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A Voice of Colorado No. 192 Version 5.0:

Contrary to a personal belief and opinion it seems this blog has a growing influence. A recent post regarding The (Un)Affordable Healthcare Act generated a substantial number of responses, and many requests asking how to fight the likely future – substantial increases in healthcare premiums in the State of Colorado because the Colorado Insurance Commissioner, a political appointee, has been allowed to use her position for partisan political purposes. 136 more words


An inconvenient truth

Sometimes I feel being an economic conservative is hard work. Most people I know and am friends with (I think) disagree with my views varying, on a sliding scale, from polite dismissal to outright "you-heartless / xenophobic / greedy / bigoted / illiberal " contempt. 1,029 more words


When ignorance is bliss

The production function has been a powerful instrument of miseducation.
The student of economic theory is taught to write Q = f(L, K) where L is a quantity of labor, K a quantity of capital and Q a rate of output of commodities.

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origin of ‘flexible friend’ (credit card)





British English—flexible friend: a credit card




This phrase originated in the advertising slogan for the Access credit card, which played on the notion that repayment was flexible as a result of the credit given; this slogan was: 297 more words


Expedition Mach Up

It is so strange that I bog down over the financing of the new boat built to float over the waters of capitalism and/or socialism. 241 more words


Retirement, the future and The Economist

The editors and writers of The Economist news magazine must be ageing and not seeing things too clearly.  That is my conclusion after reading their recent special report on the future of elderly people.   455 more words


Forming the bubble

You know that moment you stare at a guy or a girl…. the person is cute and start to day dream about the future with him? 879 more words