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Power Flow you Endomorph!

I was 20 when I moved in with my, now, husband. He is an ectomorph body type, which means he is skinny despite his diet (bastard). 608 more words

Weight Loss

What body type are you?




  • Small joints
  • Skinny appearance
  • Hyperactive
  • Fast metabolism
  • Can eat whatever they want
  • Get full easily
  • Small chest and buttocks…
  • 275 more words

Friday Night Tune: Ectomorph - The Haunting

Anyone who has been reading this blog from the early days is probably aware of my shifting tastes and interests. As time has gone by I’ve fallen in love with some things and out of love with others – a fairly unplanned state of affairs which has in its own way provided an interesting document of not only where my head has been at over the last couple of years, but also where it’s going. 691 more words

Friday Night Tune

Which of the 3 Muscle Builders Are You?

There are 3 body types that most people fall into (some have portions of more than one), but do they really help optimize your workout? The answer is yes but is not necessary. 526 more words

Do You Know Your Body Type?

I understand that it’s out of the ordinary to take advice from a site called Milk & Weed but this is what we’re here to do. 910 more words

• Pompeii •

• Vacation Did Me Wrong •

I returned today from a weeklong vacation that began with a dear friend’s wedding, travelled its way up to Austin, MN for a night with an awesomesauce cousin, then up to Howard Lake, MN, and finally stopping in Minneapolis, MN for a night of gay clubs and fantastic dinner with friends. 980 more words

Body Image

Endomorph, Ectomorph and Mesomorph

Body types and how they effect weight loss

So in my about me post I made a reference to an endomorph and many of you are probably thinking, “ 881 more words