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My Muezzin

We are the muezzins of the desert crying out like mockers from memory’s violet towers. ~Natalie Diaz

My muezzin’s call lives in the writings of Edward Abbey, in words at once haunting & enlightening & inspiring & grounding, words pulling my┬ámind to the sacred desert. 186 more words


Daily Dose of Immortality

The tragic-heroic trajectory for this story would be (1) obedient child raised by religious parents, (2) mission, (3) education (BYU), (4) marriage (temple), (5) family (in the LDS mold), (6) growing doubts, (7) shock at the death of an errant brother, (8) brilliant recognition that the religion is deeply flawed and harmful to its adherents, (9) courageous breakaway. 23 more words