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Craft beer - is it too bubbly?

The acquisition or consolidation of small, independent beer companies has become common-place in America. Each year an average of six breweries are purchased by larger players, raising the ire of craft beer traditionalists and the eyebrows of rival brewers also considering an exit. 917 more words


Go Slow

Go slow.
Get there when you get there.
Go slow and
get there when you get there.
Avoid the nightmare and
arrive without fanfare.

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Metals & Mining: Copper Price Fundamentals & Outlook

Copper Price

The copper industry, as shown by the price charts below, has been in a bear market since 2011. Today’s spot price sits at $2.06/lb ($4,546/t), with a 52 week high/low of $1.96/$2.74. 1,503 more words

Security Analysis

Primary Voting-Ducey

Doug Ducey, Az’s dark money governor, has been able to run ahead of the stigma attached to politicians who are the property of corporate interests. Much of the reason is because he is an elected official in a small state with a high proportion of seniors who aren’t all that concerned with the future of the state. 682 more words


Venezuela Starves

Anja Bless – Senior Editor

In Venezuela, the cost of basic supplies is expected to increase by 1,000 percent by the end of August – putting necessities such as food and medicine out of the reach of many. 943 more words

Trade And Economy

Econ: Wednesday, August 24

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