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The Sword in the Stone, A Destiny Revealed. Part 2

That night in the kitchen, a despondent Wart (with a different voice artist) sits in silence as Merlin reappears; who has the good grace to apologise to Wart for being fired as Kay’s Squire, even if Merlin thinks it’s pointless as he assures Wart that education will help him. 1,733 more words

The Sword in the Stone: Finding a Destiny in a Crapsack World, Part 1

The Sword in the Stone
Director: Wolfgang Reitherman
Year: 1963

Opening up like a typical Disney Princess Storybook setting, we hear the narration in rhyme tell us all that the King has died, (never named so let’s just call him Uther Pendragon) and because he apparently died without issue, no one can figure out who the new King should be. 2,224 more words