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Could Britain's A&E crisis create an NHS bribery culture?

The Daily Telegraph

Getting ready for that annual check-up? Can’t wait until late summer to X-ray that dark spot you’re worried about? Too bad: prepare to sit in the hospital waiting area memorising all the magazines only to find out the doctor who just happened to park their new Lexus outside gave your slot away. 957 more words

The East India Company: Capitalism and Colonialism Hand-in-Hand

William Dalrymple in The Guardian, on the East India Company:

For the corporation – a revolutionary European invention contemporaneous with the beginnings of European colonialism, and which helped give Europe its competitive edge – has continued to thrive long after the collapse of European imperialism.

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Beware the Malaise

To paraphrase Leo Tolstoy, all unhappy people are unhappy in their own way. And their unhappiness does not necessarily mean they have the will or the wherewithal to pursue regime change. 1,057 more words


What Would Hugo Chávez Do?

On March 5, Venezuelans marked the second anniversary of the death of former President Hugo Chávez. The government headed by his handpicked successor, Nicolás Maduro, kicked the day off with a midnight fireworks display. 814 more words


Kalpana Seshadri’s “Posthuman Economics” at the Humanities Center

Professor Seshadri’s new work on “posthuman economics” picks up where her recent study, HumAnimal (Minnesota, 2013) left off. Posthuman economics is a new coinage and field of study that aims to make an intervention in both posthuman studies and economics. 322 more words


Overcoming the Vision Gap | Capuchin Franciscan Province of St. Joseph

Something to think about… It’s a short read… Take a few and read it…

We’ve all heard of the increasing wealth gap and the income gap that are, regrettably, accompanying our nation’s economic recovery from the Great Recession. 

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