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Chapter Twenty-Four Flashback #2

Finally, calm Meritt heard the words: “I have to ask, how did you know the answer to the last question Meritt?”

“I just felt this fury, and it took over.” Not wrong, not exactly right either. 422 more words


Chapter Twenty-Three The Principal's Office

The class looked on in shock. No one knew the answer, how could they? They had lost the memories of their past lives, and few had even regained one back. 1,284 more words


Chapter Four-A Discussion on Change

“This is troubling,” Ector said.

“I agree, she was ready too fast, ran too quickly, and in awe of the world,” Kay replied.

“I think she packed a survival bag.” His mother added. 743 more words


Chapter Two-Arrival

Gasping, Meritt jolted up with a start. The movie posters and the red walls made it evident that the spell had succeeded. She quickly began to recall last night’s meeting and knew what she had to do. 1,284 more words