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Where is the Gospel? My Thoughts on President Patterson and Supporters and Critics

While it is frustrating to read defenders of President Paige Patterson label critics social justice warriors, they are right to a degree. Outrage on social media concerning a spate of recently revealed indiscretions by him have not really mobilized into a clear Gospel response by his critics. 470 more words


The Southern Baptist Convention Has a Paige Patterson Problem

The Southern Baptist Convention has a Paige Patterson problem.

Before I continue, let me clarify my status within the SBC. I’ve spent my entire life as a member of a Southern Baptist Church. 974 more words


If Necessary, Use Words

I like and respect Ed Stetzer.  He is one of the few evangelicals/Southern Baptists who understands and addresses the short-comings and failures of his own tribe.  1,438 more words

Know What You Cannot Do – Fence Post #4

By Ed Stetzer

This is the fifth and final blog post in a series regarding pastors developing healthy boundaries in their ministry. I’m sharing four key points in the process, thinking of them as four fence posts around a healthy ministry. 734 more words


Barriers to Church Growth #7

A very revealing study was done, leading to a book detailing how 300 churches went from declining or dying, to growing. In Comeback Churches, written by 

481 more words
General Observations

Guard Your Flock, Even From Other Christians - Fence Post #3

By Ed Stetzer

This is the fourth blog post in a series (intro, fence post 1, fence post 2) regarding pastors developing healthy boundaries in their ministry. 976 more words


Pursuing Emotionally Healthy Boundaries - Fence Post #2

By Ed Stetzer

In the introduction to this series, I talked about how your schedule is not the primary problem that leads to burn out, rather it was not setting healthy boundaries in your ministry. 582 more words