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Stephen Gordon: The Tories have done so well on the economy that the other parties fear to change course

The NDP and the Liberals have both released documents assigning numbers to the various commitments they have made during the campaign. To say that their promises have been “costed” is perhaps an excessively generous interpretation of these exercises, but the point is that these estimates have been made public. 975 more words

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"Voodoo Never Dies": Never Forget That What It’s Really About Is Top-Down Class Warfare

So Donald Trump has unveiled his tax plan. It would, it turns out, lavish huge cuts on the wealthy while blowing up the deficit. 785 more words

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Urban Decay and North Minneapolis

An indicator of a healthy socioeconomic environment is the physical environment itself. In urban dynamics, it is referred to as the attractiveness of the city. This attractiveness is such things as lakes, creeks, rivers, and parks. 498 more words

Urban Dynamics

Employing North Minneapolis

Minneapolis is currently experiencing a beautiful, warm, and sunny day in terms of economic stability and vitality. It currently has 9 Forbes 1000 companies, which is the most per capital of any city in the United States. 613 more words

Urban Dynamics

2015 Labour Party Conference: Forward Together?

What a week. Having initially planned to attend only the Sunday of Conference, it was getting later and later on Sunday evening and I’d already missed two of my transport options back to London. 1,557 more words

How a Reproductive Justice Outfit at a Small College Pulls in Grants from Top Foundations  - Inside Philanthropy: Fundraising Intelligence

A small program attached to an equally small liberal arts college has been providing thought leadership and a legion of boots on the ground for reproductive justice since the 1980s. 112 more words


China and India Not So Different After All

Whether the economic tumult in China in recent weeks represents an overdue market correction or a more significant inflection point is a matter of debate.  But one clear message is just how profoundly wrong is the long-running argument that China enjoys a decisive “autocratic advantage” while India is excessively burdened by a “democratic disadvantage.” 162 more words