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Refugee Crisis

What is going on?

The tragic death of the Syrian boy who drowned in Turkey (Aylan Kurdi) has created a furore across the world. The three-year-old, whose death has galvanised the debate surrounding the European Migrant Crisis, was found alongside his mother Rehan and his five-year-old brother Ghalib on the beach of Bodrum. 2,669 more words


Decrypting the Chancellor’s 2015 Budget

Note: This was originally published on hizb.org.uk (13th of July, 2015).

George Osborne has received heavy criticism over his recent 2015 budget. In the global epoch of financial recovery, the Chancellor of the Exchequer sought to put forward a new fiscal plan under the guise of building a better economy for the working class people. 2,611 more words


Seeing Red

Fresh concerns over the unstable Chinese bull-market have produced major tremors within the financial sector and in particular within the minds of investors. Many woke to a sea of red indices on the 24th of August; the FTSE lost £74bn whilst indices such as the Nikkei dropped by 4.6% and the Dow by 1,089 points. 1,107 more words


Seminar: Assisted natural regeneration is good for the climate, biodiversity, and could make you $$$

Here are the details of a talk I’m giving tomorrow:

The ACT branch of AARES has invited Megan Evans to speak about her new paper “Carbon farming via assisted natural regeneration as a cost-effective mechanism for restoring biodiversity in agricultural landscapes”. 240 more words


Standard of Living

The standard of a person’s living is a measure of their material/economic welfare- ie what their income allows them to afford in goods and services as well as taking into account the quality of their life e.g. 542 more words


Revision Post three: Evaluating Growth

There may be reasons why  it is not in a firms’ bests interests to grow and situations where they are better to remain small:

a. They may face increasing diseconomies of scale if the firm becomes large as workers become less motivated and communication becomes more difficult… 251 more words

Revision Post Two: How do Firms Grow?

Growth can include growth of profits, Increase in business valuation, growth in number of physical stores, growth of work force or most commonly growth of market share! 522 more words