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25 Years Later, Is It Still the Hayek Century?

Hayek died 25 years ago on 23 March 1992.

David Boaz of Cato Institue pays a tribute:

Hayek lived long enough to see the rise and fall of fascism, national socialism, and Soviet communism. 116 more words

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TN Visa approved for Financial Economist in 6 Days via USCIS

TN NAFTA Profession Economist (Financial Economist) Citizenship Canadian Applicant Background 2nd TN Visa Position Details Applicant is a financial economist working for a pharmaceutical company advising on investment risk and financial performance. 20 more words
TN Visa Approvals

Do economists really ever retire?

Bad news, they don’t. Infact their aura and prestige could be even more post retirement.

David Price has a piece:

No doubt there are some economists who retire so they can put their profession in the rear-view mirror. 287 more words


Terror In London In Torah Code

“he will be a wild-ass of a man: his hand against everyone, and everyone’s hand against him” Genesis 16:12, Torah
End Of Days

World Bank gives Aadhaar thumbs up; wants other nations to adopt it too

As the government is in the process of linking Aadhaar cards with an array of schemes and programmes amid criticism, the system has been lauded by World Bank chief economist Paul Romer. 294 more words

What Satya Nadella did at Microsoft

Date: 16-03-2017
Source: The Economist

The world’s biggest software firm has transformed its culture for the better. But getting cloud computing right is hard

A DECADE ago, visiting Microsoft’s headquarters near Seattle was like a trip into enemy territory. 1,871 more words

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Is policing heading in the right direction?

A recent article from The Economist highlights many of the most important points in the Chicago murder rate debate, some of which have been made on this blog. 380 more words