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How to get published in 'top' economics journals

If you think that your paper is vacuous,

Use the first-order functional calculus.

It then becomes logic,

And, as if by magic,

The obvious is hailed as miraculous.

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Students Get Confused About Economics When They Learn It From Russell Crowe Movies

Mathematician and Nobel Prize winner in economics, John Nash, 82, died in car wreck earlier this weekend. His death reminds me of my days as a teacher’s aid in an economic class at the University of Missouri. 329 more words

Economists and Utility

Following a discussion of interpersonal utility comparisons, a blogosphere debate has erupted (most recently with Robert Murphy – no relation – here) about the old cardinality-ordinality debate. 791 more words



We are an experienced team of computer programmers/carders offering our services to the public. We have legit, loaded pre-paid CC’s with balances ranging from 3k-5k. You can use these at any ATM/store worldwide. 541 more words


Bubble Trouble?

Asset bubbles have long been evident in financial markets. Overvaluation of assets is a regular occurrence, as market participants become overly optimistic and speculative regarding an asset, a “bubble” is formed. 670 more words


Kansas Faces Federal Backlash to Shameful New Offensive In Its War on the Poor

This is simply hateful and spiteful.   This is those who have some wanting to feel superior to those who have less.    This is all about the idea of “we don’t want those people shopping in our stores, their kids to have what our kids have, or them to enjoy life as we might”.   190 more words