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Turning national parks into corporate profit centers

Given the corporatization of ever more commons, we may yet be visiting Golden Arches National Park or Disneyland Dinosaur National Monument. Even if the most extreme right-wing plans to auction off public lands don’t ever come to fruition, ongoing neglect can only promise creeping corporate colonization of the United States National Park system. 1,949 more words


Yes, Global Wealth Inequality is Unjust

By Jessica Flanigan

Source: Bleeding Heart Libertarians

Jonathan Anomaly asks, “Is global wealth inequality unjust?” Anomaly and Dan Moller suggest that global wealth inequality may be less unjust than a lot of people think because rich countries have good political institutions and cultures that encourage social and scientific experimentation, not because they are actively harming poor countries. 747 more words


Thoughts on a Truly Integral Economic and Political Framework and Overcoming Bias: a response to Joe Corbett, Edward Berge, Keith McCaughin and others.

After extended hiatus I am returning to the blogosphere to respond to the current developing conversation on integral political and economic theory which I fear may be developing in a dangerous direction (as I predicted in my earlier essays on this topic). 4,602 more words


Omaha Economy Running Like a Deere?

Don’t kid yourself Omaha, for all the hype about tech jobs and the evolution of youth culture in our fine hamlet, we are seriously dependent on the farm economy. 267 more words


What if every state had its own currency?

When I was growing up, I was sort of obsessed with currency. Not money, or its buying power, but the mystery of how independent currencies emerged, coexisted with each other, and exchanged for each other—sort of like language! 1,062 more words


Book Review: Biblical Economics - By R.C. Sproul Jr.

Biblical Economics is, just as the title would lead you to believe, an explanation of just what Scripture puts forth as a guide for the economic process. 1,024 more words

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Shale oil: Indo-Russian Deal

The BloombergBusiness reads, “Oil & Natural Gas Corp., India’s biggest energy explorer, is banking on the world’s largest shale oil reserves to save its Russian acquisition.” 539 more words