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How is Angela Merkel's Rescue of 600,000 Islamic Immigrants 'Working'?

Let’s absorb  the read below by PowerLine’s John Hinderaker to uncover more information about making for a better America with millions of new Middle East Muslims as ‘loving’ neighbors……IS ISLAM IN YOUR AND MY AMERICAN FUTURE?…as encouraged by self-described “American”, Barack Hussein Obama and girl Friday, Hillary Roddham Clinton? 358 more words

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Twila Brace on What to Ask Candidates About Our Health Care

Which Questions Should We Ask Presidential Candidates About Our Health Care?

Both Republicans and Democrats have had their respective weeks to communicate their ideas to better the nation and sell voters on the qualifications of their candidates. 197 more words

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Russia series: A little less hammer and sickle, a little more carrot and stick

I’m feeling a little bit like Shakespeare’s Cassandra at the moment, and with May and Putin finally set to sit down and thrash out the difficulties in Anglo-Russian relations, it will come as no surprise that this is the prediction about which I am most excited.  541 more words

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Trump's Revolution Should Be Embraced by Both GOP AND Dems


by  Adam Brodsky  at the New York Post:

“Whatever else you might say about Donald Trump, give him this much: He understands that America’s taxes are, as Jimmy McMillan said about New York rent, “too damn high.” 115 more words

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Trumpeting for Donald; why perhaps the Trump simply cannot be stumped

Or, I cannot believe I have just written this article

Given that our fair isle is on political life support at present, I am immensely grateful that my views on the upcoming US election do not translate into an actual vote.  595 more words

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From Bitcoin to Banking; the financial industry’s (reluctant) technological revolution

I have written before about the rise of financial technology and the threat it poses to traditional banking, but having woken up today to news of the CMA’s* demand that high street banks provide technology  in order to compete with the rise of ‘fintech,’ this is evidently becoming a necessity. 491 more words

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Bribing Blacks to Vote Democrat

How is that Investment Going, America?

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TANF and Federal Welfare

 by Michael Tanner and Tad DeHaven

The tragedy of government welfare programs is not just wasted taxpayer money but wasted lives. 2,169 more words

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