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Socialism: A Doctrine of the Aristocrats--Mises

“Among the infinity of fallacious statements and factual errors that go to form the structure of Marxian philosophy there are two that are especially objectionable. Marx asserts that capitalism causes increasing pauperization of the masses, and blithely contends that the proletarians are intellectually and morally superior to the narrow-minded, corrupt, and selfish bourgeoisie. 18 more words


Gillette and the rise of woke capitalism | Spectator USA

In these increasingly polarized times, there is no corner of life that will not be needlessly politicized by those who think they know better, like Gillette
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$15 Minimum Wage Bill to Be Introduced Tomorrow

CEI has a press release. My comment:

“Advocates for a $15 minimum wage should look before they leap,” said Ryan Young, a CEI fellow.

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Weird uk state run economics (or fuck you poor people)

Gordon Brown (my blog) was not a wise prime minister and a man of the people opposed to a tory. He introduced loans and the rest they say is history. 166 more words


Grover Must Be Smiling Today

What’s not in the news? An intriguing question indeed. Analysis finds an accounting of the “government shut down” that is not oriented from the perspective of a high school civics class or college political science class to be one answer. 717 more words

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