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Environmentalists need to understand humanity, not economics

Steven Horwitz writing at the Foundation for Economic Education for an esoteric audience under the headline “Why Environmentalists Need to Understand Economics”—few people understand economics, or care to (of course, they should); and no rational person understands environmentalists (they don’t care about humanity). 606 more words


A quick view of an economic system

By Matt Johnson

In this short blog, I will illustrate one way an urban dynamicist, i.e., systems scientist, looks at an economic system and its data. 489 more words


Russia - economic concerns.

Part of the excellent Al Jazeera documentary series about Russia, which addresses the problems facing many Russians today. The global economic crisis, conflicts with neighbouring countries and the drop in oil prices all played their part in the demise of the Russian people. 94 more words

Labour Market

Video: Four Horsemen - Renegade Inc

Renegade Inc brings you Four Horsemen, an award-winning independent feature documentary directed by Ross Ashcroft, which lifts the lid on how the world really works. 70 more words

Psychological Warfare

A Mini Lesson on the Essential Difference Between Socialism and Capitalism

Americans tend to have a knee-jerk reaction when it comes to economic systems. Socialism = Bad. Capitalism = Good. Generally speaking, however, we don’t know much about either one. 211 more words


AS Level - Economic systems: North Korea

Following on the theme of economic systems and North Korea, below is a documentary from the BBC Panorama programme. John Sweeney goes undercover in North Korea and finds out what life is really like. 49 more words

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