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Russia sanctions killing German companies: MP

Press TV – May 5, 2015

A German lawmaker has condemned the European Union and Chancellor Angela Merkel’s anti-Russia policy, saying the EU bans are destroying the country’s businesses, with dozens of reported bankruptcies.

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Elements of Access: Why the home addresses of your friends are causing global warming

by Kay Axhausen

In the industrialized world leisure travel makes up about 40% of all trips and 40% of all distance travelled: the largest and fastest growing segment of the travel market in these societies. 477 more words


Chart of the day

As part of his analysis of changing household structure in the United States, Steven Ruggles [pdf] argues (following Stephanie Coontz) that “the traditional family is not the Ozzie-and-Harriet male breadwinner family that briefly prevailed in the mid-twentieth century.” 782 more words

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Book review: Modernity Britain Book Two A Shake of the Dice 1959-62, David Kynaston

Book review: Modernity Britain Book Two A Shake of the Dice 1959-62, David Kynaston. Published by Bloomsbury.

They sometimes say that if you can remember the nineteen sixties, you weren’t there. 504 more words

US State Department ignorant on oil industry interests, threatens investors

Press TV – May 5, 2015

The US State Department says it cannot confirm a report that an American oil delegation plans to visit Tehran within the next few days to discuss business.

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United States

inflation on the rise?

Regular readers know that I like the economic work done by Jim Paulsen of Wells Capital, the Wells Fargo investment management arm.  His May 1st… 409 more words

Stock Market

The US stock rally is making it seem as if America is binging on debt

Americans, as a whole, are the world’s biggest debtors. But is that their fault, or even such a bad thing?

The US does some accounting to compare how many foreign assets Americans own to how many American assets foreigners own, including both governments and private citizens. 350 more words