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Central Bankers Need to Call on Governments to Pursue Economic Reform

Central bankers need to speak up and call on governments to pursue economic reform, former European Central Bank President Jean Claude Trichet said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. 1,674 more words


Terence O'Neill and J.R. Jayewardene

This paper sheds light upon the political legacies of two leaders, Terence O’Neill (1914-1990) and Junius Richard Jayewardene (1906-1996). O’Neill’s premiership (1963-1969) led to unprecedented developments in Northern Ireland and Jayewardene’s presidency (1978-1989) led to a tremendous socioeconomic and political transformation in Sri Lanka. 93 more words

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China's Communist Party leaders meet this week to map out five-year economic reform plan

By Jeremy Page and Mark Magnier
The Wall Street Journal
Oct. 25, 2015 1:56 p.m. ET

BEIJING—China’s Communist Party this week is expected to approve an economic blueprint for scaling back the role of the state over the next five years, while offering clues about the leadership’s appetite for bold reform… 985 more words

China’s Brand New Business Era

In SCMP’s report “China’s young entrepreneurs answer Beijing’s calls to innovate”, it quotes Li Ruoshan, a professor at Fudan University’s School of Management, in Shanghai as saying, “China is at the start of a brand new business era. 781 more words

ERF to Hold Second National Dialogue on the Relationship between Political and Economic Reform in Egypt

The Economic Research Forum (ERF) will hold a national dialogue under the title “Between Political Reform and Economic Development…Egypt the Future” on September 30, 2015. The event emanates from ERF’s understanding of the importance of having a serious discussion on the future of Egypt. 257 more words

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What We As A Nation Need To Do To Fix Our Situation

By Editor-In-Chief Jackson Curtin

*Editor’s Note: This is MY opinion. My personal opinion. Not the claims of the site, nor the other writers. Some of them may agree, others may disagree, as is their right. 1,815 more words


Why income taxes are a barbaric relic

I have read Armstrong Economics for a long time. And one thing that is mentioned often is economics precedes politics. 2016 looks to be an exciting year in the USA, where we throw out the old entrenched politicians and bring in those willing to serve the people, not their wallets. 804 more words