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... So , What does Greece do Now ? [#economy][#euro]...

.. well , to be honest , they did not belong in the euro in the first place . Their finances were never in good enough condition to meet what are called the ” Maastrict Criteria ” for entering the Eurozone .. 166 more words

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... Greece needs a U.S. - style Chapter 11 restructuring [#bankruptcy]...

.. it is that simple ..

.. Greece got itself into one hell of a pickle . It needs to get out of it . But piling on debt on top of more debt is not going to do it .. 188 more words

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Roses With Thorns: Necessity of “a visible hand” in India’s Peculiar Growth Story

For nations that have emerged from a history of economic suppression, isolation, or recession, identifying a path to higher economic growth has been a topic of study for decades. 850 more words

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The Chinese recipe for growth, and slowdown?

To understand the reasons for the Chinese slowdown, it is important to revisit the reasons for China’s economic success. In this article, Alexandra de Mingo McAllister… 1,456 more words


There Are No Easy Fixes for Argentina's Economy

Argentina has a bumpy road ahead.

The package of economic reforms that business-friendly President-elect Mauricio Macri is preparing could increase societal tensions by stalling the social gains… 816 more words


What generates the most preferable kind of growth? Competition or cooperation?

Is competition or cooperation the best way to generate social development, new technological solutions and growth for the whole of humanity?

The notion about competition as the main driver of social development is one of the key arguments of the neoliberalism: 764 more words