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The Economics of Red State vs. Blue State Carbon Politics

1.   My JPAM 2000 paper documents that suburbanites drive more and consume more electricity than urban residents.

2. My 2011 JUE paper documents that center city liberal resident NIMBY zoning regulation has deflected more development to the suburbs where people live a high carbon life (see paper #1 above) and then oppose carbon pricing.

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Politics - USA

EU's rate of decarbonisation is identical before and after the ETS was introduced in 2000

Whatever impact the EU ETS has had, the US achieved similar results with no carbon market (and some might argue, with no climate policy at all. 11 more words

Environmental Economics

How urgent is 'urgent'?

by Judith Curry

I think we have a very brief window of opportunity to deal with climate change . . . no longer than a decade at most. 980 more words