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Garden Update: Summer is coming

I could also have called this update – a study into survival in the desert. The sun is scorching everything that is exposed to it for more than a couple of hours a day and it’s not even summer yet. 329 more words

Low Carb


Mesocosms are enclosed environments that allow a small part of a natural environment to be observed under controlled conditions.

  1. Building a verdant foundation
  • Add a bottom layer of pebbles, gravel or sand – this layer exists for drainage (smaller vessels require thinner rock layers)
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Rudy Duck

Happy Earth day.

Hope you all have a chance to get out and enjoy the wondrous beautiful planet we all live on.

And just as an experiment how about we make every day Earth day. 19 more words

Hungry like the wolf

Yellowstone park was the first ever official national park and opened its doors in 1872. Before being a park it was inhabited by native Americans for over 11,000 years – long before the settlers stumbled across it. 357 more words


Earths Population Problem

The population of humans on Earth has surpassed 7 billion.  There is talk about the max population of humans that Earth can withstand.  What consequences will we all have if we get to this population limit? 227 more words


Two Antelope

Two Antelope…they can be just dots on the landscape or present in the foreground but either way Pronghorn make the western landscape complete.

Looking west from the Pawnee National Grasslands two Pronghorn graze far in the distance with the northern front range of Rocky Mountains as a back drop. 20 more words

Song Sparrow

There is nothing that says spring has fully arrived like the Song Sparrows song.

With just a few leaves springing forth this Song Sparrow perches between singing their song.