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Universal Basic Income


With his care for the less economically prosperous, Thomas Attwood might well have approved the work of the basic income movement – though probably, like… 318 more words

Monetary Reform

KSA Reforms Picking-up Steam....

Many pundits have wondered and questioned why Saudi Arabia has not been engulfed with the ‘Arab Spring’, even though it suffers from many of the socio-economic ills that brought the Tunisians, Egyptians, Libyans and Syrians to the street. 680 more words

My Reflections

How China’s skewed sex ratio is making President Xi’s job a whole lot harder

As odd as it sounds, China’s economic policy is being held hostage by its heavily skewed sex ratio.

China’s excess of young, unmarriageable males poses an acute dilemma for… 1,264 more words

Britain's global role: fantasy vs reality

Paul Rogers opens: “The UK’s government and military are trapped in a futile search for greatness, thus missing the country’s true security challenges”. 

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson delivering his speech at the Conservative party conference at the Manchester Central Convention Complex in Manchester. 908 more words


Winston's legacy - economic and social reform

Winston Peters seems to have high ambitions for the leader of a 7% party – economic and social reform, referring to current negotiations about the formation of the next government as “these talks are about a change in the way this country is run both economically and socially. 1,737 more words


New Zealand the way we want it: Stephnie de Ruyter


During this season of promised tax cuts, social spending, and a little piece of organic carrot for every sympathetic voter, it’s easy to be swept along by the messages of hope inherent in the rhetoric. 591 more words

Monetary Reform