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Seismic Forces Rock the Parties

The newspapers I glimpsed while traveling communicated a sense of political calamity, the dismay of wonks, journalists, and miffed members of the GOP.  Trump, the party’s likely nominee, was causing the commotion, but the kerfuffle spoke volumes about the muddled condition of the party itself.  541 more words

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Economic Woes, Threats From North Shadow South Korea Vote

South Koreans voted Wednesday in legislative elections clouded by North Korean nuclear threats and the multiple challenges facing Asia’s fourth-largest economy, as President Park Geun-Hye enters the f… 9 more words

Rio Upbeat on Olympics Despite Zika, Economic Woes

Economic, political and medical troubles cloud Brazil’s upcoming Olympics. But that’s not getting Rio residents down.

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Whole Lot of Shaking

Have you looked at your retirement fund or stock portfolio lately? I haven’t. I have been scared to even peek at it. A couple of nights ago, I was listening to an alternative financial guru (alternative – meaning not the mainstream media folks). 721 more words


Why is the global economy suffering so much turbulence?

2016 is an election year so candidates will be making hay with the economic woes of the planet…..China is sliding….US is crumbling……Wall Street is a bouncing ball……..wages suck…..inflation is under control (tell that to someone on a fixed income)……gas prices in a race to the bottom……as soon as the luster moves on from the Muslim theme or the immigrant subject or the refugees…..the economy will make a return to the campaign ads and rhetoric……. 77 more words

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Questions Questions

Why hunger,

Why existential pain?

Is the current truth a fake ?

Should we empathize with pigs ?

Why are cell phones

named after nature’s fruit ? 22 more words


Standing Firm

For the last few weeks, I have been enthralled with the topic of the September events that are projected to happen. There are so many theories floating around; any of them could be possible. 819 more words