research on quantitative easing and the Fed’s policies since the 2008 financial crisis. What she has discovered has not been encouraging for people who aren’t already high-income, and in recent research presented to the New York Fed, she concluded “ 72 more words

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Here's Why The Next Recession Will Spiral Into A Depression

Here’s the difference between a recession and a depression: you can’t get blood from a stone, or make an insolvent entity solvent with more debt.

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The Distortions of Doom Part 2: The Fatal Flaws Of Reserve Currencies

The way forward is to replace the entire system of reserve currencies with a transparent free-for-all of all kinds of currencies.

Over the years, I’ve endeavored to illuminate the arcane dynamics of global currencies by discussing Triffin’s Paradox, which explains the conflicting dual roles of national currencies that also act as global reserve currencies, i.e.

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