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Asteroid Mining

One thing you see often in the media is the concept that perhaps in the future we can solve our resources problem by mining asteroids. Hopefully, that is fine for science fiction, and I use that word “hopefully” because my next piece of science fiction, currently in the editing mode, includes collecting asteroids for minerals extraction. 939 more words



The 20 year birthday of the International Space Station has passed. This is a good time to recognise that humans do not belong in space. It is time to recognise that space research by humans has been overtaken by technology. 289 more words


Deconstructing Socialism, an Ideology Based on Government Control

Given my complete and utter disdain for socialism, I’m obviously a big fan of this discussion between Rand Paul and John Stossel.

In the video, Paul and Stossel draw a distinction between market-friendly welfare states in Scandinavia and genuinely socialist nations such as the… 1,667 more words


The Automotive Industry – Myth of the 20th Century

The transportation equipment industry, broadly defined, includes all manufacturers of road, rail, water, and air vehicles, making up the largest component of the US manufacturing sector, constituting 3% of value added in the economy in 2019 when including related industries such as steel and petroleum. 129 more words


Magic of Compounding

The chapter on Profit and Loss, Simple Interest, and Compound Interest seems to be the most practical mathematics ever taught. Compound Interest, in contrast to simple interest, produced much more astonishing results when it comes to growth/change per annum. 350 more words

Stealing from the Marginalized

Here are some thoughts on embezzling a zucchini.


Stealing is incorporated in every major retail company’s business model. Take for example supermarkets. 291 more words