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Media coverage on my fieldwork: impacts of land reclamation on mangroves and coastal Balinese ecosystems

Link to article: https://news.vice.com/article/indonesias-protest-generation-and-biggest-punk-band-are-fighting-land-reclamation

“Kelly Heber Dunning, a doctoral candidate in natural resource management at MIT, has worked with fishing communities in the area and shares some of the same concerns. 143 more words

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Multiple stressors and ecological surprises

The expanding global human population, now about 7.5 billion, is increasing the pressure that we as a species put on the environment.  2016 was the warmest year ever recorded, and temperature records continue to be exceeded. 541 more words


In defence of old literature

Keeping up with the literature is part of being a researcher. A few years ago, the #365papers hashtag started on Twitter, as a way to encourage academics to read more papers in a calendar year. 783 more words


Urban Ecology at the British Ecological Society Annual Meeting

This week I had the pleasure of chairing the fascinating Urban Ecology session at the British Ecological Society’s Annual Meeting in Liverpool, so a big thank you to all the presenters. 132 more words

Ecosystem Services

Flow and rent-based opportunity costs of water ecosystem service provision

Led by Olivia Rendon (soon to be off to the Plymouth Marine Laboratory), we’ve just had our paper comparing and contrasting different approaches to estimating opportunity costs of ecosystem service provision published in… 384 more words


Peatland Tipping Points project is up and running!

We’re now underway with the Valuing Nature Programme’s Peatland Tipping Points  project. Led by Mark Reed at Newcastle University and involving Leeds, the Scottish Association for Marine Science, CEH Bangor, Scotland’s Rural College and the BTO, we will investigate how changes in climate and how we manage land might lead to abrupt changes, or “tipping points”, in the benefits that peatlands provide to UK society. 91 more words