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the resilience of coral reefs ...

The bleaching and occasional death of coral reefs, surprisingly increases the diversity of invertebrates, says this paper posted at co2science:

How Reef Invertebrate Diversity Responds to Coral Mortality… 451 more words



So we have been sent over an Ecosphere. Prior to recieving it, we had n idea what it really was but my children and my visitors are fascinated by it. 386 more words


Song Of The Week: You Never Change

When I first heard this song, I couldn’t get it out of my head. It is such a beautiful song. A lot of meaning. I heard it at this year’s Newday festival. 22 more words


How you climb the mountain is more important than reaching the top

It is 8am; the sky is cobalt blue with white fluffy clouds, a glorious day for trekking.

But we are a nervous bunch. At an altitude of 14300 feet above sea level, the air was thin, and even walking from our homestay to the trek start point was laborious. 891 more words


DIY biosphere AKA ecosphere

I fell in love with the idea of enclosed ecosystems when I went on vacation and saw one in a gift shop. The idea is that this miniature system will be able to feed itself with very little intervention from the outside. 535 more words

DIY Projects

The Great Indian Fire Escape: From the forests to the cities

When an invention from the Early Stone Age ravages through forest, waste and city lands, annihilating everything that comes its way, one is left to ponder—2 million years after its discovery, has the Homo sapien not learned to wield and control his/ her first ever invention—fire? 998 more words


The tiger’s tale

From the walls of the Bhimbetka cave shelters to the illustrated pages of Mughal manuscripts like Baburnama to the paintings of the colonial era, the tiger has occupied pride of place in our cultural and artistic consciousness. 53 more words