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The ASX 200 is up 60 points in mid-morning trade with no awards for guessing there’d be a strong start today after +ve US Qs. Materials the only lag. 1,930 more words

Financial Markets

The Venus Project | systems design

The Venus Project proposes a new holistic, socio-economic design called a Resource Based Economy, in which the methods of science and technology are integrated with nature to maximise the quality of life for all people. 182 more words


How Two Venezuelans View American Socialists

Democratic socialists in America are trying to introduce their ideology as something new, when in fact, they are only retreading old-fashioned ideas that history has already disproven. 70 more words


Yes, PC is Real. Yes, it is Illiberal

Jeff Deist

“Brian Doherty at Reason magazine has a new article that attempts to dispel certain myths surrounding “cultural Marxism,” a term used promiscuously and inaccurately in Mr. 76 more words


Gresham College: Prof. Vernon Bogdanor - Postwar Political Crises in Britain - #3/6 - 1976 The IMF Crisis

This series from 2015 is most interesting, even if you do not necessarily accept Bogdanor’s perceptions and interpretations of the events.

Tucker Carlson: America versus the Political Class

“Today’s political polarization stems from a backlash against the entrenched elites and the manufactured consensus they’ve long championed from atop the culture’s commanding heights: Ordinary Americans are simply fed up with self-righteous elites for having stifled dissent on issues that matter—the economy, government, and war. 65 more words


Lie after lie

If the U.S. government officials are accountable for what they said to the American people, Kudlow should resign immediately.