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Why Americans Feel So Good

Trump came to office on the promise of the American economy will boom…he will ax crappy trade agreements….he will make the free market blossom for ALL Americans. 253 more words


Who Or What Killed The Middle Class?

The Middle Class has been disappearing for decades but what or who is to blame?

Easy answer….Reagan or better yet Reaganomics…..

It death spiral began with Reagan’s dash to slice taxes on the rich and it has continued ever since…… 384 more words


Today's Generation

Many senior citizens are living in part on a pension which most of today’s generation will never have. I was fortunate enough to work for companies in which advancement was possible, that offered benefits packages, full-time, permanent employment, all kinds of fun perks, the whole whiz-bang. 232 more words


Headline NEWS: Nigeria

Ex-NNPC GMD Andrew Yakubu drags EFCC to court; House Committee calls for revocation of Centenary City R of O & C of O; Obasanjo has launched his presidential library; I travelled to India to find out my exact age – Obasanjo; Osinbajo orders oil firms to move headquarters to states where they operate; Presidency slams Soludo for blaming economic woes on Buhari; Buhari has been away longer than expected – APC spokesman; Police kill kidnap kingpin ‘Vampire’ in gun battle; Lawmakers decry high cost of law school fees . 984 more words


Closing Thought--17Jan17

As we grow closer to the day of days when the country swears in the king of kings, Donald J. Trump…..and this election was much the same as every recent election…..the fear and loathing of immigrants. 292 more words


The Magical 401(k)

Remember to plan for your retirement…….

Back during the reign of “King Ronnie” and his big push to privatize everything…the big new plan to help people retire was the advent of the 401(k). 375 more words


Those Damn Crony Capitalists

This election we have had a full array of attacks on the system we live under….even from a person that has gamed the system to benefit himself….there has been so much talked about….especially those damn “crony capitalists”…..but what is this phenom we hear so much about? 273 more words