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China Joins Russia in Syria? (What's Prez Obama Gonna Say?)

 It seems that China has dealt itself into the Middle East; we presume that Martians will be next. Perhaps, the area having attracted the interest of God Himself on three occasions (Jewish, Christian and Moslem) we should not be so surprised. 774 more words


An Idiot's Guide to the Trans-Pacific Partnership

If we run in similar social media circles you probably understand the ‘Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement’ as a sign of the coming corporate apocalypse. It’s got something to do with guys in suits doing backroom deals and the systematic exploitation of the working class. 1,211 more words


Chart your own education, carve your own value proposition

The good life highly correlates with the having of money. It’s hard to find someone who believes him/herself better off when bread and butter issues are unresolved. 349 more words


Revolution, class and commodity: an exploration of postmodern pop culture

Let’s get one thing clear right off the bat: ‘revolution’ is clearly not part of the desires of the average person, who, if not in love… 333 more words


Surprise! The High Pay Of Your Company's CEO Doesn't Mean They Will Do A Better Job.

Yahoo Finance reports that a Cornell University study found that giving CEOs at America’s largest companies bonuses such as cash, stock, and options, does not improve results of companies.   195 more words


Children are to Blame for the Pay Gap (And Legislation Can’t Fix That)

Ivan Srbulov – Economics

Nusrath Hassan – Guest Contributor

More and more women have become economically active and have become part of the work force since the First World War, with a huge spike during and after the Second World War. 2,433 more words


Will EU survive?

Timing is everything. History tells us that. The fall of British Empire was no means an accident but excellent timing for the colonies of the British Empire, the second World War drained Britain of its coffers and energy to keep the colonies, the rise of Gandhi was no accident but excellent timing by Gandhi to get rid of the British as the empire was crumbling under its own weight,  the fall of the Soviet Union and the coming together of European nations as one common Nation under EU  is no accident but timing. 371 more words