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Remember When Spain Was Down And Out?

Mercedes Benz seems happy enough building cars there now, for instance. Then you’ve got the current Greek government

The European Central Bank is predicting that Spain will be one of the economic drivers of Europe in 2015. 112 more words


Destitute Dreams. The Story of Poverty #4


I only know the curb

which is familiar at nightfall

as I roll down my eyelids

to a crickets lullaby.

A mother, what is that? 19 more words


By Kristopher Klein
Staff Writer

The collapse of OPEC may have been averted, but look out for political turmoil across its struggling member states.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro recently toured OPEC member states as well as Russia to urge a cut in output. 1,140 more words


An Architect For A Rich China

RATHER LIKE FINANCIALLY threadbare English nobility marrying American new money in the 19th century China’s Communist Party is embracing the country’s new self-made wealth. Five of the country’s ten richest people will attend the National People’s Congress — China’s parliament — which convenes for its annual showpiece plenary on Thursday. 423 more words


Why India’s economic plans are bolder than you think

After months of speculation over how India will turn its economy around, the government finally unveiled its budget for the new fiscal year. While the $290 billion budget is business friendly, it doesn’t include major policy changes many had hoped for. 764 more words


The timing of major economic reform programmes

There are plenty of critics of deregulation, albeit enough for them are smart enough to realise they cannot restore the lost monopolies and high marginal tax rates on the middle-class. 1,430 more words

Applied Welfare Economics

SOHRAB AHMARI: France’s Anti-Terror, Free-Market Socialist

Wall Street Journal: Prime Minister Valls talks about ‘Islamofascism,’ his personal experience with rising anti-Semitism, and the necessity of economic reform.

‘France has been struck very much at its heart by terrorism—jihadist terrorism and radical Islamism, because let us call things like they are.” 39 more words