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The Birth of the Price Tag

For centuries buying something meant haggling, negotiating with shopkeepers to get a lower price. As a result, the same goods cost different people different prices. In the mid-19th century, U.S. 79 more words


Govt., RBI call truce after a marathon board meeting

The news

• The tension between the government and the Reserve Bank of India appeared to have defused for the time being at the end of an over nine-hour board meeting. 1,080 more words

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Balance of Payments Adjustments Global economics

Before 1970, many countries were on the gold standard. Since then, floating exchange regimes have dominated the global economy. Select a country that now has a floating or a pegged exchange rate. 146 more words

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SC to direct States on draft witness protection scheme

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  • As per the Supreme Court, all states would be directed to implement the draft witness protection scheme framed by the Centre in consultation with the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA).
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Gender pay gap and transparency

Es wird oft vermutet, dass mehr Transparenz hier Abhilfe schaffen könnte: Wenn alle wüssten, was alle verdienen – dann wären diese Unterschiede nicht länger haltbar. Die zu kurz Gekommenen würden protestieren, mehr fordern und so für mehr Gleichheit und Gerechtigkeit sorgen.

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Economics Multiple Choice Question - 20 November 2018

Which of the following is NOT an assumption of perfect competition?

Select ONE answer:

  1. each firm sells an identical product
  2. many buyers
  3. many firms
  4. restricted entry into the industry…
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