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Mason, Marx and Shakespeare: a dramatic misconception

Paul Mason argues that the idealism of Shakespeare should be used to dilute the materialism of Marx. As a post-Marxist, Mason wants to distance himself from economic determinism. 323 more words

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Lavishing Money on the Pentagon

By Jonathan Marshall | Consortium News | December 14, 2017

Wise parents who celebrate Christmas advise their young children not to make unreasonably grandiose requests of Santa.

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"Yeah, I'm The Taxman" Redux.

With the current tax reform/tax cut bills in conference it is looking increasingly likely we will be seeing new tax legislation this year. While I had originally intended to do a lengthy blog to discuss the positives and negatives of all the various changes House/Senate bill, the busy-ness of the Christmas holidays and completion of grading my OSU students this week has made that impossible. 4,707 more words

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The Economics of Fear

In our macro economics class, we took a very basic look at why the assumptions of traditional economics are insufficient for decision making. Another important factor in behavioural economics is the issue of fear. 505 more words


A History of Vehicles Made in North Omaha

As a light industrial mecca, North Omaha offered businesses a place to try dozens of ideas and launch a number of industries. One of the earliest came from demand, technology and aspiration, and it was vehicle manufacturing. 996 more words

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