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The Great Indian Fire Escape: From the forests to the cities

When an invention from the Early Stone Age ravages through forest, waste and city lands, annihilating everything that comes its way, one is left to ponder—2 million years after its discovery, has the Homo sapien not learned to wield and control his/ her first ever invention—fire? 998 more words


The tiger’s tale

From the walls of the Bhimbetka cave shelters to the illustrated pages of Mughal manuscripts like Baburnama to the paintings of the colonial era, the tiger has occupied pride of place in our cultural and artistic consciousness. 53 more words


Lessons from Paravur: Ban them. Ban them quick.

The Paravur firework tragedy which took place in my home district (Kollam) in Kerala spelt out three distinct emotions in me—grief, anger and ignominy. Grief at the death of a hundred people, anger at the little regard temple authorities had for instructions and ignominy at the inability of our institutions to enforce bans.   248 more words

Random Ramblings!

India’s carbon strategy to counter climate change

Indian government is now looking to retrofit existing national action plans on climate change while building new ones. With the date of signing of the historic Paris climate change agreement in April approaching fast, and its ratification to follow soon, that’s good to hear. 37 more words


The unlivable lake

‘Live fish swim against the stream, while dead ones float with it’

When hundreds of fish washed ashore on Bengaluru’s Ulsoor Lake yesterday, the words of Rt. 47 more words


The only way is up, baby - Agriculture meets architecture in France's urban farm tower

Built like a staircase, ABF-lab’s urban farming structure aims to raise awareness and encourage better living and social responsibility.

Source: Agriculture meets architecture in France’s urban farm tower



Number 1. The attractions of the great outdoors- hill walking – what could possibly be relaxing about tramping up a hill in the middle of a Queensland summer, surrounded by…..wild things…? 416 more words