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Preserving coastal wetlands under sea level rise

Can payments for ecosystem services fund climate change adaptation?

Coastal wetlands, such as mangroves, can be lost due to sea level rise. This is means essential ecosystem services, such as the maintenance of fisheries, coastal protection, and carbon sequestration, could be lost along with them. 346 more words

Climate Change

Exhibitor at NERC Into the Blue Event

The event

EPRG are excited to be selected as a participant in the NERC Into the Blue Manchester Showcase which will take place during 25-29 October 2016… 243 more words


Northern Tourism: Direct Experiences

In honor of the Crystal Serenity setting sail for its inaugural trip through the Northwest Passage, a little video about why people head North and some issues of scale and scope in the experience. 65 more words

Environmental Economics

Exploring greenspaces in the smaller cities of sub-Saharan Africa

Why work on smaller cities?

Megacities get all the attention, but smaller cities throughout the world are where most people live. They are also expanding at a faster rate than their bigger cousins, often in chaotic and unplanned ways.  158 more words


What is Earth Overshoot Day?

We all understand budgeting with money. If a household makes $50,000 in a year, then $50,000 is the most they should spend in a year. To spend more, they would have to overdraw their checking account or run up their credit card balance – practices that can quickly lead to financial disaster. 261 more words

At your service! Linking healthy ecological function to human well-being, with Wayne Munns

We benefit from ecosystem services (ES) everyday—the water we drink, the food we eat, even the vacation at the beach. It is widely recognized that we need to protect the ecological processes that deliver these benefits, yet ES have not yet been formally incorporated into environmental risk assessment, one of the primary methods that inform regulatory decision making. 204 more words

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