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Letter: Studies show tax cuts to the rich do not create jobs

Larry Deters of Regina writes:

The Findlay letter (April 15, 2017, Tax breaks create wealth for everyone) defends the tax cuts Premier Wall just gave corporations saying it will create jobs — Reagan economics by any other name — and attempts to discredit any criticism with the usual cliches and platitudes. 111 more words


Crisis and the Failure of Economic Theory

The contemporary economic crisis is an extraordinary opportunity to test the relevance of economic theory. The first lesson to be learnt from this crisis is that economic theories are not abstract constructions, extraneous to the real world, but they produce significant consequences for the welfare of a society. 922 more words

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Too much identity politics and very little class politics?

Scandinavian countries have been a shining light for worker and social rights, but the evidence is that globalism has undermined equity and workers rights. Asbjørn Wahl… 272 more words


Long way to go for Make in India

A look at “Make in India”, published as an oped in the Hindustan Times:

How does one judge Make in India? Recent news that foreign direct investment (FDI) flowing to defence in 2016-17 was an absurd trickle of ₹61,000 (or perhaps $61,000, the Ministry of Defence didn’t specify) seems to have not caused much of a ripple. 484 more words


When economists disagree

Economists are arguing over how their profession messed up during the Great Recession. This is what happened.

Over the past two weeks, academic economists (and a couple of bystanders) have been arguing about why economics wasn’t able to guide policy better during the Great Recession. 73 more words

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At Philanthropy Debate, Carson and Callahan Face Off, Discuss Women's Philanthropy - Philanthropy Women

On a bright April Thursday morning in New York City, David Callahan and Emmett Caron took each other on in a “spirited debate” about the future of philanthropy. 40 more words

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NoVo Will Focus on U.S. Southeast to Support Women and Girls of Color - Philanthropy Women

Big News: The NoVo Foundation has narrowed down the scope of its focus for its $90 million in funding to empower girls of color, and the funder is now seeking regional partners to provide support to community agencies doing work for gender equality. 31 more words

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