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Balancing Practical Know-How & Scientific Research in Education

Jamie Holmes’s recent article on the pitfalls of scientific investigation has got me thinking a lot about how we assess the effectiveness of teaching methods, materials, and education products. 613 more words


Take a field trip -- to anywhere! No mess, no stress, no hassle

Field trips are a great opportunity to break the classroom routine, while making the connection between classroom and outside world, but sometimes they can be a bit of a hassle rounding students, permission slips, and belongings and herding them through a curated experience.   140 more words



Here’s a conversation I had recently with Cleverbot.

User (me): Hi Cleverbot. What are your views on the future of chatbots in language learning? 1,194 more words


Storytelling through VR - the New York Times app

As teachers, we have witnessed the power of storytelling when it comes to making a lesson or concept stick.  It makes ideas and concepts much more tangible and interesting when we can relate real life experiences.   73 more words


What does Google have to do with it? -- Google Cardboard and VR in your classroom

As you can see, Google Expeditions is an app that really allows students and teachers to explore and discover.  As shown with the student above, every child in your classroom has interests, passions.   52 more words


Why You Will Love Google Classroom

  1. END your fear of the photocopier. Go paperless.
  2. END the practice of receiving student work by email (with poorly titled filenames).
  3. END disputes with students about whether an assignment was submitted or not.
  4. 203 more words
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Tech Spotlight: Formative

UPDATE: I need to mention up front that Formative is a website, not an app. Sorry for any confusion.

Ok, let me start by saying I love Google Forms. 462 more words