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The WSJ - Spooking Small Nations since forever

“Iceland has yet to shed its pariah status among international investors”

This of course explains why they have massively oversubscribed international  bond sales for both… 27 more words


A drastic haircut for Greek middle-class as savers are set to lose 30% of their deposits over €8,000

The Greek problem is very complicated I am told. It is an ideological battle between right and left, I also read. It is austerity versus profligacy. 648 more words


Greeks and the Euro

A lot of talk went through the media about the Greek crisis. Yet most of it is how to solve, or not to solve the problem of Greek debt, which is in its essence a monetary problem, that can be solved relatively easily by monetary tools, that as were shown can be very effective if implemented correctly. 555 more words


How many Irish suicides are attributable to the crisis?

How many suicides in Ireland can be attributed to the the effects of the financial crisis? A recent study suggests a lot.  51 more words


Airplanes are cheaper modes of communication than auto-rikshaw.

I don’t know when I was thinking this, before going to bed, while sleeping or right after I got up this morn.

Raise your eyebrow a little, will ya'; Airplanes are cheaper modes of communication than auto-rikshaw.

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July 3, 2015 · by whatintheworld

Published on Jul 1, 2015

Our friend Harley Schlanger, Historian and national spokesman for LarouchePAC is back with us to process the developments in Greece as it defaults on IMF austerity and usury in favor of a future for its people over the criminal international Banksters. 267 more words

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How Rising Interest Rates Would Impact You and the Economy

In this video, Alex Chalekian discusses how rising interest rates would impact you and the economy. He talks about the changes to your current savings accounts as well as mortgages. 15 more words