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Renaissancing Italy 2.0

Once the economic gem of Europe, Italy has been in an economic slump for nearly twenty years.

Italy faces what much of the world is facing now: a progressive and politically active younger generations with more tools for mobilization than any other generation in history. 187 more words


Kahlon's First Move To Lower the Cost of Living: Raise Taxes

I saw this one coming. If you thought Moshe Kahlon and his Kulanu Party are a group of economic geniuses, it turns out they’re a group of politicians looking for more excuses to take more money away from you. 487 more words

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Research on the cost-effectiveness of music therapy

The American Music Therapy Association has a great document highlighting the research done on the cost-effectiveness of music therapy.  

One study focused specifically on music therapy with home hospice and revealed that patients in the music therapy program yielded a cost benefit ratio of 0.95 per day. 299 more words

Music Therapy

What does the Telegraph's letter actually tell us?

The Conservatives have trumpeted it as an “Unprecedented Intervention”. Labour have described it as “nothing new”. But what does the letter in today’s Telegraph, from 100 ‘leading business chiefs’ really tell us? 660 more words


Does the Deficit really matter?

Currently it seems as though all the politicians are trying to out-compete each other to see who can be best at balancing the books. The deficit and debt are regularly being discussed, the Conservatives arguing we have to ‘stick to the plan’ and ‘finish the job’ to eliminate the deficit. 924 more words


Income Security for All Canadians: Understanding Guaranteed Income - Chandra Pasma. Jim Mulvale


-Models of BIG; Negative Income Tax; where three levels determine the benefit receives based on additional income, and the Universal Demogrant; where every citizen receives the benefit, but taxes are higher for additional income, which would cancel out the bonus for those who do not need it. 92 more words


Money on the mind: the psychological effects of exposure to finances

It is now, thankfully, a widely held belief that current economic theory emphasising the irreducible rationality and self-interested motivation of participants in the market economy is heavily flawed. 416 more words