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Will the Living Donald enter a Danger Zone?

Jan DeSirey, former co-ordinator of our MN Prager Discussion Group sent the following ‘article’ to me last November about the prospect if Donald Trump progressed well in the Republican race to the White House: 1,221 more words

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Banks Gave "Poverty-Stricken" Hillary $2 million to 'talk'


article by Scott Johnson at PowerLine:

CNN has done the math on the speaking fees the Clintons has collected since Bill Clinton left office “dead broke.” The numbers are mind-boggling. 123 more words

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Econometrics Course Notes

Econometrics – the most practical part of any Economics course. Combining regression analysis with economic theory using real world data sets! This is what applied econometrics is all about!Feel free to download and share my course notes from EC2020 Elements of Econometrics. 7 more words

The Morning After the GOP's RubioGate

This morning was the  GOP-Fox establishment morning after yesterday’s GOP star Marco Rubio’s stunning paralysis of a half hour while being blasted by OTHER GOP STAR ESTABLISHMENT FIGURES. 696 more words

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Ponzi schemes: do the victims have only themselves to blame? by Mervyn Lewis

A Ponzi scheme is one of the simplest of financial frauds. The promoter promises investors an attractive return on investment and declares it to be secure, but in reality no real ‘investment’ takes place. 949 more words

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How Can Our Prager Be So Wrong?

Our Dennis is a conservative, an honorable, well educated, thoughtful, highly knowledgeable American with an ever-expanding following of his conservative messaging.

This messaging has no room for Donald Trump.   598 more words


Thanks, Obama! Iran Gains Billions And Warm Welcome To Do Whatever It Wants As Economic Sanctions Disappear (One Day, Iran Will Invade The Middle East)

Marxists and useful idiots recently rejoiced as Obama embraced Cuba, a nation that once housed atomic weapons pointed at the United States, and they rejoice again as Obama embraces Iran, a nation for whom Obama has done everything he can to fulfil their dream of building and pointing nuclear weapons at the United States. 1,073 more words

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