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Medicare and Medicaid turn 50

The July 28 special issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association  includes an article (and infographics) on Medicare and Medicaid. Some key points below. 97 more words

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Annals of the Great Recession XI.

I saw the Iraq War as an obvious act of stupidity from even before we attacked in Spring 2003. So, in 2008, I voted for the candidate who had opposed it, Barack Obama. 586 more words

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The Economics of a Stagnating World

This article by Edmund Phelps in the upcoming issue of the NYROB is excellent for bringing the important underlying issues to the fore. The “good life,” as Aristotle describes it, is based on humanist values that often get lost in discussions about materialistic economics or even abstractions of moral justice. 4,288 more words

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AEX-The Aristocratically Exempt Index

The premise of Chasing Aristocracy is that there is a New Aristocracy in America, and they are aggressively looking to expand their influence on major American and even foreign institutions, especially government. 338 more words


Clinton Aides Cozy with Wall Street

Hillary Clinton Aides’ Wall Street Links Raise Economic Policy Doubts

“Neil Sroka, a spokesman for the progressive advocacy group Democracy for America expressed his angst about the influence of the two in Clinton world. 57 more words


Expanding Horizons and Hope: The Logic of a Bank's Funding on Youth Employment  - Inside Philanthropy: Fundraising Intelligence

Youth unemployment is a national problem that is now squarely on the agenda of funders. Just the other day, we wrote about a new initiative spearhead by Starbucks and its CEO Howard Schultz to provide jobs and opportunities to 100,000 young people. 92 more words


BREAKING NEWS: Is Hillary Clinton Just More Of The Same Old Pay To Play Politics?

by Gene Howington

There are many Clinton supporters who tout her as a bonafide progressive bent on reform that will/should benefit all citizens and not just the usual host of monied interests. 732 more words

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