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Everything You Need to Know About India’s Biggest Economic Reform in Decades

This story originally appeared on Time.com.

By Nikhil Kumar

Late on Aug. 3, after a debate lasting almost eight hours, Indian lawmakers approved plans for a major economic overhaul to turn the country into one unified market in which businesses can trade goods and services across state lines without having to navigate a prohibitive array of federal and local taxes. 677 more words


Best defence of Employment Contracts Act is a @FairnessNZ graphic

Source: Low Wage Economy | New Zealand Council of Trade Unions – Te Kauae Kaimahi, with extra annotations by this blogger.

Economic History

The Mirage of Inclusive Growth

In this article, Deepanshu Mohan speaks of the need to unlearn the theoretical neo-liberalist idea of inclusive growth, to delve into a more pragmatic approach where growth and redistribution are hinged on to each other, and how government interference is imperative to purge growth inequalities that stemmed out from the pro-market policies. 1,147 more words


Argentina's New Reform-Minded President Is Facing His First Big Test

When Argentine President Mauricio Macri took office in December, he knew it might not be long before he’d face pushback against his market-oriented economic reforms. 968 more words


State-Owned Enterprise Reform Slogs On Slowly

TWO THINGS WILL emerge — eventually — from China’s reform of its state-owned enterprises (SOEs): the elimination of a lot of redundant capacity in heavy industry and some multinationals that are strategically important domestically and formidably competitive internationally. 466 more words


A Lost Comparative Advantage? Case of India’s Electronics Manufacturing Sector

A piece on India’s ailing electronics manufacturing sector by Deepanshu Mohan and Mehak Malhotra argues that unintended oversight in a hurried liberalisation policy as well as a shift in focus towards the IT software industry during the 90s gave the electronics hardware industry an early blow from which it has been unable to recover till today. 1,597 more words


Down on the Farm - By Michael Kugelman and Rozina Kanchwala April 3, 2016

Indian Farmer Suicides—And What Modi is Doing About Them

Last month, India unveiled its latest federal budget. To the surprise of many, it includes a strong emphasis on farming, with plans to  184 more words

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