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Woes from Tory mismanagement

Re: Economic woes a headache for Tories as elections loom, by Jason Fekete, Ottawa Citizen, July 16.

The article appears to make the fortunes of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his minions (not the funny movie kind, the dreary backbench kind), more important than the lives and futures of millions of ordinary Canadians. 77 more words


China's Economic Slowdown May Last Longer

China may need more time to reverse the current economic downturn than previously expected, and further measures are necessary to prevent an accelerated cooling, a leading government think tank says.

Read Here – People’s Daily


Nearly 1 Million Brazilians Protest President Dilma Rousseff, Economic Woes

Close to a million demonstrators marched in cities and towns across Brazil on Sunday to protest a sluggish economy, rising prices and corruption – and to call for the impeachment of leftist President … 9 more words

God in Your Work, Unions?

As I continue on God in you work I will discuss whether or not Labor Unions are biblical.  The short answer is that unions are not biblical in any way.  1,480 more words


God In Your Work

Here in America most Christians separate their job or business from their Christian life. Many are often very dedicated believers in their weekly devotions and church attendance but are looking to man for the answers in the work place, even going so far as to ask God to help man instead of looking directly to the Lord.  1,435 more words


Ambrosia Restaurant in WPB says Arrivederci

Ambrosia Restaurant, a longtime West Palm Beach Italian eatery, will close tonight after 37 years in business.

An emotional Vinny Munnelly, the restaurant’s owner, said Monday that the decision to close was due to the relentless competition for diners from new restaurants. 276 more words


Votes for the people, by the people

On the 27th January 2015 as I began to organise my thoughts for this piece, it was 100 days until the election. Already the bun fight has begun, cakes and pastries layered with shale gas, tuition fees, immigration and other issues. 1,110 more words