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Welfare economics in Econ 101

I’m wondering today, on an otherwise lovely Friday, how soon to introduce welfare economics into an introductory economics course.

I know. Bear with me.

I think one of the most fundamental jobs of introductory economics is to start to build the famous “invisible wall” between positive and normative economics. 1,146 more words


Ludicrous regulations of the US Airline Industry and Contestable Markets

We discussed Contestable Markets in my A2 class today and I used this clip from Commanding Heights to show how regulated the US airline industry was during the 1970’s. 511 more words

Economic History

Why everyone should know some basic economics.

Below is a great animation from RSA in which Ha-Joon Chang  (South Korean institutional economist specialising in development economics) explains why every single person should know some basic economics. 105 more words

Economic History

Nationalisation v Privatisation

In the 2016 Cambridge AS Economics syllabus there is a new topic which looks at the areas of privatisation and nationalisation in an economy. Below are some notes on the topic. 268 more words

Economic Systems

Book Review: PENGUIN CLASSICS: Marx Capital Vols. 1-3

I first ran across this new translation at a bookstore I was visiting at the time. Seeing the first thick volume and the more readable English, I jumped at the possibility of reading about this and understanding a system that my grandfather fought against since it appeared in Egypt in AD 1952. 432 more words

Book Review

Panning for gold: a real time glimpse into the (neo) colonisation of Papua New Guinea

This is a tale of good ‘ole colonisation in 2016.

Awareness of the colonial, neo colonial, and ‘postcolonial’ practices that lead Indigenous peoples to  “live our daily realities in suffocating spaces forbidding our perspectives, our creativity, and our wisdom” ( 719 more words