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How to go for business exchange to Europe 

It is worthwhile to do internship in Europe even in order to see the experience of others, compare opportunities and learn practical approaches to classic business theories, because entrepreneurship is a non-stop learning.  2,149 more words

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EU4Business helps Ukrainian entrepreneurs to streamline their production

«Tvoie misto» together with the Representative Office of the European Union in Ukraine continues telling about the opportunities for small and medium business development. Last time we told you about a farm from Lviv Oblast producing elite cheese that conquered Ukraine. 992 more words

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EU helps preserve traditional Huysul cheese − bryndzya

From spring until the beginning of autumn the fire always keeps burning on Carpathian meadows as the old hutsul legend warns that the fire that went out is a bad sign.  2,257 more words

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How Ukrainian entrepreneurs transform their business through the EU programs

The Focus Magazine represents the stories of Ukrainian entrepreneurs who, after training under the “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs” EU program, launched their own projects in Ukraine. 2,136 more words

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How to attract affordable loan under EU4Business initiative

The “Agrotem” farm grows oilseeds, breeds sheep and produces elite cheeses in Lviv region. In 2019, the company attracted a cheap loan of UAH 1 million from the Bank “Lviv” under a German-Ukrainian Fund loan programme for small and medium enterprises implemented under the EU initiative EU4Business. 1,259 more words

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Conquerors of the European Union. Tips for a successful business with Europe

Read inspirational stories of the Dnipro cardboard manufacturer, which found partners from six EU countries at the exhibition in Italy, the owner of the largest plantation of organic blueberries in Kyiv region, which after the trip to Chile under the EU4Business initiative is going to conquer the markets of Asia and the UAE; manufacturer of stylish lunch-bags Pack & Go, which are sold in Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria and Australia. 2,128 more words

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US and China: Are the superpowers heading for a collision, or can they be frenemies?


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US, China: Frenemies? – World | The Star Online 

Professor who predicted clash between great powers talks about the next challenges ahead, including forestalling conflicts and finding a way forward, perhaps through ‘rivalry partnership’. 295 more words