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New York Times names street of Ferguson cop Wilson's home

Last November 24, 2014, the New York Times published an article┬áby Julie Bosman and Campbell Robertson on the wedding of Darren Wilson, in which the short street on which Wilson’s home is located is clearly named. 528 more words


2nd Ebola diagnoses angers nurses' union

Many questions are being raised about how two nurses have contracted Ebola in Dallas. CNN’s Ed Lavandera reports. Full story

CNN's Christina Manduley

How sick was Thomas Duncan when he was sent home from the hospital?

There are serious questions about Thomas Duncan’s treatment for Ebola. The missteps seemed to begin with a Dallas hospital’s initial decision to send him home without realizing his symptoms were caused by Ebola. 80 more words


Advertisers pull out as Peterson prepares to return to the field

The Vikings are hoping to rebound from last week’s tough loss against the Patriots with the help of star running back Adrian Peterson. He is set to return to the field this weekend, despite facing a felony child abuse charge. 66 more words


Vikings clear Adrian Peterson to return to the field

Adrian Peterson will be back on the field, playing with the Vikings next weekend. The decision comes just days after he was benched following his indictment on a felony child abuse charge. 176 more words


Please Read the Comments Policy

The Ed Lavandera story struck a raw nerve. I post comments that agree and those that disagree with anything I write. You can also disagree with other commenters. 93 more words

Ed Lavandera, Who Knew You Were So Interesting?

Saboteur365 is a little one person niche blog. Today, site views have exploded to over 50,000 and it’s not even noon yet. Most of those views are focused on the post I did two or three days ago (Tit for Tat …) in which I posted Ed Lavandera’s home address. 269 more words