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The Economist takes Sir Wilfred Thesiger to lunch

THE second thing you notice about Sir Wilfred Thesiger is the shoes—vast, lumpy things like gnarled tree roots, glowing with years of loving care and ox-blood polish. 178 more words


The Age of Reason 1770-1820

Ack. I’ve really stopped being as consistent, and I really, really apologize for that.

But I’m finally done the first section and now on to the new one! 407 more words

Jimmy Goldsmith

CHAMPAGNE before dinner in the Hollywood Hills in the early 1990s. Two sleek, though now slightly elderly, corporate hawks stand by the window regretting that they have never swooped on General Motors together. 196 more words


Are foreign purchasers pushing up Sydney prestige property prices?

With increased interest in prestige property in Sydney from foreign buyers, the question gets asked, are they clever buyers that have spotted a good opportunity, or have they been pushing up prices? 308 more words



WHEN Zane Grey was 15 his father tore up his first attempt at fiction. Years later, the still aspirant author presented the manuscript of his fourth novel to a New York publisher who was similarly unimpressed. 122 more words


This Nobel Prize-winning economist says Greeks should vote ‘No’

Who should the Greek people listen to when they vote in a referendum on their country’s international bailout: international leaders, or New York Times columnist Paul Krugman? 220 more words


Notable & Quotable: Friedrich Hayek - WSJ

Wall Street Journal — ‘The word truth itself ceases to have its old meaning.’

From economist Friedrich Hayek’s 1944 book “The Road to Serfdom”:

The word truth itself ceases to have its old meaning. 45 more words