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I Am Not A Traitor to My Gender

“And this is the bimbo that’s asking presidential questions?”

Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, used this caption when he retweeted pictures from Fox News host, Megyn Kelly’s, GQ photo-shoot. 671 more words


Schultz nabs show...

You remember lunatic leftist Ed Schultz  from Air America Radio and MSNBC,  don’t you?  He’ll have a nightly news  show on  Russia Today cable channel,  promising you straight news,  which he has never delivered in his entire life.   34 more words

The Fall Of Hillary Clinton.

By Jerry Alatalo

illary Clinton’s attempt to stop Bernie Sanders’ momentum in Iowa and New Hampshire through absolute distortion of Sanders’ long-held health care stance – a single-payer, medicare-for-all national plan, may have destroyed her campaign for President of the United States. 438 more words

Earth Matters

Bernie Sanders: The Anti-Establishment Candidate

Following the Democratic Forum last Friday night, the mainstream media is stingy about noting his successful presentation, and ‘false narratives’ continue to circulate. However, Ed Schultz notes, “They cant trip-up Bernie Sanders.”

Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders

Dupont Found Liable for a Woman's Cancer Linked to Exposure with Teflon-Making Chemical C-8 (Video & Link)

There is some good legal news on the fight against toxic chemicals. Yesterday, DuPont was found liable for leaking C-8 into drinking water and causing a woman’s cancer. 150 more words


Ed Schultz Interviews Bernie Sanders

Ed interviews presidential candidate Bernie Sanders​.

Seattle SeaTalks

Sen. Bernie Sanders Joins Ed Schultz News and Commentary: Friday the 4th of September (Video)

Happy Labor Day weekend! We’ve got a leader for the working folks!

Presidential Candidate and Senator Bernie Sanders, I-VT, joins Ed Schultz to discuss a wide range of issues including why his message is resonating with Democrats, how he responds to those who say he can’t win, getting respect from the media, and the narrative that he doesn’t connect with African Americans.

— Ed Schultz

Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders