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Can economic growth overtake rising inequality?

The French economist Thomas Piketty has a strong and obvious argument as to why the rich usually get richer and the rest of us not. 356 more words


6 Fakta Menarik Tentang Jerman Timur

Jerman Timur adalah negara yang disponsori oleh Uni Soviet yang diproklamirkan pada tanggal 7 Oktober 1949 dan mengusung ideologi berhaluan sosialis kiri. Negara ini didirikan sebagai akibat dari kalahnya Rezim Nasional Sosialis Jerman pimpinan Adolf Hitler yang menyerah kepada sekutu pada bulan Mei 1945. 2,193 more words


Vladimir Putin and the Panama Papers

One of the Russian Federation’s big problems is that its millionaires and billionaires are sending their money abroad, adding to Russia’s serious economic problems.

The fact that the Panama Papers reveal that one of Vladimir Putin’s oldest friends, a cellist named Sergei Roldugin, is the nominal head of offshore companies controlling billions of dollars in assets, is a big deal – especially since Roldugin does not live the life of a millionaire or billionaire. 857 more words


Why a profitable company laid off 1,400 people

In February, 1,400 employees of Carrier Air Conditioner in Indianapolis were told their jobs were being transferred to Mexico to cut costs.

It turns out that, according to the annual report of United Technologies, its parent company, that… 1,106 more words


Qualitative easing and the Obama recovery

The Federal Reserve Board’s policy of qualitative easing has helped the stock market recover.  But Americans who work in the real economy are still struggling. 700 more words


BOAO Forum 2016: Asia's New Future - New Dynamics, New Vision



Chinese Premier Li Keqiang delivers a speech at the opening ceremony of the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference in Boao, South China’s Hainan province, March 24, 2016. 813 more words


African factory workers in deepest Iowa

Writer Paul Street reported for Counterpunch on his experiences working alongside Congolese and Sudanese immigrant workers in a Procter & Gamble factory in Iowa.

Here in and around the liberal bastion of Iowa City, a university town where wage-earners’ working class lives are all but invisible to a large local cadre of privileged and mostly white academicians, the lower end of the workplace and the job market – the factory and warehouse positions filled by temporary labor agencies, custodial jobs, taxi drivers, etc.

980 more words