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Bumble bee is now endangered......

Between the encroachment of development and the glyphosate and all the chemicals. The genetically modified plants it is a wonder we have any bees left. Big business wants it now, wants it bigger and wants farming corporatized,  so they don’t even think about what they are doing, or do they… 24 more words

Small Community Life

Along the Rio Grande

A Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep grazing in the Rio Grande Gorge in NM. These guys were reintroduced to the region around 10 years ago and seem to be doing very well. 20 more words

North American Badger: Taxidea taxus

Out on a hike amongst the fully blooming rabbit and sage brush we noticed numerous holes along the trail. Were they Marmot or perhaps Badger. Finally near the end of the hike the question was answered when we spotted this… 126 more words

BLM at it again......

The 11 western states with sagebrush-steppe habitat and sage grouse are: Oregon, Washington, California (northern), Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, North and South Dakota. 877 more words

Small Community Life

Lab-bred Corals

The more global climate change is acknowledged as a prominent issue, the more we fear for the survival of the ocean’s ‘rainforests of the sea’ – the coral reefs. 922 more words


The Uber-Rich: Tyranny or Revolution, Scum vs. Scum, The Cult of Trump

No totalitarian state has mastered propaganda better than the corporate state. Our press has replaced journalism with trivia, feel-good stories, jingoism and celebrity gossip. The banal and the absurd, delivered by cheery corporate courtiers, saturate the airwaves. 161 more words

Corporate Media

Etherparty to Partner with Capiche to Simplify the Distribution of Security Tokens

Canadian blockchain technology company Etherparty Smart Contracts,Inc partners with Capiche Capital Technologies Corporation, an legal tech provider of a web-based platform that simplifies the capital raising process while ensuring compliance. 35 more words