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Fed Could Use Reserves Payments to Stimulate U.S. Economy

The Federal Reserve could push banks to lend more by paying Wall Street smaller returns on money stashed at the U.S. central bank when inflation is low, according to an academic paper presented on Saturday. 381 more words


Of baseball, tennis and predatory lending

He got me thinking. There are two ways to approach any competition. One is to take every advantage that you can. Soccer players writhing in imagined pain hoping to inflict a foul on the other team are an extreme example of this. 112 more words

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The death of neoliberalism and the crisis in western politics

August 25, 2016

The death of neoliberalism and the crisis in western politics

By Marton Jacques

In the early 1980s the author was one of the first to herald the emerging dominance of neoliberalism in the west. 3,538 more words


Paying a living wage: who wins?

According to Gravity Payment’s CEO Dan Price, everyone wins. After raising the minimum wage of his employees to $70,000/year–and cutting his own salary to the same–Gravity Payment’s profits have soared. 294 more words


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By 4 To 1 Margin, Business Economists Say Clinton Would Manage Economy Better Than Trump

By Maggie McGrath

Throughout his presidential campaign, Donald J. Trump has pledged to put “America first,” suggesting that the country’s estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants should be deported and flatly rejecting the concept of globalism.

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After the Papers

It has been around five months since the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) published major portions of the Panama Papers on its website. It was clear from the beginning that, whoever the leaker may be, the motivation behind the leak was to unveil the dark secrets behind the complex workings and transactions of offshore firms that utilize tax havens. 570 more words

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How privatization saved the Pilgrim Fathers

This summer I visited the historic site of Plymouth Plantation, the famous first settlement of the Pilgrim Fathers in Massachusetts. I was interested to see how the early settlers lived, what their houses looked like, what clothes they wore, what food they ate, what their relationships with the Native Americans were and how they managed to survive the first years in the wilderness. 626 more words