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2018 Planning #2: Business Entertainment Deductions, FRM vs ARM

Continuing my theme of financial planning recommendations, this week we’ll examine one of the new tax provisions specific to business entertainment. I will also break down the debate between choosing a fixed-rate mortgage versus an adjustable-rate mortgage. 635 more words


Christianity and Capitalism

In the beginning there was Christianity

(Not really, but you know what I mean.)

And for a time it was good

Then Christianity got sick of its own… 93 more words


Private retreat is the default right wing political activism.

That people doing it don’t feel that way doesn’t matter, the practical effects are nearly the same as if they did (and plenty do feel there’s a political aspect.) 359 more words


Temas de política mundial en el 2018

Los motores comienzan a calentarse y el mundo está lleno de expectativas respecto al 2018. Este año será un “año nervioso” como explicaron con cierta preocupación en uno de los más recientes números en la revista… 811 more words


Bernie Sanders is Angry About Deodorant and Sneakers

During the height of the Democratic primary season in 2016, Senator Bernie Sanders made news by lamenting “You don’t necessarily need the choice of 23 underarm spray deodorants or 18 different pairs of sneakers when children are hungry in this county.” Bernie asks an interesting economic question – why do we have so many choices between products that are essentially the same thing? 670 more words


Trump's tweets about black unemployment miss a major point: incarceration

Donald Trump has long been interested in the black unemployment rate. In August 2011, soon after he became highly active on Twitter, Trump tweeted, “Unemployment is plaguing both Black and Hispanic youths. 545 more words