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The Implementation Of Nesara Act Means President Trump Leaves January 20, 2018 ~ Jan. 14, 208

I AM speechless! It appears from this video that NESARA has been put into place? Or close to being put into place?From this, please understand this means the removal of Trump/Pence from their respective posts of President/Vice President of our country which according to this video is at the end of this week. 88 more words

当代中国的市场经济与公民权问题 (Market economy and civil rights in contemporary China)


Chinese Debates

The Definition and the Determination of Value: A Forbidden Truth Dissection

What is value? How must it be defined within the parameters of Truth? How must it be judged and determined? I have addressed this issue as part of other brilliant essays, but not to the depth or degree that the issue warrants. 2,221 more words


Universal Basic Income


With his care for the less economically prosperous, Thomas Attwood might well have approved the work of the basic income movement – though probably, like… 318 more words

Monetary Reform

KSA Reforms Picking-up Steam....

Many pundits have wondered and questioned why Saudi Arabia has not been engulfed with the ‘Arab Spring’, even though it suffers from many of the socio-economic ills that brought the Tunisians, Egyptians, Libyans and Syrians to the street. 680 more words

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How China’s skewed sex ratio is making President Xi’s job a whole lot harder

As odd as it sounds, China’s economic policy is being held hostage by its heavily skewed sex ratio.

China’s excess of young, unmarriageable males poses an acute dilemma for… 1,264 more words