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The Vultures of Wall Street

For the United States in 2017, the economy is growing, unemployment is low, and consumer confidence is at a decade-long high. Though this would normally create a retail boom, more chains are filing for bankruptcy and rated distressed than at the height of the Great Recession. 7,109 more words

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Detroit Officers Posing As Drug Dealers Get Into Brawl With Detroit Officers Posing As Drug Buyers

It appears that crime is so low in Detroit that police are left trying to arrest each other.  On the East side of Detroit, the 12th Precinct sent in a team of special ops officers to pretend to be drug dealers.  189 more words


Beyond Brexit – why more controls of eurozone financial flows also matters by Thibaud de Barmon — Brexit In A Bottle

A brilliant paper by Martin Sandbu in the Financial Times last week (How I learnt to love current account deficits, https://www.ft.com/content/bfa939f6-c602-11e7-b2bb-322b2cb39656?desktop=true). Brilliant because it raises an important issue but also because it puts forward and far more eloquently ideas I developed in my post of 27 September (The euro needs a New Deal, not a […]

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The Quality of Air Quality

Once upon a time London was renowned for it’s “pea-soupers”.

The Great Smog of London, or Great Smog of 1952 sometimes called the Big Smoke, was a severe air-pollution event that affected the British capital of London in December 1952.

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Socialism and Say's law

Jean Baptiste Say’s law states that production must preceed consumption. And socialism all but bans production, which is why it will always fail.
Not just by removing incentives for production, but also by forbidding private ownership of the means of production. 10 more words


Housing Starts Report Only Decent

Hours before the housing starts report on my twitter account.


Today’s Census report showed a big rebound from last month’s soft housing starts data.  The report shows that there were 1,290,000  housing starts in October 2017.  540 more words


Economic Reality

The average income annually in the black community is $1.5 TRILLION dollars. Now admittedly some are indeed at the bottom, but much more are working class who spend 105% of their income (that is more than they make that is in debt) and of the 105% they spend more than 90% is spent outside of their own community. 763 more words

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