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Beat The Commute - How To Work From Home More Often

Most full-time workers hate their morning commute. It takes too long. It’s stressful. There is never anywhere to park. These are just some of the complaints from commuters who have to drive to work. 1,030 more words


Seven Steps To Financial Freedom

Things like retiring can seem like a long way off for many. But if you are in the same situation now as you are then, will you even be able… 1,281 more words


Contrary To Nationalist Myths, Protectionism Has Been an Economic Disaster: New at Reason

A new Cato analysis tracks the failure of economic protectionism through American trade policy history. Scott Lincicome writes: American economic nationalism has risen in recent years, both fueling and fueled by President Donald Trump’s election. 14 more words


Peak Shale Oil

This confirms that even the world’s biggest miner doesn’t know what it is doing with oil assets.  BHP Billiton bought up these shale assets in 2011, when prices were high, but a surge in drilling produced a glut and the price dropped and now BHP is hoping to sell, having lost $40 billion (and they don’t have a buyer yet). 1,361 more words


The Conscience of a Conservative

Format: Audiobook

Source: Hoopladigital

Rating: 4

Goldwater lays out the best case for Conservativism that I have ever come across.  This book was written in 1960 and I know he would have much harsher criticism for what is going on in today’s government. 208 more words

Book Review

Kristin Carlson: Accessibility Impacts of Bus Access to Managed Lanes

Congratulations to Kristin Carlson for successfully defending her MS Thesis: “Accessibility Impacts of Bus Access to Managed Lanes” at the University of Minnesota Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering on August 22, 2017. 191 more words


Listen, Liberal

Thomas Frank, Listen, Liberal: What Ever Happened to the Party of the People? (2016), 334 pp.

The Democratic Party for Frank began with the New Deal and from that perspective was originally dedicated helping ordinary Americans adjust to the first industrial revolution. 235 more words