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Tackling the smoke #haze problem with alternative sustainable #peatland production

In 2015 I was forced to leave Singapore when the smoke haze, mainly from fires burning on Sumatran peatlands, became so heavy it was unhealthy for me to remain. 973 more words


AP FACT CHECK: No Medicaid cuts in Trump budget? Really?

WASHINGTON (AP) — Trump’s budget director insists the administration’s spending plans won’t cut Medicaid money, but by any conventional measure of federal financing the health care program for families and the poor is clearly on the chopping block. 456 more words


Adding a University to Your Hub

The following comes from David Card (1995) using NLSY for men. We consider the relationship of wages (log wages) to education and other controls. Of course, there is the confounding omitted variable “ability” of which little is known that’ll make our results biased. 397 more words


The Gig Economy

We’re in the gig economy, we can order food, dinner delivered, or cookies delivered at midnight if you’re in New York. We can share our spare room for cash on… 767 more words


Is it just waiting for content?

Three use cases for virtual reality in enterprise

Key takeaways. Virtual reality technology is maturing at an unprecedented rate. Well designed content is now required to drive adoption of the platform. 90 more words

Virtual Reality

the democratic party sucks hard, a scholarly analysis

Let us start with some basic data. First, the Democratic party has won the plurality or majority of the Presidential vote 6 out of 7 times since 1992. 647 more words


Daily Caller: Trump to Reverse Obama Era Policy on Cuba

The last “American” President to visit Cuba while in office chummed it up with a scumbag, murderous communist dictator at a baseball game while the world was reeling from a horrific terrorist attack in Brussels, Belgium. 249 more words