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A Different Gospel: "A Different Mirror" Is a Troubling Diatribe for Non-Woke Christians

Ed Stetzer is still trying to find his way around Woke Christianity. After committing the offense of expressing his support for President Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, he quickly had to make it up to his woke brethren by giving space on his blog for a condemnation of Kavanaugh. 676 more words


CHURCH EXIT & New Research: Churchgoers Stick Around for Theology, Not Music or Preachers #LifeWay

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: In my consulting on church change and church revitalization, I sometimes encounter a judicatory leader or a parent church that will want to change another church’s theology. 431 more words


Weekend Wanderer: 16 June 2018

The “Weekend Wanderer” is a weekly post in which I gather a smattering of news, stories, resources, and other media you could explore through your weekend. 478 more words

Faith And The Public Square

The Southern Baptist Convention STILL Has a Paige Patterson Problem

Several weeks back I wrote an article titled, “The Southern Baptist Convention Has a Paige Patterson Problem.” We still have that problem.

Those who have followed the story know the basic issues. 921 more words


Articles by Jonathan Merrit and Ed Stetzer on Paige Patterson; The NFL and fining players who kneel; John Piper on unity

Here are some articles that we believe are worth a look.

  1. “Paige Patterson has resigned. Imagine if he were Tim Cook.” Jonathan Merrit compares the resignation of Patterson to the CEO of Apple.
  2. 64 more words

Where is the Gospel? My Thoughts on President Patterson and Supporters and Critics

While it is frustrating to read defenders of President Paige Patterson label critics social justice warriors, they are right to a degree. Outrage on social media concerning a spate of recently revealed indiscretions by him have not really mobilized into a clear Gospel response by his critics. 470 more words


The Southern Baptist Convention Has a Paige Patterson Problem

The Southern Baptist Convention has a Paige Patterson problem.

Before I continue, let me clarify my status within the SBC. I’ve spent my entire life as a member of a Southern Baptist Church. 974 more words