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The U.S. economy on life support

The Federal Reserve Board will soon decide once again whether to continue to hold down interest rates or to allow them to rise.

The board is in more or less the same position as a physician trying to decide whether to remove life support a patient who is in intensive care. 476 more words

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The stock market in 100-year perspective

 Source: American Enterprise Institute

The Dow Jones Industrial Average of 30 industrial stocks was at 54.6 at the end of 1914.  By the end of 2014, it was at 17,823. 282 more words

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Public Engagement in Social Media - Developing understanding, infrastructure & engagement

Dr Jennifer Holden (University of Aberdeen) is Training and Outreach Officer for the dot.rural Digital Economy Hub. Her role involves co-ordinating internal dot.rural training, along with dot.rural public engagement and outreach activities. 677 more words

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There never was an "economic stimulus"

All the recessions since World War Two were followed by an “economic stimulus”.   The current one is the exception.  As the chart above indicates, government spending—combined local, state and federal government spending—has actually declined. 210 more words

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The passing scene - August 19, 2015

On the elementary structure of domination: The Bully’s Pulpit by David Graeber for The Baffler.

Schoolyard bullies typically believe they have a right and duty to punish and humiliate those who manifest vulnerability, fear or deviance, and they retroactively justify their actions by the inappropriate ways in which their victims resist, Graeber wrote; this reflects the structure of domination in the larger society. 146 more words

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Chinese yuan extends fall, long-term depreciation unlikely, weakening is not devaluation


BEIJING, Aug. 12 (Xinhua) — Chinese currency continued to fall on Wednesday after the central bank reformed the exchange rate formation system to better reflect the market. 1,039 more words


Simon Burgess: understanding the world with imperfect information

Simon Burgess is a Professor of Economics in the Department of Economics, University of Bristol. He was the Director of the ESRC Centre for Market and Public Organisation (CMPO) 2004 – 2015, and the Director of the Centre for Understanding Behaviour Change (CUBeC) 2010 – 2014. 334 more words

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