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Ecuador — Guayaquil: Lighthouse of Santa Ana Hill

On our first day in Guayaquil, Ursula and I didn’t just hoof it around. We also took a Hop-on/Hop-off. While on that bus we passed this lighthouse atop a very tall hill: 219 more words


Seeing the other Ecuador

After my Brasilian visa expired in 2014, I cut the umbelical cord and set out for Ecuador, finding a surprising side of a beautiful country. 949 more words


Culture shock in Ecuador... the culture of yes

After a long talk with a friend of mine, an American who is living in Ecuador, I realized I was not the only person struggling with some habits of the country… the culture of sí ( 546 more words

Living Abroad

Conociendo al Rival: Galácticos FC

Galácticos FC es el nombre del equipo al que la Jaiba Brava enfrentará en su segunda prueba de pretemporada  rumbo al Torneo de Apertura 2017. Un plantel que milita en la Segunda División del fútbol ecuatoriano. 293 more words


A Post In Three Parts

Living as missionaries in Ecuador, we often forget that what may be a common experience for us now might be somewhat of an adventure for you. 549 more words

God Doesn't Speak English

2 weeks ago, I had a blank passport filled with nothing but my signature and an unflattering headshot.

2 weeks ago, I was running around town gathering last minute details for an adventure I knew very little about. 1,016 more words



I opened up my laptop to write this blog post this evening, and was startled to look at the battery indicator. 34%. With how busy the Peace Corps training schedule keeps me, I rarely use my laptop – I realized I haven’t charged it once since I left Seattle, a month ago. 1,267 more words