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... Maybe those Idiots Will Learn [#San Francisco bookstore closing]...

.. considering that it is Fantasyland by the Bay , I wonder ..

.. San Fran ‘ s very popular Borderland Books is a symbol of small businesses in the Bay Area . 169 more words

Personal Opinion

Latest coal import figures deal further blows to Adani and Shenhua

Plunging coal prices and slump in demand from India and China highlights the sheer stupidity and fiscal lunacy of both Shenhua’s Watermark and Adani’s Carmichael mines. 15 more words

The Real Problems With Socialism And Communism

I love idiots, I truly do.  I love individuals who, while being very smart intellectually, can’t think they way out of a paper bag.  I mean, I am amazed that so many otherwise smart people believe in the tooth fairy, the Easter rabbit, and Santa Claus.   1,851 more words

It's The Economy, Stupid! (Part II)

John Schnatter began working in pizza parlors as soon as he was old enough to work. He went to college and worked at getting a good education. 945 more words


It's The Economy, Stupid! (Part I)

We all remember when Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign came out with that ridiculous line, but liberals are having some serious issues grasping rudimentary economic principles these days. 1,019 more words


The Amazing Disappearing Middle Class

America is the only country on the planet where the poor have cars and cable TV. If you’re listening to the so-called “99%”, better known as Occupy Wall Street, the middle class in America no longer exists. 785 more words


Breaking News: This Ain't The First Time

Ann Coulter brought up an important part of history I had forgotten. The Occupy Wall Street protests are going a month strong now, and the same press that called Tea Partiers names that ought not be repeated in a professional office (and certainly not on TV) are comparing the communist uprising of this generation to the Tea Party. 1,110 more words