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Good Night Heron

A Black Crowned Night Heron heads to the roost as night makes its way to the end of another day.

Good Night Heron.

Female Yellowthroat

We spotted this Female Common Yellowthroat quickly moving in and out of the bushes while on a morning walk. While we most often see the males perched out in the open singing we very rarely have seen the female out in the open like this. 19 more words

The language we use in business

We find it fascinating, once again, just having skimmed through the Microsoft (MSFT) Earnings Release FY17 Q4 results released on 20 July 2017, how generally in businesses ‘natural’ language is used differently in different sectors. 166 more words


The 10 Plastic Free Commandments.

I’m totally about to appropriate a religious text here, but my intention is not to offend!

I beat myself up about all things zero waste and plastic free on the regular, and it’s not helpful. 1,502 more words

Circular Economy

Summer Morning Song

With Wrens and Robins singing in the trees and Chipping Sparrows chipping  we were treated to a wonderful summer morning.

Mt Zirkel Wilderness

Of the Earth

Moving slowly down the trail and looking remarkably like the earth he walked on we found this American Toad. He did look a bit grumpy and reluctant for us to take his photo so we let him be as he moved along into the grass beyond.

Really stupid things I used to do to look cool before I decided to not be a dickhead and instead refuse single-use plastics.

Up until a year ago, I didn’t think twice about grabbing a takeaway coffee, or watching a bar tender slide a straw into my drink, or filling up plastic shopping bags with other smaller plastic bags with food inside. 489 more words

Circular Economy