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10 Simple ways to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle

Maybe you’ve never really put much thought into it, maybe you didn’t think it was so easy, maybe you thought it would cost loads of money or maybe you just didn’t realize your current lifestyle was impacting our environment. 1,144 more words

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 The Big Spring Beach Clean 2017 – Head to your beaches!

Tuesday the 4th April
BBC Look North

Discussed the idea of ‘Design for Social Change’ and not much else as the interview seemed to be cut down (a lot)

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My Laundry Routine

It’s no secret that I love doing laundry, and I’ve even written about tips to making it more fun. Even though it can be a big chore on your to-do list each week, in my opinion there’s no better feeling than an empty hamper and a closet full of all your favorite clean clothes. 123 more words


Pelajari Cara Tercepat dan Termudah untuk Membuat ECOVER dalam 5 Menit yang bisa Melejitkan Penjualan Produk Anda

Pernahkah Anda mengalami ketika membuka halaman sebuah situs penawaran, lalu Anda perhatikan bahwa tampilan gambar dan eCovernya asal-asalan, lalu Anda langsung menutup halaman tersebut tanpa tertarik untuk melanjutkan hingga selesai? 102 more words