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EcoTax in S. Cruz (Madeira)

S. Cruz  Council on Madeira Island is working on a plan to install an EcoTax for tourists in their district, “to implement significant improvements in terms of the council’s territory and environment”. 28 more words


Death of Ecomouv

Alain Vidalies, the French state’s secretary of transport, has announced the cancellation of Ecomouv agreement, yesterday at the Senate. The termination of contract meant many financial penalties for the French state. 186 more words


If you own more than 2 homes....Eco tax!

For those top 2% of the world that owns multiple houses around the globe I vote you pay a 5% Eco tax on your electric bill. 86 more words

財爺,think out of the box啦!

財爺曾俊華發表千五字網誌,表示擔心支出增長持續高於收入增長,在出現結構性赤字後,儲備會急速遞減,債務會急促上升,因此社會關注政府能否承擔新增措施的開支,並非無的放矢 。





好了,財爺,你可以Think out of the box 嗎?


你有沒有想過徵收Tourist Tax呢?

Tourist Tax 徵收的方法有很多種,你可以透過增加離境稅、入境稅、酒店房租稅,你甚至可以用Ecotax的名義(環保稅)收稅。。。總之目的是讓我們的旅客在「享受」香港的同時,也可以多為香港的庫房作出貢獻。

其實,世界各地很多旅遊熱點已經對旅客徵收“Tourist Tax”。德國在2011年開始徵收air passenger tax,在機票的價錢上markup。當時他們德國的財爺Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble冒著給反對黨鬧爆的情況下推出(反對的聲音認為會影響旅遊業與整個德國經濟)。結果air passenger tax每一年為德國庫房帶來10億Euro的進賬。 33 more words


New tax scheme: 'Environmental fiscal reform'

PR from Basque research:

Environmental fiscal reform would improve the environment and reduce the informal economy

The effect that the introduction of environmental fiscal reform would have on an economic system has been the focus of study since the 1990s. 735 more words


France Ecotax demos - Puymorens reopens

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Autobahn Blockade - more Ecotax demos - winter tyres Finland

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Weather alerts: Amber severe weather alerts for high winds Baltic States and across the south, storms and high winds, particularly Italy. 357 more words

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