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Tight Inventories Continue to Slow Home Sales: October 16 - 20.

September was a mixed bag for both the housing market and manufacturing. Here are the five things we learned from U.S. economic data released during the week ending October 20. 894 more words


How Bitcoin Became a Thing

By Scott Stockdale,

When we think about the financial markets in 2017, things are pretty strange. They’re certainly not like they used to be a decade ago. 2,489 more words

Representativeness Bias

A belief perseverance bias in which people tend to classify new information based on past experiences and classifications. They believe their classifications are appropriate and place undue weight on them. 17 more words


Confirmation Bias

A belief perseverance bias in which people tend to look for and notice what confirms their beliefs and to ignore or undervalue what contradicts their beliefs.


Conservatism Bias

A belief perseverance bias in which people maintain their prior views or forecasts by inadequately incorporating new information.

This bias has aspects of both statistical and information-processing errors.


The problem with low rates and high debt loads

While rates are low in an absolute sense, they will be moving at a relatively fast pace when compared to recent history. A 1% increase on a loan was not so bad in the 1980’s, but today it could prove catastrophic. 148 more words