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Sigh… conspiracists drive me nuts (an elaborate treatise on "Big oil")

I’m sorry for the length of this post, but I had no choice but to spell it out to make those simpletons understand it.

With conspiracists I’m obviously referring to the desperate warmists that warp their panties in a pretzel in order to ignore the illogic of their claims. 479 more words


Highlights: Mnangagwa Inauguration Speech 2017

President Mnangangwa’s inauguration speech addressed most if not all of the pertinent issues that many of Zimbabwe’s stakeholders have had in mind over the since President R.G. 586 more words


How did Augustus become the first Roman Emperor?

by Tim Harding

In 27BCE Gaius Octavius (‘Octavian’) in effect became the first Emperor of Rome, although this was not of one his official titles.  As part of this process, his name was changed by Senate decree to Augustus.  2,977 more words


The Day Of The Rouble

The Russian Rouble and the story of the rock drill

The oil price needs to attain a new height in the context of any recession that might happen in non-OPEC countries like Kenya, Libya, Ukraine and Russia. 412 more words


Standard & Poor's maintained status quo on India's rating.

Recently, Moody’s upgraded India’s sovereign bond rating to Baa2 stable. Following the upgrade, S&P was expected to be on the same line. Though, one of the big three credit rating agency- Standard & Poor’s didn’t follow suit and maintained its India’s sovereign rating at BBB-. 2,173 more words


The Old Songs, by James Howard Kunstler

It’s only a matter of time before America realizes its broke. From James Howard Kunstler at kunstler.com:

What if the fun and games of 2017 are over? 424 more words


James M. Buchanan, Public Choice, and the Political Economy of Desegregation

A few months ago, the Southern Economic Journal made a “reject and resubmit” decision on a paper written with Phil Magness and Art Carden. We have recently completed this resubmission by rewriting the paper in order to focus on the issue of desegregation. 219 more words