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Post 11: In Which There Is No Photograph

A picture is worth it only after you’ve experienced it. I’ve come to this conclusion several times in several ways. The first time I recorded these thoughts was in June 2014 after… 828 more words



Virtues of Travel: Part 4

For my own part I am pleased enough with surfaces– in fact they alone seem to me to be of much importance. 323 more words


Hayduke Lives!

I was inspired yesterday by a friend on Facebook who tagged me in a post that read: “Hayduke Lives.” A tagline from the “Monkeywrench Gang” by Ed Abbey, which is held in high reverence by a lot of folks in the desert southwest. 164 more words


Ed Abbey's Tower

One of Ed Abbey’s fire towers is still standing in northern Arizona.

I recently walked there. It is not hard to find, if one has read Abbey past Desert Solitaire and has a map of the Grand Canyon. 781 more words


Environmentalism under attack – by order of the government

The Canada Revenue Agency is auditing some of Canada’s most prominent environmental groups to see if they comply with guidelines restricting political advocacy. Charities can use a maximum of 10% of their resources for political activity. 397 more words


Katie Lee, Angel of the Canyons, and Singer

Katie Lee, born in Tucson in 1919, is an Arizona folk singer, writer, actress and photographer.  We were lucky enough to hear her sing, in a little cafe, here in… 491 more words

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