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Twila Brase Asks: Will President Trump be Forced to Rob Peter to Pay Paul in Health Care World?

Commentary by Twila Brase, Director of Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom:

Will President Trump Rob Peter?

Health plans are fear-mongering. They’rethreatening to hike insurance premiums unless President Trump pays subsidies that even the Democrats refused to fund. 429 more words

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What can we learn from Einstein?

Have you ever cursed the pure memorization of facts just to pass an exam? Then you are in very good and prominent company indeed! Albert Einstein… 808 more words


#Sky25 – Sky Sports as a Disruptive Technology - And is Sky being disrupted?

By Leslie Crang

The first goal of this brave new era, though, was not scored by one of the ultra-elite. It was scored by a team whose presence among the then 22 runaways was something rather remarkable in itself and by a player who was a £40,000 signing from Doncaster.

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Is Senate Push-back on Big Pharma Justified?

Chairman Susan Collins (R–Maine) and ranking member Claire McCaskill (D–Missouri) of the Senate Special Committee on Aging have fired a warning shot over the bow of what social critics consider the pirate ship… 1,741 more words

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Prager U. "Why is Health "Care" So Expensive?

I still work landscaping grounds while  closing in on age 83.   I am half the worker in strength, memory, agility, humor, and speed I was a year ago.   191 more words


Bernie Sanders' Wife in Trouble for Ten Million Dollar Bank Fraud

Chuck Todd on MTP does not ask Bernie Sanders about FBI investigation of wife for $10 mill bank fraud

By Thomas Lifson at American Thinker: 106 more words


Why I No Longer Subscribe to the Wall Street Journal

……and am a DONALD TRUMP REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT MAN with very little confidence in things GOP at the moment….

The following staging from the Wall Street gluttony folks propagandize an untruth below, that Donald Trump has killed a climate agreement.   207 more words