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Containerized CI Solutions in AWS - Part 1: Jenkins in ECS

In this first post of a series exploring containerized CI solutions, I’m going to be addressing the CI tool with the largest market share in the space: Jenkins. 1,663 more words


How Cannabinoids Affect Stress Response

A growing body of research shows that a human’s Endocannabinoid System may hold many keys for how cannabinoids, found predominately in cannabis or hemp, can affect health. 155 more words

That's Natural

Professor Raphael Mechoulam’s Contribution to Cannabinoids in Medicine

Hemp and/or cannabis is not a new plant on the world stage.  For thousands of years, cannabis has been used for a variety of applications.  It is only in this century that the United States had made access to this plant so difficult.  260 more words

That's Natural

ECS Live Pro Mini PC Review

Believe of mini PCs and among the top brands that comes to mind would be ECS. This year, the brand has upgraded the ECLIVA collection with the ECS Live Pro Read more

Model tuning

Came across a very interesting paper on the art and science of climate model tuning. Based on the comments here, it appears that some are interpreting this as confirming their claims that climate models are tuned to give preferred results. 567 more words

Climate Change

Full-depth OHC

Since my holiday is now over, I thought I might briefly comment on a recent paper by Cheng et al., called Observed and simulated full-depth ocean heat-content… 448 more words

Climate Change