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Biodegradable? Sort of... Maybe... Compostable? Well, no. Welcome to Greenwashing.

It’s been a while – I apologise.  My family have been taken over by a virus of the most pernicious order.  The baby (well, toddler – I am in denial about her Growing Up) got infected and had to have antibiotics and I am feeling absurdly cheery considering the questionable state of my upper respiratory tract. 1,006 more words


February's eco-friendly products

It’s a new month so we are trialling a few new product in our house. Each product thus far has recieved light usage so can’t speak of anything conclusively. 293 more words


Ecover Washing Up Liquid

Ecover Washing Up Liquid

Camomile & Clementine | Lemon & Aloe Vera | Pomegranate & Fig

I came across Ecover washing up liquid a few months ago and thought I would give it a go. 120 more words

Product Reviews

My Transition to Green Living

After years of exploring and reading about green living, I finally decided to at least try to to gradually transition my household products to healthier options. 394 more words


Grocery Shopping #3

Oh my days.

Ok.  I went into a store.  It was a disaster.

Firstly, I forgot to take enough plastic bags.  WTAF.  And I had to put so much plastic crap in my trolley I practically lost the will to live.  565 more words


Laundry Detergent, Part 2: Green Stars Review of Biokleen

In the last post, I took a look at laundry detergent pods, concluding that they are a step backwards in terms of environmental impact. I believe that there are a few detergents that deserve a high Green Stars rating and that supporting one of these is a happy medium between the extremes of buying one of the bestselling brands (from P&G, Unilever, etc.) and making your own. 849 more words

Next Target?

Well, I am off to Lush tomorrow to get a bar of shampoo :)  I am unreasonably excited about this!  I am very disappointed with my funkysoap bar, it has no smell whatsoever any more and is running out really quickly.  320 more words