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Impacts of selective logging of tropical forests on tree damage, biomass and tree species richness

A few days ago we put some of my thesis work on the impacts of tropical forest logging on the preprint server PeerJ. The work is currently in review elsewhere but I thought I should put up a blog post about our findings, even if they change a bit after the review. 1,201 more words


Natural Capital, Greshams Law and the Tainted Altruism Effect

I am in two minds whether to buy Tony Juniper’s new book, What nature does for Britain. On the one hand I think it will be well written and entertaining with lots of good examples of positive action for nature. 645 more words

Biodiversity Offsets Blog

For your consideration:

The recently started Biodiversity Offsets Blog aims to provide an interdisciplinary platform for the information and exchange on Biodiversity Offsets and the Mitigation Hierarchy. 150 more words

Environmental Economics

Erecting fences and divided visions for our national parks

In a week when I was inspired to see the passion and energy coming out of the Re-imagine London Event as part of the campaign to make… 922 more words

The Environment

Social and economic value of protected areas

I’ve just come across an exceptionally important paper published recently in PLoS Biology by a team of venerable conservation biologists led by the eminent Andy Balmford… 514 more words


From Hyperbole to Democratic Energy

The future of energy in the United States is a testy topic these days. Politicians, industry officials and special interests are fighting over partisan policy proposals. 588 more words

Shifting baselines and the impacts of meat production

Visiting China last year got me thinking about meat. Part of this was because as a vegetarian it was a fun daily challenge to find meat-free food often involving 2 -3 hours wandering around huge, smog-filled cities. 669 more words