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the humiliation and depraved nature of austerity

bravo to greece!

yes, there are irresponsibilities to consider, along with how well allegedly representative governing actually works.

debt is the bane of existence, yet the average american must be subjected to parallels with the current grecian experience including lack of medical care and owing, owing, owning in order to keep going. 337 more words

Corporate Personhood

$$$ How Much is Enough $$$ - An Artists Journey To Life: Day 695

I recently read an article published by the CBC news about a homeless man in his 60’s who returned a briefcase he found that had 2000.00 dollars in it. 744 more words

Best For All

Good Governance 16 – Implications of the Bond Disaster for Good Governance, as explained by a former Deputy Governor

I was deeply concerned about what seems corruption in the Central Bank, an institution that had never previously roused any suspicion on such grounds. What we have thus far discovered at the Committee on Public Enterprises is startling, but obviously I cannot refer to this now. 1,425 more words

Good Governance

On Financial Parasites and Predators

Reform is impossible in a system optimized for centralized power and financial predators and parasites.

The problem with optimizing private gain by any means available is you also optimize financial predators and parasites. 270 more words


An Equal Currency to Honor LIFE - An Artists Journey To Life: Day 691

What is the purpose of having numerous economic currencies? From what I can see, the real reason for this particular design of having numerous currencies with each one varying in its purchasing ability is to ensure the powers at be, remain the powers at be. 505 more words


Remember When Spain Was Down And Out?

Mercedes Benz seems happy enough building cars there now, for instance. Then you’ve got the current Greek government

The European Central Bank is predicting that Spain will be one of the economic drivers of Europe in 2015. 112 more words


Destitute Dreams. The Story of Poverty #4


I only know the curb

which is familiar at nightfall

as I roll down my eyelids

to a crickets lullaby.

A mother, what is that? 19 more words