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Kodachrome, un road movie salvateur et émouvant signé Netflix

Deuxième film du canadien Mark Raso, après Copenhagen en 2014, et présenté au festival de Toronto en 2017, Kodachrome dépeint le portrait de Matt Ryder, un jeune agent de maison de disque au bord du gouffre. 584 more words


Netflix Review: They Don't Make Movies Like Kodachrome Anymore, But Maybe There's a Good Reason for That

A beaten down record company A&R man makes one last stand. As his admiring love interest and sickly father look on, he faces down the band he absolutely must sign to keep his job. 942 more words

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Tuesday's Reviews - Kodachrome (2017)

 I’ve been seeing adverts for this Netflix original film all over Instagram for the past few days and I’ve been completely drawn in. There was so much about this that I figured I would enjoy that I just couldn’t wait to see it. 931 more words


Westworld (S02E01): "Journey Into Night"


After a very long and arduous wait, those violent delights have made their return.

While Westworld’s first season’s finale wrapped up quite a bit, it did leave some tantalizing threads for the second season to explore. 1,131 more words

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Escaping Kodachrome's Obvious Flaws

Stating (I think the more appropriate word is “confessing”) that I like Kodachrome (2018) is actually not the happiest thing for me. I do that with a serious, profound guilt because everything about this movie screams cliché. 1,382 more words


Technological advances and the changing preferences they engender or reveal can be difficult to contend with as a writer of fiction. For example, though Spotify began in the late ‘00s, it exploded just a little over half a decade ago, establishing along with other music streaming services a new paradigm in music consumption that asks major questions of music labels, particularly smaller independent outlets, and how they acquire revenue in place of traditional physical or digital album sales.

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Matt is an A&R guy at a music label but he doesn’t have many As in his R, so he’s on his last legs. It’s a particularly bad time for his dad to be dying, but Ben has never been a thoughtful father, so why start now? 268 more words