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Buffet and Luck

Two articles in the March 3rd, 2015 issue of the NY Times. One by the columnist Nocera marvels at Buffet’s success and concludes that it must be due to Buffet’s genius. 81 more words



Madagascar: Le Ciel est Gris

Madagascar , appelé « l’Ile Rouge », est frappé chaque année par des catastrophes naturelles. Situé dans la zone de l’Océan Indien… 1,045 more words


Tired haikus

Slice 89 of 365

Exhausted today and taking an easy out…

Energy gone now
Afternoon nap satisfied
Fog ensues, bummer

Mind worn out today
Economics test questions… 18 more words

7 important things you should know about economics

Sometimes, the economist in me really hates the news. Wait, that’s all the time. Economics is a complicated and imperfect discipline that is constantly changing. Unfortunately, the mainstream media is mostly interested in what it can feed people to get them to turn on the channel RIGHT NOW, so silly things like “facts” and “accuracy” often go by the wayside. 1,211 more words


SPIEGEL Interview with Naomi Klein'The Economic System We Have Created Global Warming'

Can we still stop global warming? Only if we radically change our capitalist system, argues author Naomi Klein. In an interview with SPIEGEL, she explains why the time has come to abandon small steps for a radical new approach. 7 more words


Canadians Asked To Stop Doodling On Five Dollar Bills To Create Spock Look-Alike

The Timmins Press reports that the Bank of Canada has asked Canadians to stop “Spocking” five dollar bills.

Specifically, using a pen, artistic Canadians have been able to draw a new haircut and eyebrows of former Canadian Prime Minister Wilfred Laurier, and make him look like Leonard Nimoy’s Mr. 92 more words