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Stop the Tantrums and Look

To forestall expectations—this article is not about Trump’s daily antics.  It starts with a basic fact from Dani Rodrick (no cheerleader for globalization).  He talks about asking students a simple question: Would you rather be rich in a poor country or poor in a rich country? 1,058 more words

Economic Policy

Inequality in the 21st Century

March 19, 2018

Inequality in the 21st Century

by Kaushik Basu


As inequality continues to deepen worldwide, we do not have the luxury of sticking to the status quo. 955 more words


India: Why high-growth alone isn’t sufficient for India

Most discussions on India concentrate solely on its economic growth. However, if only this mattered, India would seem set to be a prosperous nation. But, India’s growth story is not equal across geographies. 683 more words


Others: Will #SEXIT follow #ZEXIT ?

In 2017, I attended a conference where a former South African finance minister was a guest. It was interesting to hear his views on the South African economy. 983 more words


Bhutan: Push savings to fund future investment

Did you know gross investment as a percentage of GDP was the highest in Bhutan, in a sample of 40 prominent developing countries. This includes rapid industrializing countries like China, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Ethiopia, etc. 852 more words


Others: Decoding Iran’s High Savings Trend

In a sample of 25-odd developing countries that make up acronyms like Next-11, MINT, BRICS, ASEAN, BIMSTEC and CIVETS, Iran at 38% had one of the highest savings rate in 2016. 818 more words