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Invasive plants to devastate annual wildebeest migration

According to new research, scientists found that a number of invasive alien plant species initially introduced as ornamental plants at tourism facilities are now spreading rapidly throughout the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem, posing a major threat to wildlife, including the annual wildebeest and zebra migration as well as a range of other plant and animal species. 638 more words

Invasive Species

Applications are invited for suitably qualified earthworms.

Applications are invited for suitably qualified earthworms.

What makes a good composting worm?

In one of our earlier articles about “all earthworms not being created equal”, we highlighted the role of epigeic type earthworms and their importance in managing high volumes of organic waste. 376 more words

Worm Farming

People's Animal Agriculture and Low Carbon Livestock

I love the concept of the people’s agriculture and intelligence. Here are some great pictures for your eyes, my precious reader. The people agriculture is low carbon livestock. 171 more words

People's Agriculture

#GE2017 Green Party

This is a rather late and a shorter version. But the Green Party made it easy to pick out their environmental pledges. They are the only party with a separate environment manifesto – perhaps not surprisingly. 210 more words

Environmental Economics

A review of climate change impacts on ecosystem services

Most of us worry about climate change in one way or another, but not many of us explicitly consider its impact on ecosystem services. Integrating climate change into assessments of ecosystem services is vital if we are to avoid poor management decisions. 581 more words

Forests are not Magic Puddings

Article from the Victorian National Parks Association
’Victoria’s forests are not magic puddings’ March 2017.

Matt Ruchel, member of the Forest Industry Task Force and executive director of the Victorian National Parks Association, explains why sawmills and the pulp and paper industry don’t understand how forests work. 879 more words

Nature NSW

Payments for ecosystem services in Hoa Binh province, Vietnam An institutional analysis

Payments for ecosystem services (PES), also known as payments for environmental services (or benefits), are incentives offered to farmers or landowners in exchange for managing their land to provide some sort of ecological service. 510 more words