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Yes or No: Should Greece Exit the Euro?

As Greek citizens prepare for what could potentially be the most important referendum in a generation, Louis-Philippe Rochon, James GalbraithTheodore Koutsobinas, Arne Heise… 3,338 more words

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Advertising—communication of a product or service through various media—is distinguished from publicity in that it is paid for and from personal selling in that it is nonpersonal and directed toward a group of consumers, the firm’s target market. 758 more words



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  • absolute advantage
  1. A term used in the international trade theory, as per which a country specialises in producing such goods and services that it is able to produce more efficiently than any other country.
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Seven Events That Will Radically Impact The West

We live in troubled times.

Certainly, times have always been troubled but this is a unique generation by a whole host of standards and things are on their way towards really bad. 1,836 more words


Should taxpayers still fund university education at a time of crisis? By Federica Rossi and Aldo Geuna

With the recent financial and debt crisis, the extent to which the public can afford to fund universities has become increasingly controversial: in the context of tight public budgets and widespread cuts to public spending, even in areas perceived as basic services to support the more vulnerable members of society, what reasons could there possibly be for continuing to fund a “luxury” like higher education?  1,678 more words

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Although the basic purposes of finance, and the nature of the core instruments used in
attaining them, are relatively constant, recent years have seen an explosion in complexity of… 574 more words


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Benchmarking is a management technique aimed at detecting ‘‘best practice’’ in other organizations and then adopting it in one’s own. According to Keith Session and his associates, writing in an occasional paper titled ‘‘All Benchmarkers Now?,’’ the practice has its roots in Japanese reverse engineering efforts in the 1950s and in kaizen,meaningcontinuous improve-ment,a practice introduced by Toyota. 474 more words