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Teachers union concedes that NZ charter schools improve student outcomes?

The New Zealand teachers union went into a very curious rant against chartered schools in a letter to the Dominion Post today. Instead of saying that they do not improve student outcomes, the usual propaganda, the author of the letter focused on system-wide outcomes after the introduction of charter schools. 352 more words

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Call for unis to carry HECS loans risk

I was interviewed yesterday on my submission to the Australian Senate inquiry into higher education deregulation.

“Vice chancellors are being disingenuous at the moment. They are freeloading and are comfortable with the government taking all the risk. 35 more words

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An Incentive Compatible Model for Higher Education deregulation

On Friday I made a submission to the Senate Inquiry into “The principles of the Higher Education and Research Reform Bill 2014, and related matters”.  The submission was accepted and now available for public release (attached). 234 more words

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Are women just too smart to be computer scientists?

Women started drifting away from computer science in the mid-1980s. The interpretation put forward by the professional grievance industry, that is, by National Public Radio in the USA is: 292 more words

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