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Fernandina, the island that sits in the middle of the Galápagos hot spot

Fernandina is the third largest of the Galápagos Islands and first appeared on maps (under the name of Narborough Island) in 1684. It sits in the middle of the hot spot that created the Galápagos Islands and is most famous for its continuing series of volcanic eruptions; most recently the eruptions of May 2005 and April 2009.  25 more words


From Guayaquil to Cuenca

Off I go by mini van. 12USD for the approx 3.5 hour journey to Cuenca. The journey is quick and pleasant, although we drive through massive fog. 92 more words


Pre-Departure to Quito, Ecuador

Hey everyone! Thanks for coming to read about my experience of studying abroad in Quito, Ecuador. In just one week I’ll be in Quito, a week before my courses start on the 21st. 334 more words


Chimborazo: The Highest Point on Earth

Contrary to popular belief, the world is not a perfect sphere. In fact the equator bulges out further due to the uneven shape of the planet. 674 more words


Guayaquil stopover

I was not sure whether to continue directly to Cuenca or to integrate a one night stop in Ecuador’s largest city Guayaquil (2.69 mio). Curiosity (of course) won, so I stayed overnight. 132 more words


“Ecuador — The Devil’s Nose; Out and about Sibambe Station and the return

Upon our arrival we were greeted by some local dancers, who managed to put on quite the show:

Steps lead above the station to a lookout and… 87 more words