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Storming about the Climate

Nowhere is the divide between members of the scientific community and general public more apparent than in an individual’s interpretation of the difference between climate and weather – the lack of distinction between compiled data and anecdotal evidence has been known to anger many a scientist, and dramatic calls of apocalyptic consequence breed despair and snorts of derision amongst the general public. 963 more words

Hate Tweets and 'White Socialism'

I read an article on Forbes recently that captured something I had been trying to discuss (albeit poorly) with my wife a few weeks ago. Our discussion about the ‘government assistance’ much of middle and upper class America receives without thinking of it as such was started by a tweet from a local conservative talk show host that read: “”Refugees” are getting these benefits while homeless veterans are sleeping in the streets!” and linked to an article under the title: “”Refugees” Will Cost U. 1,312 more words

The Top 20 Reasons not to Feed your Family Organic!

This blog was originally published on 10 September 2015. Because of the length, it was originally done as a two-part blog – I have combined them here with minor edits.  

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NGO Lobbying

Analogue economies and reality

Modelling by the construction of analogue economies is a widespread technique in economic theory nowadays … As Lucas urges, the important point about analogue economies is that everything is known about them … and within them the propositions we are interested in ‘can be formulated rigorously and shown to be valid’ … For these constructed economies, our views about what will happen are ‘statements of verifiable fact.’

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Animal’s Daily Heath Care Rights News | Animal Magnetism

If one has a government-guaranteed taxpayer-funded health care, that requires someone else (a taxpayer) to surrender a portion of their own wealth, their own property, to pay for it. 

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Trade is not a win-win game when there is corruption

Open world trade has received a very bad press lately—particularly from the government. You may be confused about what your opinion is on the issue, after all, economics teaches us that trade is a non-zero sum game: a game in which everyone can be a winner at the same time. 854 more words