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Ectomorphs Monday

Ectomorphs, I hope you haven’t forgotten what your Monday means ? If you have, read your “Ectomorphs weekly workout plan“. So yes, your Monday means working on your: … 239 more words


How Your Body Type Effects Your Mental Health

Have a bad start to your morning because your clothes don’t fit like they did a few months ago? Whether we like it or not, there is evidence suggesting that the physical shape of a man or woman corresponds to his or her personality and emotions. 351 more words


Endomorph's Gaining Nutrition & Workout Plan

Endomorphs are fast gainers and hard cutters.
Their slow metabolism leads to fast gaining so they need to watch over their carbs and fats.

Nutrition: 142 more words


Mesomorph's Gaining Nutrition & Workout Plan

Mesomorphs are genetically blessed guys – easy to gain, easy to loose.
Their body’s respond to nutrition and workout quickly.


5 simple nutrition tips that every mesomorph should follow: 123 more words


Ectomorph's Gaining Nutrition and Workout Plan

In my last blog, we discussed different types of body types and their characteristics.
In this post, we will discuss about an Ectomorph’s nutrition and workout plan. 402 more words


Ectomorphs legs & abs workout

This leg and abs workout will work on the major muscle groups of your legs: quadriceps, gluteal group, adductors, hamstrings, gastrocnemius; and on your abdominal muscles. 315 more words


Word of the Day: Ectomorph

  • ˈektəˌmôrf
  • noun: ectomorph; plural noun: ectomorphs
  • a person with a lean and delicate body build.
  • 1940s: ecto- from ectodermal (being the layer of the embryo giving rise to physical characteristics that predominate) + -morph.