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Minneapolis crime pattern since 2013

With the Minneapolis mayoral and city council elections only a few weeks away, crime is still a top issue. How will the mayoral candidates fair and will crime continue to remain a top issue? 302 more words

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Econ: Economic Systems

Chapter 2 Quiz
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Just as forms of government vary from one nation to the next, so do economic systems. People and societies organize economic life to deal with the basic problems raised by scarcity and opportunity cost through what is called an economic system. 103 more words


Minneapolis: July's Top 7 Neighborhoods for Crime in 2017

There are few things to consider when sifting through this data set. First, the highest number of reported crimes in Minneapolis are not in the Jordan neighborhood in North Minneapolis, or any  other neighborhood in North Minneapolis for that matter. 307 more words

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Educational Attainment Data: Comparing Minnesota and the United States

We can use U.S. Census Bureau data to compare the educational attainment of the United States to any of the 50 states; we can use U.S Census Bureau data to compare the educational attainment of the United States to any city contained within the United States (provided data exists);  and we can use U.S. 612 more words

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Minneapolis: Education pays, according to the data

Odds are if you lived in Minneapolis in 2015 and didn’t have a high school diploma, then you probably made less than $19,200.00 in that year. 485 more words

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Nationalisation v Privatisation - Britain's railways

In the Cambridge AS Economics syllabus a new topic was introduced in 2016 which looks at the areas of privatisation and nationalisation in an economy. Below are some notes on the topic and a good video on the renationalisation of British railways. 335 more words

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Chicagoland: Homicide rate increases as 2017 progresses

Unfortunately, the homicide rate is increasing in Chicago. That is, the number of homicides per month are increasing as 2017 progresses.

The year started off with 145 homicides in the 1st quarter – January, February, and March –  compared to the 151 homicides through the 1st quarter in 2016. 560 more words

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