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Being an Ectomorph

This is ALL MY OPINION. I do not meant to offend anyone.I don’t necessarily hate having this body type, but I don’t like it either. A ectomorph is a person who is typically skinny with a fast metabolism but has a hard time gaining both fat and muscles. 103 more words

Why you're not seeing results

For the longest, society has instructed and advised us to have a healthy life. A diet full of lean meats, fruits, vegetables, and avoid all processed foods. 257 more words


Train according to your body type / Entraînez-vous en fonction de votre morphotype

Ever heard about body types ?

While some people say this does not really exist, some correspondance can be found in Ayurveda, which is an ancient form of medicine from India. 1,321 more words


Ectomorph Blues

My program from Next Generation Personal Training is now three weeks underway. It’s funny for me to admit this but the scariest part is not the workouts or the personal training session.  948 more words



Wall Flower, few overlooked this clothing style due to it’s simplicity, Polo Shirts underneath a cozy Kitted Pullover, This is the common look for Yuppies or even students coz all the ensembles are already available, all you need is a good Pullover(aka Sweatshirt et al) that supports the image you want to project. 389 more words