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State-Owned Enterprise Reform Slogs On Slowly

TWO THINGS WILL emerge — eventually — from China’s reform of its state-owned enterprises (SOEs): the elimination of a lot of redundant capacity in heavy industry and some multinationals that are strategically important domestically and formidably competitive internationally. 466 more words


A Lost Comparative Advantage? Case of India’s Electronics Manufacturing Sector

A piece on India’s ailing electronics manufacturing sector by Deepanshu Mohan and Mehak Malhotra argues that unintended oversight in a hurried liberalisation policy as well as a shift in focus towards the IT software industry during the 90s gave the electronics hardware industry an early blow from which it has been unable to recover till today. 1,597 more words


Down on the Farm - By Michael Kugelman and Rozina Kanchwala April 3, 2016

Indian Farmer Suicides—And What Modi is Doing About Them

Last month, India unveiled its latest federal budget. To the surprise of many, it includes a strong emphasis on farming, with plans to  184 more words

Point Of Interest

Academic Paper: The Successes and Failures of Economic Reform in Nigeria's Post-Military Political Settlement

There are two stark images of Africa today. One of an ‘Africa rising’, surfing the wave of a digital revolution to drive a middle class consumption of innovative mobile technology and digital financial services. 592 more words


Political Economy Challenges of Economic Reforms

Talk at LBO-LBR SL economy debrief in December 2015 on some of SL’s macroeconomic reform priorities and political economy challenges in implementation.


Devolution Of Funds To Local Govts - Budget 2016 Reflects A Shift In Policy Thinking

By Sahil Aggarwal

“A sum of ₹ 2.87 lakh crore will be given as Grant-in-Aid to Gram Panchayats and Municipalities as per the recommendations of the 14th Finance Commission. 875 more words


Jobs' Challenge To Slowing Growth

THE ECONOMY CONTINUES along its glide path to slower growth. Last year’s GDP growth target of ‘about 7%’ has been replaced by 6.5%-7% for this year. 660 more words