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Jill Stein Endorsement

In case you missed it, last week Ed Stetzer’s blog over at Christianity Today ran my endorsement of Jill Stein. It should be clear from the piece that I’m not impressed with Stein as a person as much as I am supportive of her positions on some key issues. 16 more words

Analysis of the Texas - Oklahoma District of the Evangelical Free Church of America

This is the analysis of the Texas and Oklahoma District of the Evangelical Free Church of America as its led by Bob Rowley. It has 65 churches in it, with the overwhelming number being in Texas. 5,107 more words

Evangelical Issues

SEMINARIES & Is Wesley Seminary the Seminary of the Future? #EdStetzer #DanielIm

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: As a fast growing, young seminary (now ranking in the top 6% of seminaries by size) we have many things in common with church plants. 674 more words


SIZE & 4 Ways to Break the Church Attendance Barrier #EdStetzer

by Ed Stetzer, Outreach Magazine, 7/12/16.

When it comes to church growth, some barriers or size plateaus prove to be difficult to overcome, churches feel stuck at a certain size… 420 more words


Meanwhile in California...

Earlier this week, The Christian Index hosted a discussion of sorts about America being a “Christian nation.” Christians who responded were split over whether America used to be a Christian nation and no longer is vs. 154 more words


Web-Based and Local Church Associations

Associations have a chance to demonstrate their value to local churches.

CHR Comment: Researcher Ed Stetzer writes about the emergence of web-based associations between congregations, which is a new element to church life that contrasts with the use of local associations used for centuries. 36 more words

Modern Church