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Ed-tech the new era

Tech the ever so rapidly expanding industry, which we help to drive through our new found love of tablets, mobile, laptops and watch devices. The issue largely being that the growth has been something that in our high school days the government hadn’t seen as an area to push. 303 more words


Guest Blogger Eoghan Evesson: 3 Juicy Ways to Engage in the Classroom

My name is Eoghan Evesson and I work as a Second-level English teacher in Ireland. I first discovered Voki, as with most things that improve my teaching, on Twitter. 837 more words


Test Prep: Can It Be Meaningful and Fun?

Heather here.  I want to start today’s blog post with that enormous elephant in the room: Test Prep.

Oh,Test Prep. It strikes fear into the heart of students, teachers, and principals alike. 925 more words


Questions To Ask About Ed-Tech

Questions To Ask About Ed-Tech At Your Kids’ School
March 19, 2015

a national survey in 2014 found that nearly half of all K-12 schools allow students to bring their own smartphones to class, which they’re using to do research, shoot video and, let’s be honest, to text the occasional emoji note. 32 more words

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Uphill Climb: Standing At the Top

Every educational technology professional knows the frustrations of getting buy in from the teaching staff in school as districts work hard to create 21st century learning environments for students.   526 more words

Ask Why

It's Okay If They Try It Their Way

If a child can’t learn the way we teach, then we must teach the way they learn.

While at baseball practice Tuesday for my 6 yr. 414 more words

8 Ways OneNote Makes Lesson-Planning a Breeze

By Guest Blogger Minnia Feng, Microsoft

OneNote, which you can download for free, is a teacher’s best friend. Find out how OneNote can help make digital lesson-planning easier, faster, and more effective! 454 more words

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