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Rock Paper Scissors! 

Liberals have replaced the venerable children’s game with a cynical version:

In other words, they argue over who is the Biggest Victim.

A poor Black woman will dismiss the victim status of a wealthy woman as they both rail against the Patriarchy. 265 more words


Bleak outlook for Venezuela

With the supreme court compromised, the president outmaneuvering the congress, all members of the military under the watchful eye of Cuban zampolits (political officers), and the most loyal members of the military allowed to enjoy the spoils, there doesn’t appear to be much hope for either a peaceful solution or near-term end to the massive, intentionally caused humanitarian suffering in Venezuela. 1,158 more words

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An Existentialist's Antinatalism

There have been some reoccurring thoughts that I believe may be noteworthy enough to write down at least for myself.

Let’s begin with the reason I started writing to begin with: I’m an existentialist who likes anime. 214 more words

Just A Thought

State of the Logistics Union 2017

Dan Gilmore’s take on the latest report from CSCMP on the state of logistics.  A copy would be good reading, but you have to be a CSCMP member to get it free. 141 more words

Supply Chains