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Transition to the Nomadic

As we packed up all of our material possessions the tensions of being homeless started to unpack, in subtle curious ways. Transition is always a bitter sweet time in life, as you say good bye to people and places that have impacted your life and look forward in hope to new people and memories. 401 more words

Trip Preparations

Benefits of Traveling

Traveling positively influences your life. Doing something different than your daily routine at home gives you the opportunity to not worry about the “issues” back home and it can give you a better view of who you are and what you want in life. 223 more words

Montanita, Ecuador

In contrast to Canoa, Montanita is about is unauthentic is it comes. Ecuador’s answer to Magaluf. Brimming with gringos or South American party people, the town was heaving at all hours. 163 more words


The yin and yang of packing

Yin and yang represent two forces in the universe: passive negative, and active positive. People use the terms more commonly to express opposite ends. As we prepare for the move and pack our goods, the concept of yin and yang is ever-present. 1,012 more words


A Long, Slow, Good-Bye

I seemed to have picked up a little in pace lately; as I am writing this I’m lying in a hammock in San Augustín, Colombia. And as you are reading this I might be even further up, as my laptop decided to play the drama-queen. 2,884 more words


I Played A Volleyball Game Behind A Prison In Rural South America That Almost Cost Me 500 Dollars

A huge part my Peace Corps experience was learning how go entire weeks at a time with absolutely no expectations of doing anything at all. Before my wife and I got shipped off to Ecuador in 2009, I pictured myself hard at work, building things, educating people, everything you’d imagine when you think of overseas volunteer work. 1,809 more words

CELAC emite Declaración de Quito, sobre el problema mundial de las drogas

Al finalizar la II Reunión Ministerial de la Comunidad de Estados Latinoamericanos y del Caribe (CELAC) que se realizó en Quito, Ecuador, sobre el problema mundial de las drogas, los países miembros emitieron una declaración en la que resaltan la necesidad de contribuir al fortalecimiento de las instancias de la región latinoamericana en materia de estupefacientes y sustancias psicotrópicas. 1,517 more words