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Enemy At The Gates (2001)

When a young Russian soldier is held up as a heroic example to the besieged citizens of Stalingrad during WWII, the Nazis send their top marksman to kill him and quell their rising hope. 191 more words


Snowpiercer (2013)

Toilet Review: You ready to learn all about snow from an Inuit cleaning woman?

“Snowpiercer” is an odd movie. It has all the hallmarks of an excellent dystopian science fiction piece but just doesn’t seem to land quite right. 450 more words


State of Grace (1990) cue - Ennio Morricone

May 1st is around the corner. Well, it’s actually here. 5 months into 2016 already. Damn. Time flies.

I came across “State of Grace… 260 more words

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The Adderall Diaries – Movie Review

You’ll need to take Adderall just to stay focused in this poorly constructed dark drama/thriller.

Stephen Elliott is many things, an author, a recovering addict, a kink, and a self-loathing yet highly selfish liar. 719 more words

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It’s hard to see a film that’s been made from a book that you really loved because it’s such a different experience. – Ed Harris http://ift.tt/26ngMLM

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REVIEW: The Adderall Diaries

If there were some prize to honor the busiest movies of the year, Pamela Romanowsky’s “The Adderall Diaries” would definitely be an early contender. 202 more words

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"The Adderall Diaries"



James Franco is the new generation’s Nicolas Cage. Even if a movie isn’t great, you can bet it will at least be interesting if Franco is attached. 825 more words

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