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Standard of Living

The standard of a person’s living is a measure of their material/economic welfare- ie what their income allows them to afford in goods and services as well as taking into account the quality of their life e.g. 542 more words


Revision Post three: Evaluating Growth

There may be reasons why¬† it is not in a firms’ bests interests to grow and situations where they are better to remain small:

a. They may face increasing diseconomies of scale if the firm becomes large as workers become less motivated and communication becomes more difficult… 251 more words


Revision Post Two: How do Firms Grow?

Growth can include growth of profits, Increase in business valuation, growth in number of physical stores, growth of work force or most commonly growth of market share! 522 more words


Revision Post One: Why do Firms Grow?

Firms may choose to grow for a number of reasons and below are 10 possible reasons why:

1. The obvious- profit maximisation objective

Increasing the size of a firm will hopefully lead to immediate higher sales and consequently greater profit. 460 more words


Religious mysticism and economics

Javanese Mystical Beliefs The New York Times

All my adult life I have been trying to come to terms with what I learnt in my undergraduate philosophy classes. 1,551 more words


Free Market Capitalism and Wealth Inequality

Many countries around the world avoided free market capitalism due to many reasons one of which is that it leads to wealth inequality. Is it really that case? 522 more words


The Hedge Fund And The Fox

There is a line among the fragments of the Greek poet Archilochus which says:
“The fox knows many things, but the Hedge Fund knows one big thing.”

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