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Where Are We Headed?

So many unknowns lying
ahead so many choices
to be made based on so
many decisions or mistakes of
the past.

Where is Puerto Rico going? 154 more words


The wind comb

If you have never had the chance to experience the wind comb, I hope you do one day.  If you have never experienced the wind comb, you are probably wondering what I am talking about. 742 more words


A reflection on what it means to be adopted into an Ecuadorian family

Ok.  A small disclaimer.  I have never had a host family before.  And I have to admit, it was one of the things I was most worried about in terms of my Peace Corps service.   1,078 more words


Photographs of Expedition to Ecuador

In January and February 2016 I traveled to Ecuador to volunteer at a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre called Merazonia.  Located near Mera, Ecuador, one of the country’s gateways to the Oriente – its Amazon region – the experience gave me the opportunity to witness the central Andean highlands as well as the tropical cloud forests at their base.   26 more words

Morgan to Provide Disaster Relief for Ecuador

Written by Cameron Sheehan|
Contributions by Willow Pender |
Photo via  Jessica Green and The Morgan PawPrint staff

There are at least eleven students in the Morgan School that are from… 244 more words

Our Morgan

A Sentry’s Thoughts

It is 2am and I am alone on the 4th story rooftop of our condo at Playa del Sol doing guard duty until dawn. The stars are brilliant, the air cooled by a gentle off-shore breeze and I am granted lone witness to the soft glow of a crescent moon leisurely peaking above the cliff’s edge. 217 more words

Parque La Carolina: Quito, Ecuador

Dear Cosmopolitan Cities of the World, 

Your public parks suck.



Okay. That may be a little harsh. Lot’s of cities have plenty of very nice parks. 430 more words