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TV Series recommendation 2: How to get away with murder.

It has drama, crime, and mystery. The main lead Annalise Keating, is the combination of confidence of Harvey specter( Suits) and rationality of Gregory House( … 81 more words


Small Town Bringdowns and Economic Failure

There are varying states of “failure” in economics. In Microeconomics for example, we have market failures, which can have almost nuclear effects (as we saw in 2008). 402 more words


Inspirations: The Greatest Story in the World Today is the One the Media Haven't Noticed

Hans Rosling likes to ask awkward questions:

  • If we randomly picked ten one-year-olds from across the world, how many of them would be vaccinated against measles?
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Wednesday Pontification

Economic growth

I came to think about this dictum when reading Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Tenty-First Century. 

Piketty refuses to use the term ‘human capital’ in his inequality analysis. 542 more words


Viva the Invisible Hand! The Enduring Effectiveness of the Impersonal Market

While I would wholeheartedly argue for personal integrity, character, and love as critical elements of human interactions and the human experience, the essay Everybody Loves Mikey  603 more words


Budgeting for Climate Change

The aim of the UN climate change conference in Paris is to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, so as to limit the global temperature increase to a maximum of 2°C above pre-industrial levels. 887 more words


Teaching Economics 101 Amidst the Empirical Revolution

Noah Smith writes in Bloomberg View, most of what you learned in economics 101 is wrong:

In the last three decades, the economics profession has undergone a 

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