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Opinion - Debt relief or a fourth financial assistance programme for Greece? | Bruegel

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This is an excellent article from European think-tank, Bruegel. It argues that the Eurogroup faces a difficult choice on Greece — implementing a… 270 more words


3 Reality Checks the U.S. Needs to Face Before We Reform Health Care

I am not a Democrat, I am not a Republican, and I am not a fan of the political games that the leadership of each party play with our government. 1,591 more words

We are not our resumes. Nor should we be.

When I enrolled at Yale University in September 1984, I was undecided between majoring in mathematics or political science. That decision was made much easier by my less-than-stellar performance in Math 230, then a required freshman math course. 1,910 more words


#Todays3 25.6.17 Socialism, Choctaw, Tupac/Carrey

#Todays3 is our collection of material that we think should be highlighted and discussed more. Whether it is science, politics, history, religion or anything else for that matter. 65 more words


The appetite of gamers

Virtual Reality Is a Disappointment? Not in the World of Video Gamers

Before the end of this year, people will be able to play the popular open-world action game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in virtual reality. 90 more words

Virtual Reality

Economy of reading.

You might see something different upon every read, but even interpretation is subject to the law of diminishing returns.

The Challenges of the Maritime Industry and Solutions Considered


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The text editor of WordPress forbids the display of documents as actual pages, thus pseudo pages which I will hereby term as “page[s]” have been achieved through the use of horizontal lines to demarcate the end of a “page”. 3,982 more words