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Does water management pay off? Introducing the DESSIN Ecosystem Services Approach framework

Two new studies on the potential of the ecosystem services approach in strengthening European water management have been published in the Ecosystem Services journal. Both studies were… 1,041 more words


Epistemology and synthetic market design: Examples from ecosystem services

Some of the most illuminating work in market design lately has been in payment for ecosystem services (PES). These projects provide examples of the continuing relevance of institutions to economic and policy outcomes, and the importance of Elinor Ostrom’s work on the diversity of governance institutions in common-pool resources; despite criticisms leveled at synthetic markets, they can lead to better outcomes compared to the realistic alternative, which is usually a regulatory response. 1,218 more words

Environmental Policy

Europe's systems to indicate and share sustainable commitment

Ariadna Gabarda-Mallorqui is a teacher and researcher in Girona’s University and was one of our guest speakers. She taught us about ETIS and the Interreg MED Programme… 373 more words

Show me the money

“I didn’t eat it”

“You didn’t eat it?”

It was pork. I wouldn’t eat pork.”


“What do you mean why?”

What, because it wasn’t kosher?” 2,061 more words


A win-win for wine

Inter-row vegetation in vineyards can help tackle soil erosion without sacrificing the quality of grapes. Associate Editor, Peter Manning (Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Centre) discusses the recent Review by Winter et al.,  510 more words

Associate Editor

In a remote country lived a rich mire species community. But that was once upon a time, when Finland was a land of mires. Nowadays, only fragmented pieces are left in the southern region, while large natural mires can still be found in Lapland. 510 more words


Deal or no deal

by Darren Mann, Head of Life Collections

In a previous article on this blog I reported the discovery, in an insect collection, of the 21st British specimen of the ‘Regionally Extinct… 520 more words

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