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Imagine the world on a different scale.
Would you be an ant walking in the photo above?
A giant walking the earth with mile long footsteps or an atom floating in space?

Save the Bees!

Not so long ago, I was inspired by the Sentimental Cynic blog when she wrote about saving bees. I’ve heard this many times, but before looking into it I didn’t fully understand the full meaning and consequences of losing bees from the planet. 534 more words


Phalarope's return

When the snow melts and the grass turns green the Wilsons Phalaropes return to grace the ponds along the roadsides outside of Walden, CO. These small birds are truly a favorite of mine.

The ultimate recyclers

Portrait of a lappet-faced vulture standing in the plains of the Maasai Mara.

Although these guys often get a bad rap, they play a crucial recycling role in ecosystems. 48 more words


Indian Forest Fires: Raging Climate Challenge or Untaming Human Aspirations

Over the past month I’ve been reading up news on the internet about raging forest fires. Highlighting spate of property losses, difficulty in ┬ádousing and damage to human habitation, these ravaging forest fires were reported both from distant foreign lands and closer home, in our wonderful hills. 847 more words

Climate Change