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Q: I know that you don’t need me to write anything here, but I figured that I would give you some positive feedback while requesting your… 443 more words


Fiber Type Training

Q: I have just read your excellent Wingspan Workouts article on Bodybuilding.com.

How many times per week would you recommend using any one of these four back workouts? 454 more words


Cardio or No Cardio?

Q: Hello, I’m a 34 (soon to be 35) year old looking to gain muscle and weight. Although I eat a lot, (at least I think I do) I’ve been at 145-150 lbs for as long as I can remember. 553 more words


Controlled Overtraining to Jumpstart Muscle Growth

Q: “I have a question regarding the ‘Controlled Overtraining’ strategy you presented in the 5 battle-tested strategies article. I was wondering what type of split I should use during the decompression phase (5X5, 5 body parts)? 498 more words

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Olympic Lifts for the Ectomorph

Q: Trying to find your routine on Olympic lifts, 3×3 routine from about two years ago… Can you send me the link to it? 

Thanks,  595 more words


Communicative style👗

Hello everyone, style conscious and unconscious people😊.
I am Mo’ and I’m here to make you look the part.

It is with great pains that I admit that not many people believe that appearance has anything to do with intellect.😢 452 more words

Communicators League

Power Flow you Endomorph!

I was 20 when I moved in with my, now, husband. He is an ectomorph body type, which means he is skinny despite his diet (bastard). 608 more words

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