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Piyush Seth of First Medical Services - The Cricketing Nation

Piyush Seth of First Medical Services is a fierce cricket fan and player, like many in India. This is a passion that has come from childhood, playing as Captain for his school, before competing interstate for his university while studying engineering. 475 more words


It's official, I'm no longer an atheist.

Yesterday, after almost six years of silence, I told my story to a group of people for the very first time. As a PhD economist and former atheist, I came out of the “spiritual closet”. 337 more words

Equilibrium Diet

Nobel Prize-Winning Economist Says Donald Trump Doesn’t Get Econ 101

One Nobel laureate thinks Donald Trump would have a tough time passing Economics 101.

Joseph Stiglitz said in an interview with Bloomberg that Trump gets a lot of things wrong when it comes to his economic policy, particularly his stance on China. 335 more words


Meet the Internet’s Truth-Telling Economist

At Nela Richardson’s first job, she was a “fly on the wall,” she recalls, as the greatest financial disaster of the modern era unfolded in front of her. 414 more words


Who Killed Truth in Politics?

A recent cover page of The Economist announced “Art of the lie: Post-truth politics in the age of social media”. Inside the lead article warns darkly of the threat to democracy posed by the notion that “feelings, not facts, are what matter”. 597 more words


People get riled up

Economy is dwindling

Unemployment soaring

I’m sounding like an economist, an honest politician

Loans accumulating

Mind accelerating

I’m sounding like an economist, an honest politician… 110 more words

Mises vs Hayek - Who was more clear in thought?

Hans-Hermann Hoppe votes for Mises.


I could go on and on, citing Hayek’s muddled and contradictory definitions of freedom and coercion, but that shall suffice to make my point. 249 more words