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"Pastor" Ed Stetzer the Bully?

Another giant chicken was out on Twitter blocking away again.

A Christian by the name of Andrew Rizko wrote,

“So, yesterday I tweeted a bully, took a screen shot, we do know how bullies work, and today, I had to follow Ed again, surprised I was not blocked, but of course, my post is gone. 327 more words


church growth business rant

Enough with the business language for church. Just stop selling Jesus.

It seems we have been talking about church using ‘missional’ language for a while now. 406 more words

Ed Stetzer's Warped View on Church Membership

Ed Stetzer writes an article for Christianity Today explaining why you should become a member of a church. There are many issues that are raised and lots of questions that need to be asked. 3,211 more words

Evangelical Issues

ACCOUNTABILITY & How to Customize Small Group Questions to Meet Needs

by Bob Whitesel Ph.D., 7/6/15.

Fostering accountability in small groups is important, but can be challenging.  We are so accustomed to putting up barriers, false facades, etc. 747 more words


Stats No Small Group Point Person Should Ignore I: Groups Make a Huge Difference

Groups make a huge difference. We all believe this to be true. After all, we just need to read the New Testament to know this is true. 375 more words

Some Thoughts After the Supreme Court Ruling on Marriage

With a landmark decision, and a monumental example of judicial overreach, the U.S. Supreme Court this morning announced their decision regarding same-sex-Marriage. By the awesome power vested in just five people, marriage has been redefined in our land.   1,685 more words

Culture & Issues

Measuring Spiritual Growth

Transformational Groups: Creating a New Scorecard for Groups, by Ed Stetzer and Eric Geiger (Nashville: BH Publishing Group, 2014), pbk. 210 pp., $14.99.

How do we gauge the spiritual growth of a group? 427 more words

Spiritual Formation