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Layoffs, Income and Mobility

A new research study out of Princeton asserts that workers who are laid-off suffer a long term reduction of income after finding another job.(1,2) Basically, after the immediate job loss, the next job will pay much less. 366 more words

Economy Update From NPR: Some Economists See A Plus Side In Eliminating Term Limits For China's Xi Jinping

Some Economists See A Plus Side In Eliminating Term Limits For China’s Xi Jinping
While this month’s constitutional reform stirred political controversy, some economists say it could have a positive flip side for the global economy.

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Robo Advisors: Would you trust a robot with your cash?

Have you ever heard the phrase “the rich get richer, but the poor get poorer”? Well, part of the reason that expression might be true is that rich people tend to put their money to work for them in the form of investments. 880 more words


Nottingham's St Patrick's Day festival might not happen again due to funding.

Today is the 19th year Nottingham has put on the St Patricks Day festival. However, due to cuts in funding and sponsorship the committee says it could be the last year the parade takes place. 255 more words

Retired Kian Tire workers protest to unpaid wages

A group of retired workers from the tire-making company Kian Tire in Tehran gathered in front of the company’s factory in protest to unpaid wages and demanded compensation and accountability from the company’s leadership.


Hypnagogia Exploitation


Democrats have abandoned the American people, and all Constitutional values that make this great country what it is. Their goal now is to turn the country into a hell-hole of criminals and welfare dependency. 862 more words


The Oil Crisis That Can’t Be Stopped, by Nick Cunningham

As they always do, the socialists are usaying that the latest socialist disaster, Venezuela, is not “real” socialism. According to them, the world is still waiting for “real” socialism, which will be milk and honey for all. 289 more words