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Is the Human race EVOLVING or DE-VOLVING?

In the 58 yrs I’ve been around I have been watching the american people and I think that they are losing ALL sense of REALITY! I feel sorry for the people that believe ANYONE should own an assault weapon, because our constitutional rights guarantee it, and they are only used as hunting weapons they are sadly mistaken. 627 more words

American Society

How many times out of 365 has our flag flown FULL STAFF?

  It struck me the other day just how many times I do not see our flag flying at full staff! What is up with that? I can understand honoring a fallen U.S. 177 more words

American Society

Who can tell me if PARENTS should be charged for allowing their kids actions?

 A recent story I heard on the news about kids trashing a football players vacation home got my dander up. Kids apparently broke into another persons home and virtually destroyed partying. 318 more words

Americas Social Problems

7 Economic Lies

Robert Reich explains the 7 Economic Lies in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. This is an old one, but a good one.