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There's no escaping the tragedy in The Wire's penultimate episode - S5E09 'Late Editions'

With George Pelecanos on writing duties once again for our penultimate episode of Season 5 and the show as a whole, you’d better know that there’s no shame in holding onto grief because┬áthere’s a lot of it to be had here! 144 more words

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Books everyone should read: The Corner

The Maryland city of Baltimore was already being hit hard by deindustrialisation when heroin began flooding the streets in the 1970s. By the early 1990s it had the highest level of intravenous drug use in America. 1,035 more words


Just when you think you know the hero of the story... S5E08 'Clarifications'

Who’d have thought it would end up like this? Well, that depends on how well you’ve been paying attention…

McNulty’s stories are starting to come apart as more and more people learn of the deception. 56 more words

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S5E07 'Took' is out - just 3 episodes to go now!

McNulty just might be starting to regret his little escapade, even if it’s doing some good for the beleaguered police department. Meanwhile Clay Davis claims the accusations of his wrong doings are actually doing good as well. 26 more words

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This week we focus on 'The Dickensian Aspect'

Apologies again for being a little later than planned, it’s time for S5E06. Lester’s epigraph says it all. Just how much further will McNulty go before Marlo is in bracelets? 34 more words

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We're back! Let's leap (at least 3 storeys) into S5E05 'React Quotes'

After a slightly extended Christmas and New Year break we’re feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the remainder of the show – just the second half of Season 5 to go now! 38 more words

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Times they are a changing (sort of) - S5E04 'Transitions'

Out with old and in with the new? Yes and no. This week we’re looking at some shakeups in leadership and, just maybe, attitudes as well. 88 more words

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