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Vision technology

Why image recognition is about to transform business

At Facebook’s recent annual developer conference, Marc Zuckerberg outlined the social network’s artificial intelligence (AI) plans to “build systems that are better than people in perception.” He then demonstrated an impressive image recognition technology for the blind that can “see” what’s going on in a picture and explain it out loud. 59 more words

Virtual Reality


By Raz Koroh

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Many can still recall the watershed event in September 1985 of the finance ministers and central bank governors of the so-called Group of Five – Britain, France, Germany, Japan, and the United States.  564 more words


Zone Learning

We all have at least one thing in common: we started life as a baby and grew into an adult!

Consider for a moment how we learnt as children. 470 more words


House of Cards...

Read Ezekiel 13

Focus on verse 10

I remember my father building towers with dominoes for me when I was a small child. He would stack them on edge two at a time – each layer at ninety degrees. 325 more words

Daily Devotional

The Commercialization of Healthcare and the Baby Boomers

Today, I was reading a bit of the readers digest (my grandmother gives them away as she finishes reads them). On the back of the magazine, there was an ad for some sort of spinal surgery. 376 more words

Is Europe gradually becoming ungovernable?

With markets stable and CPI ex at 2.2%, the basic conditions for a further tightening move are clearly in place but at the same time we know that global trade activity has been slowing and fears of the US economy running onto a sandbank are increasing. 821 more words


A nation teaches you how to get something you don’t necessarily need.

“It is an old story: the most attractive recipients of capital are always those who do not need it.”  -Martin Wolf (Fixing Global Finances)

In his book, Wolf talks about the economic situation in the United States of America, a first world economy that is completely capable of sustaining itself (and in fact helping other nations sustain too) but is heavily dependent on other nations to survive. 256 more words