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Election Day has arrived! S4E06 released.

It’s time to cast your votes – will the best man win? There are many that champion this episode as one of the best in the whole show (we certainly think so), get ready for a packed episode that we’ve been looking forward to sharing.


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Sometime you've got to make friends, no matter how unsavoury they might be - join us for S4E05 'Alliances'

We were fortunate enough to be featured on The Wire subreddit the other day – so hello to you if you’ve joined us via there! We’ve just reached our pre-election episode and friendships are being made and broken all over the place. 9 more words

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We take a look at those seeking refuge in S4E04

It’s time for another episode! Thanks again for joining us.

In other news – anybody spot Idris Elba in the trailer for Beasts of No Nation? 11 more words

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An Old Show, Some New Shows and Libraries

A few things have pinged for me this long holiday weekend. The Decades channel is running a Bob Newhart Show marathon, my childhood library building has been saved from potential demolition and my youngest brother came to town with his growing family! 714 more words

'Public Morals' Binge Alert: First Season Available For TNT Subscribers Over Labor Day Weekend

Binge-hungry Public Morals fans will have plenty to munch on this Labor Day weekend. TNT is making available the entire first season on-demand for subscribers beginning at noon Saturday through Monday evening. 261 more words

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Time to go back to school - S4E03 is out

You may have noticed that we’ve managed to avoid the lengthy episodes of Seasons 2 and 3 – we didn’t want the podcast to get overly long or rambly and have taken steps to keep things detailed, but also concise. 57 more words

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Doing it in 12 Days – INDEPENDENT ED by Edward Burns (2015)

by Roger Leatherwood

Insider accounts of the independent filmmaking scene, particularly the heyday from ’80s to the ’90s during the Sundance and Miramax era, were a publishing rage for a short while. 1,469 more words