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Our problems are deeper than “capitalism” (and “socialism” alone can’t solve them)

by Kollibri terre Sonnenblume edited by O Society May 19, 2019

Complaints about “capitalism” have become more common the last few years in the United States. 1,601 more words

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Diving Into The Development of Privacy as a Luxury

We are currently living in a very complex civilization that uses technology as one of the core driving tools, and the advancement will certainly not go any slower. 545 more words

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Pentagon Syndrome: The Military-Industrial Virus

Letter from Washington: How bloated defense budgets gut our armed forces

by Andrew Cockburn Harper’s edited by O Society May 16, 2019

For a country who spends such vast sums on its national security apparatus—many times more than the enemies that supposedly threaten it do—the United States has a strangely invisible military establishment. 5,673 more words

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The Contented Classes: When Will They Rebel?

by Ralph Nader edited by O Society May 12, 2019

For all the rhetoric and all the charities regarding America’s children, the U.S. stands at the very bottom of western nations and some other countries as well, in terms of youth well-being. 881 more words

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To Bernie Sanders ‘Democratic Socialist’ Is Just a Synonym for New Deal Liberal

by Eric Levitz Intelligencer edited by O Society May 12, 2019

Universal health care, tuition-free public college, a giant hike in the federal minimum wage, and a guaranteed federal job for anyone who is involuntarily unemployed are all very popular ideas in the United States. 1,688 more words

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Trees don’t grow on money – or why you don’t get to rebel against extinction

by Tim Hayward edited by O Society April 29, 2019

Money doesn’t grow on trees, and although people can make money out of trees, they cannot make trees out of money. 1,900 more words

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