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'The Simpsons' Knew In 2000 Donald Trump Would Run For President

Of The Simpsons‘ many set-in-the-future episodes, arguably the worst is “Bart to the Future.” It’s one thing for Bart to be an underachiever and proud of it; in this season 11 episode, he’s a sad mess, a beer-drinking nothing who mooches from Lisa. 132 more words


College Degree Wage Premium: What's the Real Difference?

In discussions about politics and economics, we see a lot of one stage thinking. Virtuous arguments are made without considering factors below the surface or beyond stage one. 774 more words


The $15 Minimum Wage – Money From Heaven

Do you favor a $15 minimum wage? Nobody asks where the money comes from. Heaven, I guess.

We’re told that if you give low wage workers more cash they’ll spend it, great for the economy. 775 more words


$400 Textbooks and Others Bubbles In Higher Education

Mark Perry does an excellent job of breaking down the astronomical prices of higher education.  He zeros in on textbooks, then compares the rise in prices against other things in the economy.   825 more words


At the Sharp End

It begins. This week, The Guardian has a series of reports showing that the BAME community is at the sharp end of the cuts, based on research from the Runnymede Trust. 417 more words


10 Questions to Consider For Your Retirement

You’ve saved, invested wisely and built a sizeable nest egg. Retirement is within your grasp, so it is no time to take chances. Here are 10 questions to move you towards a secure, confident retirement.

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US, Russia Should Overcome Tensions, Cooperate - Presidential Candidate

Sputnik – 29.07.2015

WASHINGTON — Restoring US relations with Russia should be among the top priorities for the newly elected president, US Democratic presidential candidate Lincoln Chafee told…

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