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Which Body Type Are You?

As a guy I have often heard women describe themselves in different body shapes, figures, and types and I have remained clueless on what these terms mean. 620 more words

Workout Tips

Every BODY Is Different.

Every BODY is unique. It is important to love your body no matter what it looks like. Learning how to train for your body will help optimize your weight and helps to reach fitness goals quickly. 15 more words


My Hips Don’t Lie Either Shakira!

It’s no secret that I’m on speed dial with the Big Guy upstairs – I actually blogged about a recent tête-à-tête in my last post. We talk about all sorts of things – sometimes I praise Him, thank Him, or just give Him a two-thumbs up whenever I’m in awe of one of the kagillion amazing things He’s created. 992 more words

Obsession with muscle & body fat, do I need it?

When I first hit the gym 4 years ago I weighted in at 55kg morning weight at 5’9. I was clearly underweight and I was purely obsessed with wanting to gain muscle at this time and didn’t really care about body fat. 478 more words

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