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Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate is a site of significant historical significance: from Prussia’s prominence, to the destruction of WWII, to the Cold War, Brandenburg Gate has stood as a monument to Germany’s profound national heritage. 453 more words


In these countries, you can retire for less than $2,000 a month

You don't need a million dollars to live a luxurious retirement, so long as you're willing to leave the U.S. behind. If you like this Post so please click Like 👍 button below… 36 more words


Don’t underestimate the danger of crony capitalism

“A short essay from your editor in Foreign Policy Magazine.”

(From Foreign Policy Magazine)

In a recent piece in Foreign Policy titled “Big Business Isn’t Big Politics,” an excerpt from the new book Big Business: A Love Letter to an American Anti-Hero, the economist Tyler Cowen makes the case that our fears of crony capitalism are “misplaced….However, to dismiss the influence of large private interests is a mistake.



World’s First Floating Dairy = Silliest Thing Ever?

Earning their sea legs, 32 cows have made agricultural history after boarding the world’s first floating dairy farm located in the Netherlands. Source: Cows Set Sail at World’s First Floating Dairy | Dairy Herd Management…

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10 Friday AM Reads

My end of week morning train reads: • How William the Conqueror Paved the Way for Netflix’s Bond Sale (Bloomberg) • Is Anyone Actually Investing in Opportunity Zone Funds? 43 more words


Expected utility theory

Although expected utility theory is both theoretically and descriptively inadequate, mainstream economists gladly continue to use it, as though its deficiencies were unknown or unheard of. 1,863 more words