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Still feeling the loss of Britain's extinct fauna

Why is habitat management necessary? Why can we not just leave nature to its own devices and let it regulate itself? Members of the public walking past a coppicing team in a woodland often ask why we have to cut the trees down at all – so why do we humans have to intervene so much in maintaining particular habitats, surely they all existed just fine way before humans arrived on the scene?  1,238 more words



Many flowering plants cannot reproduce without pollen deposited by foraging animal pollinators. Ecosystems, wildlife, and people benefit substantially from the work of these animals. They maintain plant… 290 more words

What is a tree worth?

There are several ways of answering this question.

First, as described in an earlier post, a mature tree can add thousands of dollars to the value of a property, in addition to saving the occupants money on utility bills. 179 more words

The economic valuation of nature: A question of justice?

For our first RAD.GE session of 2017 we read Brett Matulis The economic valuation of nature: A question of justice? To complement this, we also included Esteve Corbera’s  (2015) … 1,089 more words

Floodplain Restoration - Defenders of Wildlife Blog

GR:  If you’ve ever wondered if we could get along without nature, if you’d like to know if the only plants we need are those we plant for food, and if you wonder if the only animals we need are those we ride or eat, you may find this article interesting. 409 more words

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All earthworms are not created equal

All earthworms are not the same! Really? Yes really! :) I often find myself clarifying this notion during my encounters with different people but don’t worry, I once held the same view. 261 more words

Sustainable Gardening

What does nature do for YOU?

New research from colleague Eva Roth and a substantial group of researchers from around the world asks how we can do better at including all aspects of nature’s contributions to people (NCP) in its valuation. 243 more words

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