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Yes Body Type !    Ever heard about this term ?

So , Let me tell you  . 113 more words


Mass Building For Hard Gainers

By Todd Lee M.D.

Before we get started lets define skinny. Skinny means “Skin and bones”. Not to be confused with lean, which means low body fat. 1,368 more words

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An Open Letter to the Ectomorph Me

Howdy Ectomorph Me,

How are you? Well, it isn’t a question really because I know what you are feeling.

You got envy by other’s physicality. Most of the time, people think you are anorexic. 142 more words


Here we go!! 😁

Anybody out there? Probably not…. Seeing as this is my first blog post EVER 😮 but that’s okay. Gotta start somewhere 😃 Soooo my name is ectoscholar. 309 more words


Chapter One: The Building of a Synchronized Swimmer

“Can you imagine running for up to five minutes while performing acrobatics, holding your breath, looking graceful and having to keep in time to the music or your fellow athletes? 1,964 more words

Ectomorph, Endomorph, or Mesomorph

Oftentimes I am asked what diet and exercise plans I recommend or how to lose 30 pounds. You would think since I’m a certified personal trainer and an exercise physiology major, I would have an immediate answer, but unfortunately, and fortunately, I do not. 277 more words



I am the unknown hardgainer, I’m going under this alias as I’m not seeking fame or fortune, I’m just your typical guy, who is basically the definition of hardgainer, bringing my story to all you other hardgainers who I bet for years have done every workout plan known to man, spent thousands of dollars on supplements, and still have next to no progress. 3,863 more words