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ANU hackers built 'shadow ecosystem' to stay hidden for six weeks

Identity and amount of data exfiltrated still unknown.

The attacker that infiltrated the Australian National University’s enterprise systems built up a “shadow ecosystem” of compromised machines – physical and virtual – that allowed them to stay undetected for six weeks. 11 more words


The Flygskam Scam

In reading and thinking about my eco-anxiety, I’ve recently learned of a Swedish neologism that describes a new way of thinking about air travel: flygskam… 933 more words


My Plant To Love. Day 169

Indoor photo. Healthy green leaves mirrored with leaf loss and decay. Side lighting, diffused.

【IdeaHubs】蜂巢計算機 • Honeycomb

法國設計師Alexandre Touguet受蜂巢啟發,打造一個蜂巢型計算機「Honeycomb」。Honeycomb外形如一個四方盒,上面全是如蜂巢般佈局的六角形按鍵,其中各個數字鍵是平面,其餘的鍵都稍微凹下去,讓用家甚至憑手感也能分辨。
Obviously, the “Honeycomb” Calculator is inspired by honeycomb. Buzzes! French designer, Alexandre Touguet hopes to drive in the point that bees are the pillar of our ecosystem and need to be preserved. 6 more words


Barrows Goldeneye

The local ponds are chock full of common Goldeneye but a Barrows Goldeneye is a rare visitor. Photographed along Clear Creek in Denver, CO.

The leaf implies the seed.

Infinite possibilites as Cottonwood leaves swirl in the breeze with Cottonwood seeds. A visual demonstration of the circle of life.

Narara Marine National Park

The best time to visit Narara marine national park in Gujarat is in the early morning around 6 to 8 am as there is low tide in the morning. 276 more words