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We'll always be together in electric dreams

I’m in love. With a bike. Sadly not the bike I currently have. Let me present to you the object of my affections, an electric bike called A2B. 426 more words


3 Simple Reasons Being Green Will Make Your Life Better

Being green doesn’t always mean living on a commune and refusing to eat meat. Small, simple changes can make a big difference in the world and in your life. 484 more words


A Short Infographic: E-Waste Kills

Exactly how bad is E-Waste? Decide for yourself. Here is a short infographic that shows some of the results of electronic dumping.


Living In E-waste

A video made by Kevin McElvaney depicts what it is like to live alongside electronic waste that is imported from other countries to Africa. The conditions in this area are less than desirable to say the least, and we hope our followers get a glimpse at how important it is to properly dispose of electronics to avoid contributing to situations like the one seen in this video


What Happens when your Hardware Disposal Vendor Changes?

What happens when your hardware disposal vendor changes

The hardware disposal industry today

The only thing constant is change – isn’t that the truth!  The hardware disposal industry is rapidly changing and growing.  355 more words

Computer Recycling

Are IT Asset Disposition Companies Keeping Component Values a Secret?

Servers are the primary hardware assets driving business today.

You see them everyday, businesses trying hard to get you to try their services. Buyback programs, IT asset disposition, asset recovery, computer liquidation, hardware, asset management, reverse logistics, and server demanufacturing businesses hide the actual buying prices they will pay you. 588 more words

Computer Recycling

Juan Villatoro // eCycle Security

Remember those clunky monitors that used to be so cool? Come on, don’t be embarrassed to admit that you once thought you were the bee’s knees with your massive, 5,000 pound computer. 752 more words

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