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Music is never quite free

Let’s talk music biz for a moment. I am fortunate enough to have talented people show up after some searching, and most don’t care if they get paid or not. 239 more words

Maria Bohm

I want the Indiana and Arkansas Religious Freedom Restoration Act to stay in effect and here is why.

It is true,I want Indiana and Arkansas to keep their Religious Freedom Restoration Act to in place. It allows anyone to discriminate anyone they chooses base off their religious beliefs. 143 more words


Rent To Own - Nothing

Housing market is incredible… They are making it harder and harder to own anything in this country unless you’re a big business owner. Corporations are polluting our communities. 504 more words


BOOM Conference - Businesses Open for Opportunity in #Memphis

BOOM Conference:  Unique Collaboration Targets Women & Minority Owned Businesses

“The City of Memphis collaborates with local and national organizations to host a two-day conference providing information and resources to drive the local economy.” 526 more words


Why science and engineering is important to the UK

I have an article here, reproduced below:

It ought to be a no-brainer, a question about the importance of science and engineering to the United Kingdom. 672 more words


Watch "Entire Federal Martial Law Plan Exposed" on YouTube

Entire Federal Martial Law Plan Exposed: https://youtu.be/2U-PNPOiLjo

Over several years, I have found and shared many government documents that are presented here and you can too. 44 more words