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Egypt Economic Reform.. judge for yourself is it an everlasting curse or a luck mascot? 

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”- Seneca

Let’s tackle the issue subjectively away from the IMF loan controversial discussion that such procedures are being imposed against our free will.

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Central banks should make Green Investment decisions, ‘for the sake of all our futures’

Josh Ryan-Collins, co-founder of the Brixton Pound, is senior economist at the New Economics Foundation, visiting research fellow at Southampton Business School’s Centre for Banking, Finance and Sustainable Development and at London’s City University Political Economy Research Centre. 282 more words

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If China can fund infrastructure with its own credit, so can others

Today we received an article from and by Ellen Brown published in TalkMarkets, described in Business Wire (January 2015) as a financial-information website. In six months it reached ‘critical mass’ – its one millionth pageview – in early December 2014.   860 more words

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Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter remembers Thomas Attwood

The Jewellery Quarter Walk, devised by Bob Miles, shows where, in the unsettled 1830s, under the leadership of Thomas Attwood, a series of vast public meetings held on Newhall Hill (below). 735 more words

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GST: Making the most of India’s big new tax reform

The Modi govt should keep working toward its original goal of having only one or two rates for GST, with as few exemptions and as little paperwork as possible. 456 more words


“Dethroning Mammon: Making Money Serve Grace”

John Nightingale sends a review of “Dethroning Mammon: Making Money Serve Grace” 

This Lent Book written by the Archbishop of Canterbury is timely and relevant. I recommend it as for individuals and it would be excellent if people could share their reactions to it in groups. 350 more words

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The new pragmatism: Paul Collier on how to save capitalism

This article from The Times Literary Supplement is about pragmatic solutions to inequality and economic despair in capitalist societies, primarily Great Britain and the United Sates.  167 more words

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