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Grandmother Peggy Hubbard Tells it LIKE IT IS, MAY GOD BLESS HER!

Since the destruction of the American Negro family begun by Democrat  Lyndon Baines Johnson’s policies such as Aid to Dependent Children, which made it more profitable for unmarried mothers to receive government payments per child born than married mothers could profit from working husbands. 186 more words

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Mark Levin: “We Want Our Private Economy Back”; China’s Not The Problem, Obama Is

MARK LEVIN: We need to take back the agenda, I don’t just mean the liberal agenda, we need to take back the agenda. 381 more words


Twila Brase: 90% of ll Federal Laws Are Written by Obama's Regulators, the "RISE OF TYRANNY"

Obamacare’s Runaway Regulations

Most laws are not enacted by Congress.Ninety percent (90%) of all federal laws are written by regulators, writes Jonathan Emord, a DC–based constitutional attorney, in his book, … 379 more words

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A New Black Monday: Economic Crisis Underway

The world financial scene is looking like its feeling the pain.

The question is how much will it impact all of us?

Michael Snyder lists it all off… 1,423 more words

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The $15 per hour wage dictate

The Employment and Income Effects of Raising America’s Minimum Wage to $12 and to $15 per Hour

from the National Center for Policy Analysis:

“By eliminating jobs and/or reducing employment growth, economists have long understood that adoption of a higher minimum wage can harm the very poor who are intended to be helped. 265 more words


Making a good start with Introduction to Economics

Dear readers,

This is my first post and will be hopefully followed by many others during my studies. My name is Oscar, I’m Italian, and currently pursuing the… 1,168 more words

Distance Learning

Bloomberg: Why China Devalued the Yuan

WHY CHINA DEVALUED THE YUAN…by Enda Curran at Bloomberg:

From weak exports to falling reserves, there are many reasons, but a weaker currency won’t solve everything. 183 more words

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