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Senate Blocks Confirmation of Mel Watt- 97 California Orgs Likely Disappointed in Today's Vote

The Wall Street Journal reports that Mel Watt’s confirmation to lead the FHFA was blocked by Republican Senators today.

This vote was important because of the considerable market space occupied by Fannie and Freddie (overseen by FHFA), and the current director’s stance against helping homeowners. 39 more words

California Reinvestment Coalition News

Action Taken Against Federal Housing Finance Agency Director Ed DeMarco



The Obama Administration is being pressured to fire the acting director of the Federal Housing and Finance Agency Ed DeMarco who oversees Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the government-sponsored enterprises at the forefront of the housing foreclosure crisis. 348 more words

Wednesday News Links and General Repartee

The day before Turkey Day across the US. As all of you board your flights, pack your cars, and ride your bikes (hey, hipsters could be riding home to Thanksgiving!), take a look at these quick links: 332 more words

Daily Repartee

Paul Ryan's Budget and What It Means for Affordable Housing

Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney has named Assemblyman Paul Ryan (Wisconsin) to be his running mate. You may remember the Assemblyman Ryan from our first episode of the sadly short lived Surreal Estate News. 562 more words


Obama Should Do The Right Thing, Even If It's For The Wrong Reason

When was the last time the Left felt all warm & fuzzy about something Obama did on the economic front? Maybe when he used a recess appointment to place Richard Cordray at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and finally got that up and running for the American people? 380 more words


DeMarco, Bernanke and Draghi protect unemployment and recession

This has not been a good week for economic policy news.

On Tuesday nearly every economics resource I read was condemning Ed DeMarco for refusing to consider principle reductions for home owners. 549 more words


MF Global Trustee Says Customers Will Be Made Whole; Credit Suisse Dealmaker Goes to Work for Emanuel: Roundup

Trustee says: MF Global Holdings trustee Louis Freeh told the Senate Agriculture Committee that customers of the failed commodities broker will eventually be made whole… 356 more words

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