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Looks like Multnomah County Library; North Portland might be in a ghetto

but right now it seems kind of safe. Whenever I see streets named after black people, I get a little nervous. I learned to be nervous about those street name when I was stationed near Shreveport, Louisiana. 375 more words

Week 3 - Notes On A Nightmare

This week’s class ended with something of a warning for up-and-coming journalists, in the form of an article written by David Monaghan. In it, he writes about a “journalist’s worst nightmare” – he mistakenly alluded to Irish President Michael D. 301 more words


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With her aptly entitled 'Notes on a Nightmare' Jane O'Faherty offers this quite pessimistic response to former Forbes online journalist David Monagan's error about President Michael D Higgins. Jane considers the future for journalists to be a grim one, marked by a “persistent culture of unpaid internships and low salaries” that will “not pave the way to a news and glorious medium"…