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Engine loom II

Another blog I read remarked that he had not got as much done, over the weekend as hoped for because  “had to spend some squirrel time with the wife ( ooh look at that squirrel ect ect )” which made me smile.   180 more words


Learning Portfolio Week 3: Performance Load

Performance Load:

Performance load measures the cognitive and kinetic activity needed to complete a task or goal. The effectiveness of how successfully a task will be completed is determined by how high or low the performance load is.  952 more words


Abby Williams | ECU Class of 2015 | NC Senior Photographer

Abby was my second of two college seniors that I had booked back to back. Of course she wanted to do her photos on East Carolina University’s beautiful campus. 118 more words


RESTU - Restu's an Engine for Synthetic Thespian Units


Ah… jadi teringat. Ada kenangan berharga yang belum sempat terdokumentasikan di blog ini. Kenangan beberapa tahun lalu ketika ber-thesis ria dengan rekan-rekan yang sangat luar biasa semangatnya hingga jadilah produk purwarupa ( 137 more words


Bristol, baseball & blogging

I’ve been up to a lot the past month and it feels like things are beginning to slow down, well kinda. {Ask me on June 8th.} … 422 more words


May 8, 2015

Well day two here we go…I’ve been keeping up with this pretty well so far. (I mean its only been two days but I usually give up on stuff before this so give me credit.) Today I hung out with some friends, and even one who I hadn’t seen in quite a while because she decided to go to ECU instead of joining us at UNCC, at Dunkin Donuts. 285 more words

See You Tomorrow


So there isn’t a section about classes and school work so ill do a small blurb here about it. The schedule is diffrent then highschool some are longer some are shorter. 666 more words