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The Wakanda Effect

Black Panther is the richest superhero on earth. That is because of the abundance of Wakanda’s (the fictional country T’Challa aka Black Panther is the ruler of) Vibranium reserves – a mineral deposited into the country from a meteor strike thousands of years ago. 1,719 more words

The Definition and the Determination of Value: A Forbidden Truth Dissection

What is value? How must it be defined within the parameters of Truth? How must it be judged and determined? I have addressed this issue as part of other brilliant essays, but not to the depth or degree that the issue warrants. 2,221 more words


TPPP Episode 64 : A Systems Enthusiast

Welcome back to The Triple Po! After a mental health break, I have returned bigger, but necessarily better. On the pre-ramble I talk about Doug Jones and his victory over Roy Moore in the special election for US Senate in Alabama. 144 more words


HGov: Economic Systems Review

economic questions: what, how, for whom; economic systems: traditional economy, command economy, market economy, mixed economy, socialism, communism, capitalism, free enterprise; circular flow: households, businesses, government, resource market, land, labor, capital, entrepreneurship, costs, income, wages, rent, interest, profit, product market, goods and services, consumption, revenue, public goods and services, taxes, transfer payments, subsidies, government spending

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HGov: Economic Systems

All societies must make choices about what to have and what to give up because resources are always scarce compared to people’s wants. How those choices get made depends on a society’s economic system. 715 more words

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Minneapolis: Labor Market Update, July 2017, Part 1

In today’s blog, we will be exploring the labor market in Minneapolis from the perspective of the labor force and the number of employed. It will be important for us to remember that these two economic systems’ variables measure the growth of a labor market. 636 more words

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PBL 4 - How society and politics influence economy?

  • What are the different kinds of economics?
  • How do government policies effect on a country’s economy? 
  • How does foreign trade influence a country’s economy?  

What is an economic system? 2,255 more words

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