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Gambling In Government 'Markets'

Markets now offer gambles in place of investments. An investor makes decisions from economic laws of supply and demand, competition and monopoly or war and peace. 476 more words


GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE ... (Politically Uncorrected)

News, opinions and reports swept up and disgorged for you:

A cheating culture is replacing Christianity in the West.  (Yeah … and can you find any corrupt society that has escaped poverty?) … 682 more words


San Bernardino Shooting: Part Two

It was not so long ago that a ‘mass shooting’ in San Bernardino would have traveled little farther than nearby Los Angels. Angelenos would have dismissed it with thoughts of San Berdoo rednecks and gone on to other news. 610 more words


ISIS: The Latest Political Bogeyman?

Again, Isis is serving as a political tool and a distraction from reality. Foreign policies will change, governments will be replaced and massive movements of people will react to the murders in Paris of some hundred fifty or so by nine Islamist thugs. 549 more words