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A note on the TPP and fast track

I’ve been writing about the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership agreement as if it were a done deal, and the only significance of the Trade Promotion Authority… 95 more words

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'Fast track' involves more than just the TPP

The significance of “fast track” goes far beyond clearing the way for quick approval of the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement.

There are other TPP-like trade agreements now under negotiation, such as the… 172 more words

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At last the TPP comes before Congress

Update: The headline should read “At last fast track comes before Congress”.  TPP hasn’t yet come before Congress and it is possible (though unlikely) that it never will. 721 more words

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Doctors Without Borders on the TPP

It is not too late to modify these harmful rules.  Negotiations among the United States and 12 other nations have been  are in the process of being… 23 more words

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation on the TPP

Well, it’s too late now to try to influence the negotiations.

Senators Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, and Ron Wyden, D-Oregon, the chair and vice-chair of the Senate finance committee, and Rep. 102 more words

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The world invests in China's new bank

Fifty-seven governments, including all the major powers except the USA, Canada and Japan, have signed up to participate in China’s new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. 356 more words

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Why are small farmers more productive?

A study by an organization called GRAIN concludes that, although small farmers produce more than half the world’s food, they own only a quarter of the world’s land, and that their share is shrinking. 151 more words

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