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Global Political Economy

(Global Political Economy, Outskirts Press, 2014)

Chapter One: Introduction

Political Economy: Theoretical Perspectives 

Historical Overview:

Thinking about how groups live and produce their means of living is at least as old as the Ancient Greeks. 4,300 more words

Book Chapters

Grand Pursuit

Sylvia Nasar’s Grand Pursuit: The Story of Economic Genius brings to life most of the leading economic thinkers of the nineteenth and twentieth century. The Industrial Revolution, for example, inspired Charles Dickens, in contrast to Carlyle and Mill who were pessimistic about the progress of the new industrial society, to write that “we have risen slowly, painfully, and with many a hard struggle out of all this social degradation and ignorance”. 217 more words

Economic History

Comments on Banking and the Occupy Movement related to Ellen Brown's "The Way to Occupy a Bank is to Own One"

By Janet Eaton

It is encouraging  that so many pundits and advocates of  systemic economic and financial change are linking up  with the Occupy Movement and that the Movement has recognized  that challenges and alternatives to the existing private banking system are  crucial.  1,839 more words

Collapse & Beyond Collapse

The contemporary Keynes - why "The Economist" is wrong

„The Economist“, which I think usually sets the Gold standard in  economic reporting, just published the results of a quite interesting survey. They asked  two questions to more than 50 prominent economists. 962 more words

General Economics