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The Failure of Economic Policy

Economics needs to get rid of its “dismal science” status, to really become a relevant scientific approach to understand and eventually solve the major socio-economic as well as geo-political issues of the contemporary world. 827 more words

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A post-Brexit economy: the good, the bad and the unpredictable

Briefly examining the long and short terms effects of the referendum…

I was initially going to post this article at the beginning of the week, but I am glad that I waited given the disparity of the main financial projections made over the course of this week.  622 more words

Economics And Finance

The worst thing to happen to the markets since Brexit?

An economic and political crisis poised to see Italy overtake the UK as the EU’s next pariah

An old friend visited me yesterday.  This is a friend I have not seen in at least 3 years. 571 more words

Economics And Finance

The rise of the so called ‘feminocracy’

This is mostly a response to Richard Godwin’s alarmingly glib article entitled ‘It’s Time for Britain to Embrace the Feminocracy,’ published in the Evening Standard two days ago ( 574 more words

Economics And Finance

Rating the rating agencies

An extremely short précis as to why ratings agencies are not to be entirely trusted…

The EU referendum is a bit of an albatross around the neck of the British public at the minute and in assessing the short, medium and long-term economic and financial fallout, I thought I might share my stance on credit rating agencies.   351 more words

Economics And Finance

Bill Kristol's Whining Against Our Donald Continues

Still sulking, perhaps sitting in his bedroom  with his left thumb still in his mouth, alleged conservative, Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard group continues whining about the Republican presumptive candidate for the American presidency, Our Donald J. 1,162 more words

Barack Obama

Russia series: Trying to muzzle the bear

Current implications of EU sanctions on the Russian markets

Despite European Commission President Juncker’s talk of building bridges with Russia, the EU looks set to extend its harshest incumbent Russia sanctions until January 2017 at least. 572 more words

Economics And Finance