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Pioneer/Executive #12, Ed Barrow

Perhaps you’ve heard the claim that the average American will have seven careers in his or her lifetime. I know I have. And in 2010, a… 419 more words


Things I Learned on the Way to Looking Up Other Things: Predictions


Ed Barrow, general manager of the New York Yankees, was sure of one thing in 1930, and according to Joe Williams of The New York Telegram… 470 more words

Pioneer/Executive #11, Jacob Ruppert

Many baseball novices and experts alike, if asked to name the most important player in baseball history, would very quickly say Babe Ruth. The greatest player in history is pretty clearly Babe Ruth. 366 more words


1920 Election Results

In baseball, 0-3 isn’t good. But it’s not so bad either. If you homer in your next at-bat, that gives you a line of .250/.250/1.000. And today that could be worth about $40 million per season. 583 more words


1920 Manager Candidates

We’re two elections into the first phase of our project, and we’ve elected exactly nobody, though five players from the first two elections will reach our second phase. 309 more words