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Yes! The Looking-Glass Works!!!

Sometimes when a student uses a manipulative they may need a tool to help them isolate the answer from an assortment of items, words, or numbers. 91 more words

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What Colleges Can Gain by Adding Makerspaces to Their Libraries

Colleges are following the lead of K-12 schools and libraries by creating easily accessible makerspaces that are available to the entire student body.

from MindShift… 7 more words

How to play portions of a YouTube video

Need to show just a portion of a YouTube video into a website, Powerpoint, or provide a link to the video. Use this site.

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Google Search Define Query Magical Tool!

I’m enrolled in Power Searching with Google and finding this course to be quite valuable. It is providing me with new tools and a better understanding of Google Search and its Capabilities. 60 more words

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Using Google Calendar to Share Supplemental Class Notes

As a K-12 Teaching Assistant sometimes there is a need to push into classrooms for supporting IEP Students by taking supplemental notes . Due to the nature of ones schedule it can be difficult to copy notes for one’s Teacher Partners and the Students. 157 more words

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Have You Used an Image In a Google Chrome Search?

Yes! One can use an image to do a Google Search. This is one easy way to narrow down information when doing a research project. I’ve seen students roam to images first when presented with research. 63 more words

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