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Happiness is an Obama who doesn't need to impress anyone!!!

A highly-intelligent, no-more-elections-to-win, competitive, direct, black president not afraid to tell it like it is and have some fun to a gathering of people who take themselves to seriously? 11 more words

My Glamorous Life

Higgling, Haggling, Swapping, Dickering

The title is a part of Adam Smith‘s description of the flaws inherent in any system of bartering: Once two parties have actually agreed to negotiate a swap of items or services, which is easier described than accomplished, how long will it take to negotiate value or price? 1,092 more words

Daily Prompt

Pecuniary Profligacy

That slippery slope they told you abouy Vermont, well you’re on it. And you’re not alone as if that produces some satisfaction. Margaret Thatcher had it right when she said that sooner or later you run out of OPM. 592 more words


Cookie Power

When Mtuseni and I decided to continue our relationship when the nonprofit that connected us folded, I envisioned frequent connection via numerous paths, including the mail. 795 more words

Thursday 29th January 2015- The Independent: NHS budget crisis as hospitals rebel against Government cuts

‘Hospitals have carried out an “unprecedented” rebellion against national NHS spending plans, warning officials they can no longer guarantee safe patient care under funding proposals for this year. 145 more words



“40% of food produced in the US is wasted.”
— Natural Resources Defense Council

“Just Eat It” a 74-minute award-winning documentary about the staggering amounts of food that go to waste in households and farm fields, was selected as the…

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