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Tracking Expenses - The Good Way 👌

Do you know how much do you spend every month?

Do you know your monthly limit (budget)? Or you unknowingly spend from your monthly expenditure & savings both? 253 more words

Perfect Review

Eicher Motors place $1.8 to $2 billion binding bid for Ducati

Companies in the race to acquire Ducati include Indian automaker Bajaj Auto Ltd and Harley Davidson.

With Germany’s Volkswagen Group putting up its motorcycle brand Ducati up on the block, U.S. 104 more words


ET, when did you become a neighbourhood aunty?

Dear Economic Times,

Last I checked you were a business paper. That’s right, BUSINESS. I understand that conception and fertility are businesses now (and probably bigger than most other businesses), but that still doesn’t give you the right to judge those of us who are a “tad late” by your standards. 553 more words


योगी आदित्यनाथ के पहले 100 दिन: खराब, औसत या अच्छे?

सन २०१४ के चुनाव जीतने के बाद से ही, भाजपा के लिये अपने वायदों को किसी भी जाँच परख से दूर रख कर मुद्दों को बदलते रहने की कला उसकी सफलता के मुख्य कारणों में से एक रही है। उसके प्रदर्शन का आकलन करने में  मीडिया भी अपने स्तर पर किसी भी एक स्थिर मापदंड को अपनाने में असफल रहा है। उत्तर प्रदेश के विधानसभा …

Air India plane flies with wheels out, forced to land early.

NEW DELHI: Air India has grounded two pilots who forgot to retract aircraft landing gear after take off and then flew all the way from Kolkata to Nagpur with the wheels out. 459 more words


ET Article on Surviving Layoffs in the IT Sector

For those affected by layoffs in the IT sector, here’s an article in the Economic Times, written by Devashish Chakravarty, that you might find useful. 57 more words

IT Sector