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Running batch jobs in Docker containers on AWS ECS that scales


We needed to find a solution that would allow us to run background processing jobs on ECS cluster in AWS. There were a lot of challenges related to scaling and logging infrastructure but we were able to find solutions for those. 2,834 more words


Service discovery for microservices with mu

mu is a tool that makes it simple and cost-efficient for developers to use AWS as the platform for running their microservices.  In this fourth post of the blog series focused on the mu tool, we will use mu to setup  1,559 more words

Continuous Delivery

ECS performance with vTM and Graylog

ECS is usually used with a Load Balancer. Because a load balancer is placed in-band and controls all incoming and outgoing traffic, it can be used to collect performance data and transfer it to external log analyzer for further visualization and alert. 786 more words


S3 multipart upload

Multipart upload allows uploading large objects in parts. This post reveals how that feature works. Primitive s3curl is used to test S3 APIs. 2,039 more words


ECS Explorer: AWS containers without the stress

If you’ve ever used Amazon’s AWS console you’ll know that it could do with some improvement. It’s easy to get lost in the myriad menus and there are many annoying bugs. 350 more words

BTO vs EC vs Resale - Which is the better money maker

(Source: www.99.co)

A lot of Singaporeans think of their house as a retirement plan. Come the age of 65, when we walk out of the office for the last time, we’ll need some sort of income. 774 more words

Money Matters

Limit ECS operations with vTM rules

Sometimes we need very granular level of control on what ECS REST APIs are allowed to be requested. We can do that using rules on Brocade vTM Load Balancers. 648 more words