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‘The destruction of free market allegiance in favor of economic tyranny’

Ben Shaprio lays out how un-conservative ‘conservatives’ have become

Here are some rather disquieting poll results. Fully 57 percent of Republicans answered “agree” to the statement, “The free market has been sorting out and America’s been losing.” 69 percent of Republicans say that it is acceptable for the president and vice president to “directly negotiate with private businesses,” which is definitional economic corporatism; 78 percent say they’re fine with Trump and Pence offering “tax breaks or incentives to individual companies to keep jobs in the US,” still more crony corporatism; 71 percent signed off on Trump and Pence offering government contracts to individual companies to keep jobs in the US, which is Obama-esque stimulus; 75 percent said they were fine with Trump and Pence negotiating with individual private companies on a case by case basis.

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Real Estate Market Alerts: A Rooming House for Career-Minded New York Women

A building with 375 single rooms created for the shopgirls of the early 20th century continues to thrive in Midtown Manhattan.. via NYT Real Estate http://ift.tt/2glLaVF

A pensions time bomb spells disaster for the US economy

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Underfunded government pensions to the tune of $1.3 trillion, with a gap that just can’t be filled, is the ticking time bomb facing the US economy, which faces dramatic cuts in public services and potentially riots reminiscent of Athens six years ago. 843 more words

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Downtown Edmonton's Crash Hotel aims to bring Millennials, Gen Xers back to the core

What’s old is new once again in downtown Edmonton. As the revitalization of downtown continues, a new hotel aimed at getting Millennials and Gen Xers back to the core celebrated its grand opening Friday. 469 more words


Kelowna's hot real estate market expected to cool in 2017

The Okanagan real estate market was hot in 2016 with prices reaching heights we’ve never seen before.

Now market analysts are forecasting how the market will look in the year ahead and it looks like things are about to change. 275 more words


A Look Ahead To Fed Week

From Deutsche Bank’s resident weatherman Joseph LaVorgna:

As we have repeatedly warned, much of the normally important economic data we receive is backward looking, because it does not pick up what we sense is a noticeable shift in household and business sentiment following the US Election.

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Economy Update From NPR: Dial M For Money: Can Mobile Banking Lift People Out Of Poverty?

Dial M For Money: Can Mobile Banking Lift People Out Of Poverty?
We look at the remarkable findings from a new study of Kenya’s M-PESA system, out in ‘Science.’

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