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Takeaways from QCon London 2017 – Day 2

Now for day 2. If you haven’t caught up with Day 1 check it out here.

The Talks

  1. Deliver Docker Container Continuously in AWS…
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Professional Development & Professional Learning

As a professional Early Childhood Educator, I consider it my responsibility to continually strive to improve and educate myself on how to contribute my best and positively reflect on my field. 410 more words

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Matt Ridley responds to Tim Palmer

I came across a response, by Matt Ridley, to Tim Palmer’s talk. I’ve posted Matt Ridley’s response below. One interesting aspect of his response is that it is written as if he is someone with the expertise to actually debate the science. 566 more words

Climate Change

Black Jack is still at large

As you may have read before, Wizards of Unica started as a 7 Day Rogue-Like in 2014. This year, to test how my skills developed, I participated in the yearly 7DRL Challenge. 1,283 more words


Windhill City Keeps Expanding

Windhill City continues to expand on several levels, yet has not opened to the public. The metropolis has received several awards for urban design, yet new designers are frustrated by the exclusion. 18 more words

Human Interest

Using digital technology with young children

Digital technology is everywhere these days, in schools, in childcare settings, and especially at home. Laptops, cell phones, tablets are part of everyday life and made easily accessible to children. 520 more words

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Catastrophe, hoax, or just "Lukewarm"?

I thought I would post this video of a talk given by Tim Palmer. The basic message is that climate change is neither a hoax, going to be catastrophic, or going to be benign (Lukewarm). 250 more words

Climate Change