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World Conservation Strategy: What is it and why is it important?

Now that we have established why conservation is as important as restoration (if you haven’t read that, read Conservation vs Restoration: The key differences), let’s delve deeper into the steps the world has taken towards conservation of biodiversity. 866 more words


Conservation vs Restoration: The key differences

When we talk about remediation of impacts of human activities, it will always have two aspects: recovering what is lost and preventing what is left from permanent loss. 683 more words


Barrows Goldeneye

The local ponds are chock full of common Goldeneye in the winter but a Barrows Goldeneye is a rare visitor. Photographed along Clear Creek in Denver, CO.

Feedback loops: Regulating natural processes

When it gets really cold, what happens to your body? First you start shivering. Then, if you don’t take the hint and get warm, some of your body parts become numb. 587 more words


Cybernetics: Are we learning more by simplifying nature?

Ecosystems are hopelessly complicated. The sheer number of variables influencing any single ecosystem process is staggering; each one has a distinct role to play in that process. 992 more words


Tippy Top

With barely room for both claws to get a good hold an American Kestrel perches on the top a branch.

Before my memory fails me

As December welcomes me with ever chillier mornings.

It feels like a nice day to remember what will be again.