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Dressed in White

Although each sporting a distinct style both look good in white.

ARK | Interconnected Blockchain Ecosystem

ARK is a blockchain ecosystem that features fast transactions and solves the scaling problem by sidechains. It allows each dApp to deploy their own blockchain, and handle their own transactions privately. 18 more words


Nuthatch and Spruce

Just sitting enjoying the view and the daylight that now lingers on.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

BitGo CEO Mike Belshe On Working On Institutional Bitcoin Management | CNBC

With the launch of bitcoin futures on the Cboe, BitGO CEO Mike Belshe discusses the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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An Intro to Permaculture

The word permaculture is often met with a sense of some kind of hip fad like raising alpacas or making your own yogurt. Permaculture has been around for nearly 50 years and is in a sense an evolution of organic gardening which was introduced into American backyards in the 1940’s. 731 more words

Meaningful Living

Even Trout Need Trees

When hiking in the California High Sierras, my husband John and I always took along our fly fishing rods. We usually planned to include a few brown, golden, or rainbow trout in our menu. 608 more words

Bamboozled by a Book's Title

If you purchased Lyons and Peres’ text, “Probability on Trees and Networks” with the expectations of expanding ones knowledge on forest ecosystems, then there’s a snowball’s chance in a polar vortex that you’ve been duped!  163 more words