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The pace of place

Finding a place where time moves at a pace.

Just the right pace.

A pace that feels like home.

Leonardo DiCaprio Protects The Planet

Leonardo Dicaprio does a great job of reminding everyone that we only have one earth and that we should take care of it. He invests a lot of his time in learning the best practices to protect our delicate ecosystem. 107 more words

Layered Lands

From marsh shrubs to sagebrush to pine forest to snow-covered peaks. A wide open landscape sure helps bring peace and quiet to a busy brain. Looking out from the marshlands at Red Rocks National Wildlife Refuge in Montana.

The emergence of the Subscription Model

What is Subscription Model?

Majority of us might be aware of the recent growth in the subscription services across sectors majorly dominated by media. The growth in the Apple Music’s, Birchbox and Netflix in the region has been phenomenal over the last couple of years. 2,615 more words


When Mountains Call

It was hard to focus on looking for birds this day as the Mountains called down and whispered hey…look at me.

Blockchain And Smart Contracts: Opportunities in Financial Services


Before we dive into how blockchain and smart contracts work together to change the world of finance, banking and investing, let’s understand what a DApp developer do to develop a smart contract. 525 more words


Refuge under his wings.

A chance encounter – a wondrous moment.

A feeling of awe and contentment.

Being thankful for the simplest of pleasures.

Nature it can brighten your day, fill you with a warmth greater than the sun. 146 more words