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Testate amoebae: a new indicator of the history of moisture in the swamps of eastern Australia

Key words: Temperate Highland Peat Swamps Sandstone

Introduction. Swamps are an ideal natural archive of climatic, environmental and anthropogenic change. Microbes and plants that once inhabited the swamps are transformed and accumulate in undisturbed anoxic sediments as (sub)fossils and become useful proxies of the past environment. 796 more words

New South Wales

The palaeoenvironmental history of Temperate Highland Peat Swamps on Sandstone

Scott Mooney, James Goff and Lennard Martin

Key words (<5 words): sediments, palaeoenvironmental reconstruction, radiocarbon dating

Introduction. Palaeoecology (i.e. study of past environments using fossils and sediment cores) is often used to provide information regarding past environmental conditions. 1,792 more words

New South Wales

A Life with Insects

I was sat in the tea garden enjoying a jam scone and a pot of tea on a Summer afternoon when I heard a woman repeatedly ask, ‘What is the point of this wasp!?’ 786 more words


Palm oil: a monstrosity of a monoculture

Meet Ghana, an orphaned Bornean Orangutan (Pongo pygmaues) and a victim of habitat destruction. And why was her habitat destroyed I hear you ask? 919 more words


Bluegrass for the Long Haul

A recent article in Kentucky’s leading paper, The Lexington Herald Leader, discusses the down-fall of coal in the Bluegrass state. The statistics reported are alarming. 582 more words