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How one interview destroyed the economic case for Brexit

On this morning’s Today programme on Radio 4, Mishal Husein interviewed Employment Minister and Leave campaigner Priti Patel, following Leave’s pledge to match all the EU funding lost as a result of Brexit for every region of the UK.  529 more words

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University Loans; a response.

All praise is due to the Almighty Allah ﷻ.

I write this article in light of a recent student finance seminar led by my brother and senior in Islam, Shaykh Haitham Al-Haddad. 2,275 more words


Macroeconomic Analysis of the European Crisis

Macroeconomic Analysis of the European Crisis: *Note: this is a technical article but I have tried to break it down – particularly through dependency theory. 1,286 more words


Taking the economic fight to the Tories at last

Today’s Guardian reports that shadow chancellor John McDonnell intends to hold a series of free public seminars to inform public debate on economic issues.  According to the report they will be supported by members of Labour’s Economic Advisory panel, and will contribute towards a conference on economic policy in the Summer. 592 more words

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Why did Britain leave the Gold Standard?

“It is a wonderful thing for our business men and our manufacturers and our unemployed to taste hope again. But they must not allow anyone to put them back in the gold cage, where they have been pining out their hearts all these years.” – John Keynes (Backhouse and Bateman, 2006, p.11)

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Refugee Crisis

What is going on?

The tragic death of the Syrian boy who drowned in Turkey (Aylan Kurdi) has created a furore across the world. The three-year-old, whose death has galvanised the debate surrounding the European Migrant Crisis, was found alongside his mother Rehan and his five-year-old brother Ghalib on the beach of Bodrum. 2,669 more words


Decrypting the Chancellor’s 2015 Budget

Note: This was originally published on hizb.org.uk (13th of July, 2015).

George Osborne has received heavy criticism over his recent 2015 budget. In the global epoch of financial recovery, the Chancellor of the Exchequer sought to put forward a new fiscal plan under the guise of building a better economy for the working class people. 2,611 more words