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Working Families Party: The Most Influential Third Party in the U.S.?

In February 2015, Edwin Gomes became the first candidate running solely on the Working Families Party (WFP) line to win a seat in a state legislature. 1,317 more words


Stephen Gordon: Achievements in the private sector ≠ success in politics

The election of Pierre-Karl Péladeau as leader of the Parti Québécois has been accompanied by the traditional bump in the public opinion polls. Many commentators have suggested that much of his appeal to the PQ — and the Quebec electorate in generally — is that Péladeau’s success in the business world endows him and the PQ with credibility on economics-related files. 850 more words

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Arun Jaitley, Pranab Mukherjee: Spot the difference

With the Modi government having completed a year in office, its economic record is the debate du jour. Turns out that the United Progressive Alliance’s (UPA) corruption and policy paralysis are now history and all would be well if only the economy would notice and jump to it (will happen by 2016… okay, by 2017 latest). 246 more words

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The IMF: Of Words and Actions

Some comments, and endless twitter discussions on my Blanchard Touch post call for a couple of clarifications.

The first has to do to the most common reaction, that has been: “the IMF may well have made advances in its analysis, but the policy prescriptions are remarkably unchanged. 659 more words


Gender Equality: Paternity Leave

By Matt Johnson

The United States does not have a paternity leave policy. This means that the United States government does not provide paid leave, unpaid leave, or any type of economic or social support for single parents or married couples after the birth of a child. 954 more words

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Jim Paulsen Of Well Capital Management Becomes Defeatist

A Benjamin Cole post

The supply side of the United States economy can only grow by 2% a year, and so the U.S. Federal Reserve and Wall Street are “making a big mistake” in assuming the domestic economy “cannot overheat,” said Jim Paulsen, chief investment strategist, Well Capital Management on May 21 to… 364 more words

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Smaller Government agenda: Parliamentary Library's Budget brief

The Parliamentary Library’s Federal Budget briefs provide a valuable resource each year. Portfolio briefs are currently being added to its Budget Review 2015-16. Here is the review by… 1,792 more words

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