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My EdT3ch class has been going great for these first 2 weeks of school.  The ever changing faces makes it hard to keep up with names and what grade, but I’m quickly catching on. 663 more words

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STEP 1: Creating Math Animated Image

During the summer I discovered an “Older” screencast program called LICEcap. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac Laptops. The program creates simple animated images. 167 more words

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Seesaw: from showcase to learning

Seesaw is advertised as ‘The Learning Journal’, and it certainly has that potential. However, just like any educational technology, the impact on learning depends greatly on how it is used. 546 more words

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Google Form Math Support Explained

Oh how I love the “Newest” Google Form upgrade! The idea of inserting images in a Google Form question or answer triggered the inspiration for this idea. 302 more words

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Welcome to Education Tech Today!  Education and technology are my passions in life.  Fortunately, they work hand-in-hand to make the world a better place.  I created this blog for three reasons: 190 more words


Tweetdeck for organised Twitter

When I encourage colleagues to use Twitter for daily inspiration, a common criticism of the platform is that the feed becomes very full! This is particularly problematic when you follow hundreds of people. 579 more words

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How Can Technology Enhance Language Learning?

By Lynn Zimmerman
Associate Editor
Editor, Teacher Education

Second language acquisition as a body of research looks at various aspects of learning and teaching languages other than one’s native language. 384 more words

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