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Manatees (Trichechus manatees) By: Vincent Lyons

Manatees and their effect on the everglades

The West Indian manatee, plays a crucial role in the Florida Everglades. The main thing manatee does from day to day is eat half of their body weight in vegetation, however this helps the ecosystem by reducing the overgrow of turtle grass, shoal grass and a variety of other vegetation. 365 more words

FORESTS: NATURE AT YOUR SERVICE (Kualitas Kehidupan Manusia dan Kelestarian Ekosistem Hutan)

Indonesia sebagai salah satu mega biodiversity dunia yang dilintasi garis khatulistiwa memiliki potensi besar terhadap keanekaragaman hayati, misalnya kekayaan ekosistem hutan. Hutan merupakan komponen penting bagi bumi dalam peranannya menjaga keseimbangan ekosistem dan melayani hampir semua kehidupan terutama bagi kepentingan umat manusia. 461 more words


Jember Di Masa Depan

Dewasa ini, perkembangan perkotaan hampir di seluruh dunia banyak dipengaruhi oleh konsep-konsep pro-industri yang kurang terkonsep dengan baik, tidak beraturan, dan “tidak punya hati” dalam hal ini tidak memperhatikan kelestarian lingkungan. 634 more words


The Landlocked Dune

South of the downtown core, in a slow suburban area, the trees give way to an interesting sight. The ground underfoot loses the grass, becoming sandier, and the view gives way to reveal Piney Sand Dune. 361 more words

Scattered Thoughts

How Wolves Changed Yellowstone

I came across this video on Facebook and was awed by how small changes can drastically change our ecosystem. I hope you take four minutes out of your day to watch this wonderful video.



On a quiet fall afternoon the landscape sat silently waiting and resigned to the fact that winter will soon arrive. Waiting for a timeless moment in time.

THE PAYMENTS INDUSTRY EXPLAINED: The trends creating new winners and losers in the card-processing ecosystem

(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

The way we pay is changing dramatically. For example, people are beginning to use their smartphones for every kind of formal and informal transaction — to shop at stores, buy songs online, and even split their rent. 472 more words

Money Matters