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More Mantids

We recently came across numerous mantids in a field of golden fall grasses near us. These Mantids dressed in gold were so well camouflaged they were hard to see at all. 43 more words


I think there is a reason this forest is so green.

Sniffing Snowberries

A young Black Bear using their extraordinary sense of smell takes some time stop and sniff the berries. Snowberries to be exact. He decided to pass  but snowberries are an important food source for many birds in winter. 8 more words

How much plastic waste is Australia actually producing?

We all know that plastic packaging, along with other forms of plastic, is contributing to large amounts of plastic waste that is resulting in heavily polluted oceans and overflowing landfills. 158 more words

Mountains: Canaries in the Coal Mine of Climate Change

Mountains are known for their diverse and complex ecosystems, which provide several services to humankind. Approximately one-tenth of total human population depends on mountains for their life support. 675 more words


Home on the range

A White tailed Doe making her way through the golden fall grasses. She does indeed look at home on the range.