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What's J.K. Rowling Doing to Help Vulnerable Kids Avoid Institutional Care? - Inside Philanthropy: Fundraising Intelligence

It appears that Harry Potter books bring the power of “Lumos” to the world in more ways than one. While research suggests that young people who read the Harry Potter books are more tolerant and compassionate, and while the books have sprouted a millennial-style fandom nonprofit called the Harry Potter Alliance, the greatest contribution to human progress may be coming directly from the author, J.K. 121 more words


"Me, And The Family": George W. Bush Concedes His Brother Has 'A Problem'

Former President George W. Bush was in Chicago yesterday, giving a paid speech and reflecting briefly on the 2016 presidential race.

Jeb Bush’s candidacy has a problem, says brother George. 303 more words


Majority of public assistance goes to working families, report finds

State and federal public assistance programs pay $153 billion to low-wage workers who can’t make ends meet

The majority of American families on public assistance or Medicaid are headed by at least one full-time worker, according to a report released Monday by the University of California at Berkeley’s Center for Labor Research and Education.

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Is Kredit Usaha Rakyat (KUR) Really Sufficient to Nurture The SME's Growth in Indonesia?

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Basic Concept of KUR

Kredit Usaha Rakyat (KUR) or Credit for the people is one of the most notable initiatives from the government of Indonesia to encourage financial inclusion to SMEs in Indonesia.   899 more words

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"Obama Legacy May Even Help Her": Why Hillary Clinton Doesn't Need To "Distance" Herself From Barack Obama

For a number of reasons, it has proven extremely difficult in recent history for a presidential candidate to win after eight years in which his party controlled the White House. 682 more words


"The GOP Primary Is Where Ideas Go To Die": You Can’t Be A Smart Candidate In A Party That Wants To Be Stupid

So now we have us some candidates, on the Republican side. Who’s the big kahuna? Jeb Bush? He keeps getting called front-runner, and I suppose he is, even though the polls sometimes say otherwise. 973 more words

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Penalty Rates: The Negative Economic and Social Impacts of Change

In recent years, industry lobbyists have been pushing the Federal government to review Australia’s penalty rate legislation, which they view as being out of place in today’s economy and society. 472 more words

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