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So many bugs

With this years insects hatching faster than this male Yellow Headed Blackbird can keep up with I can just hear the voice in this head saying “so many bugs so little time”. 16 more words

Facts and History of the Polar Bear

Polar bears are the largest carnivorous land animals and can be found in the Arctic Circle. They sit at the top of their food chain and help provide remains of animals, primarily seals, as food sources to other animals. 479 more words

April Malmsteen

Chapter 1.3: “We Love Planet Earth!”


Teacher 1 (T): 6th Grade Science Teacher

6th Grade Students: Boy 1 (B1), Timothy (Tm), Charles (C), Girl 1 (G1), Sakura Saito (SS), other students… 750 more words

Chapter 1

First Leaves

Along the creek with buds just breaking out a trees first leaves of spring were not leaves at all.

It appeared that sap was flowing and attracting… 142 more words

Beekeeping in Celebration of World Bee Day!

Today (20th May) is World Bee Day! Designated by the UN, the day raises awareness of the importance of bees, the threats that they face and their contribution to sustainable development. 381 more words


Invest in Plants For Your Home (LINK)

…at least you can breathe better inside…God only knows what’s in the air outside (ref. U.S.A.).

These Plants Are Oxygen Bombs & They Clean The Air In Your Home… 135 more words

Moral Reads

Getting on board: An overview over the startup scene

Welcome back! In this part I will provide a short introduction of the Japanese startup scene.

Within my research I read many articles and journals about the chances and obstacles of new ventures and looked up several statistics regarding that topic. 549 more words