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China Economic Impact Study Distorts Reality

This study is an exercise in statistical manipulation that distorts reality. Many factors affect productivity such that any correlation between TFP and atmospheric temperature is inconclusive. 167 more words

Climate Changes

Risky business?

High-yield debt is grabbing the headlines again. This blog has picked HY as its potential ‘canary in the coal mine’ – but is it about to stop chirping? 948 more words

Deals & Financing

Is bitcoin the next bubble? (part 1)

I was going to do a piece of bitcoin as an asset class but this morphed into a very long piece so I’m splitting this up into two parts. 1,146 more words


Πόνος και γέλιο: Greece Finds Stand-Up Comedy Amid Economic Tragedy

THESSALONIKI, Greece (AFP-Jiji) — The crammed basement bar heaves with laughter as the young comedians take to the microphone, riffing on daily life in austerity-slammed Greece. 408 more words


Kesadaran Halal dalam Minat Beli Produk Kue yang Belum Bersertifikat Halal

Ishaq1, Adistiar Prayoga2

1)2)Mahasiswa Program Studi Manajemen Bisnis, Sekolah Pascasarjana Institut Pertanian Bogor


Tingkat konsumsi masyarakat muslim dunia secara keseluruhan diperkirakan sebesar US$ 1.9 triliun, yang mana 89 persen diantaranya atau sebesar US$ 1.7 triliun digunakan uuntuk mengkonsumsi produk makanan dan minuman. 1,690 more words


Tokyo Pushes Back on 'Bizarre' Death Tax that Deters Expats

Gareth Allan and Yuki Hagiwara report: Considering a work stint in Japan? You’d better make it short, and you’d better stay alive.

That’s because the government subjects long-term foreign residents to inheritance tax of up to 55 percent on their worldwide assets — meaning heirs could be forced to give up their family homes or businesses even if they’ve never set foot in Japan. 330 more words



In October 1994, 23 years ago, a woman in South Carolina became infamous due to inflicting one of the more significant atrocities of  that decade on the American landscape. 862 more words