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Wild Claim: 'climate change...could wipe out health progress over the past 50 years'


Climate change could risk progress in health — or be a global health opportunity

The threat climate change poses to human health is possibly so great that it could wipe out health progress over the past 50 years. 643 more words


Surprising: Researchers correlate rheumatoid arthritis and giant cell arteritis with solar cycles

From the DOE/Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

What began as a chat between husband and wife has evolved into an intriguing scientific discovery. The results, published in May in BMJ (formerly British Medical Journal) Open, show a “highly significant” correlation between periodic solar storms and incidences of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and giant cell arteritis (GCA), two potentially debilitating autoimmune diseases. 895 more words


Duelling Doctors - Contradictory Climate reports from Medics

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Two contradictory medical press releases have been issued within days of each other, concerning the impact of climate change on health. 314 more words

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The green plan to make Capitalism cruel

A regular green claim is that, for the sake of the planet, we can’t afford any more economic growth. How many times have you heard something like the following: 609 more words


NYT: Developing world abandoning Obama's green agenda, turning to China for help

h/t James Delingpole – The New York Times reports that the developing world is abandoning green tainted US backed global banking institutions, and is looking to China for infrastructure finance. 130 more words


Last 2 years running, The White House blamed extreme cold for the faltering economy

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

President Obama’s economic advisors have just blamed the faltering performance of the US economy this year on cold winter weather – just like they did last year. 226 more words

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What is the Optimum Temperature with respect to human mortality?

By Indur M. Goklany

It is well known that the risk of mortality increases at both the high and low ends of the temperature range experienced by a particular population. 663 more words