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How Adoption in America Has Changed Over 60 Years

When Linda Joy Young was adopted in 1950 by Bernice and Robert Linville (“Lindy”) Young in Pasadena, Calif., LIFE magazine reported that while a million couples sought to adopt a child, only 75,000 babies were in need of a home. 537 more words

If France is right to bomb ISIL, is Canada wrong? And other reasons to fear for humanity

1. If France is right to bomb ISIL, is Canada wrong?

If it’s wrong for Canada to drop bombs on Syria, as the Liberals contend, is it right for France? 596 more words

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Kelly McParland: Ontario Liberals are peddling Hydro One for the equivalent of a payday loan

Government documents can often make dull reading, couched in the near-impenetrable bureaucratese in which public servants specialize. Thursday’s report by independent budget watchdog Stephen LeClair was a welcome exception – welcome to everyone except Premier Kathleen Wynne’s government, that is. 937 more words

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Bilderberg Front Ed Clark Behind the Hiest of Ontario's Hydro One Electrical Utility

October 29, 2015

Toronto Star

Richard J. Brennan, Robert Benzie.

But LeClair  (Ontario “financial accountability officer”) warned the move would increase the provincial debt by reducing revenue. 80 more words

Reevely: Hydro One sale to cost hundreds of millions, watchdog warns

Selling a majority stake in Hydro One means bringing in billions of dollars now but giving up hundreds of millions a year forever, says a new report from the province’s Financial Accountability Office. 768 more words


The Wynning Way: The Premier can’t handle a two-out fly ball

By Gerry Barker

Posted October 1, 2015

Guelph, Ontario – There are two developments that have occurred under the Wynne watch at Queen’s Park. Both are self-inflicted by a premier who doesn’t seem to grasp that you cannot continue to spend tax dollars that you don’t have. 943 more words

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Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders - Progress?

Back in 1980 there was also a junior varsity table at the presidential debates, not within the GOP primary, but for the “third” parties.  Barry Commoner, presidential candidate for the Citizens’ Party (precursor to the Greens), debated Ed Clark, the Libertarian. 310 more words