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The biggest human-created economic problem

These two charts, which I found on a blog called PeakProsperity, show the world’s fundamental human-created economic problem.

The problem is the fact that debt is increasing faster than economic output. 191 more words

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If I voted strategically …

If I voted strategically, instead of for the candidate I want to win, I probably would vote for Hillary Clinton in the New York Democrat primary and for the Republican candidate in the general election. 216 more words

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Quantitative easing didn't revive the economy

The Federal Reserve System pumped billions of dollars into failing banks by buying up their toxic assets, and pumped up the stock market by holding down interest rates to as near as zero as possible. 210 more words

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China's debt threatens its economic miracle

I read a couple of articles the other day about how China’s amazing economic growth may hit a wall because of overhanging debt.

Countries get in trouble when the overall debt—governmental, individual, business and financial—increases at a faster rate that the output of goods and services (GDP). 338 more words

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Les Leopold on runaway inequality

I grew up and spent my early working years in the golden age of capitalism, which was from 1945 to 1976.  Almost anybody—as least, any white American man—who was willing to work could get a decent job sufficient to support a family. 1,038 more words

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Economic snapshots of 2015

I thank my e-mail pen pal Bill Harvey for pointing me to these charts from the Economic Policy Institute.  Any candidate for national office who ignores the issues raised by these charts isn’t worth listening to. 52 more words

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Understanding the UK’s ‘economic backbone’

Professor Mark Hart is Deputy Director of the Enterprise Research Centre and Professor of Small Business and Entrepreneurship at Aston Business School.

Since the financial crisis of 2008, the UK economy has shifted quite significantly to one that relies less on state spending to provide jobs and growth, and which instead puts its faith in enterprise as the engine of prosperity. 573 more words

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