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Manakah yang lebih susah? Menurunkan berat badan atau menaikkannya? Sebelumnya ada 3 jenis tubuh manusia yang perlu diketahui.

  1. Ectomorph : tubuhnya kurus dan susah sekali menaikkan berat badan walaupun sudah makan banyak.
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What Body Type Are You?

Did you know that there are three main body types – ectomorphs, mesomorphs, and endomorphs? You want to determine your body type so you can tailor your workouts and diet according to what you are. 695 more words


Workout Routine Weekly Summary I

Here was my workout routine for the past week. I’ll use my numbers as an example in a few. Workout with someone so they can spot you! 745 more words


QUICK TIP: Journaling Progress

One of the single most important aspects of my training has been journaling my progress. Ever see people at the gym with a little notepad and a pen after every lift? 276 more words


Leg Day(Power)

As my routines are anchored by the big four and it’s leg day, I started out with Front Squats as my upfront movement. I warmed up to my working sets, sets of 3 and ascended in weight as I progressed through the squat portion of my session: 179 more words


Blue Collar workers and Bodybuilding/Strength Training

I’ve been training consistently for about 3 years now while working a blue-collar job (at UPS for 6+ years) and it hasn’t been easy at all. 605 more words


How To Put On Quality Weight as an Ectomorph

Before I go into the “how to” on how to put on quality weight as an ectomorph, I want to talk about what an ectomorph is. 1,851 more words