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On Balance Sheet Recessions: the economics of Richard Koo

Richard Koo is best known for his concept of a Balance Sheet Recession (BSR), which was defined briefly in yesterday’s post. Two of his books are highly recommended: … 1,475 more words

Political Economy

How economists and politicians gave up on employment in favour of alchemy

There will be no true economic recovery – or growth – until world leaders stop confusing government finances with that of a household budget,  writes economist, 178 more words


Anti-Globalism: It's Time to Grow Local Economies by Giving Them the Tax Incentives, Not Corporations

If we want to save the American economy, we need to do it locally everywhere . No more hoping some corporation will move a plant or home office to our state; no more bribing the mega-rich conglomerates with tax cuts to create a few hundred jobs on our turf. 1,826 more words

U.S. Politics

Yellen's future uncertain as talk of possible successor expected to heat up

By Craig Torres, Saleha Mohsin and Jennifer Jacobs

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen’s candidacy for another term is encountering resistance from some Trump administration advisers who want a new leader at the U.S. 1,390 more words


To Hell With General Welfare

They’re some of my favorite words of the preamble, and as all words of our our founding document, they were carefully, purposefully, weighed before they were chosen by our forefathers. 572 more words

Reader Letter: Businesses will leave because of $15 minimum wage

Re: New minimum wage social engineering gone mad, opinion column by Gord Henderson, June 12.

First of all, I would like to say I have much respect and admiration for our local true champion of small business, my friend Alfie Morgan. 195 more words


Sorry, Corbyn, but ‘anti-austerity’ is not enough

Another unexpected election result, this time brought about by Theresa May’s patronising, ill-considered and visionless campaign, invites traditional as well as new thinking. And when an election outcome is inconclusive, it becomes even easier to read into it your own established opinions. 62 more words

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