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Ed Templeton's Teenage Smokers

Ed Templeton is a professional skateboarder who is also a well established artist. He works in many different types of media. But I want to focus on one of his photo series he did titled “Teenage Speakers.” His style of photography is a very straight forward almost documentary style of photography. 126 more words

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Ed Templeton

Ed Templeton’s work has a very in depth close feel to his work although he mostly shoots in black and white the way he has set up his images is something I will take more care with. 159 more words

Book Project

Ed Templeton

In these images show both sides of skateboarding as a hobby and as a job, I think that showing both sides of the subculture will help my work  appeal to a wider audience whether it is within the skate boarding community or outside it. 85 more words

Book Project

'Scratch my name on your arm with a fountain pen, this means you really love me.'

‘Scratch my name on your arm’ is the title of Deanna Templeton’s book published in late 2011, she got the idea of the title from a song by The Smiths  249 more words

Staring At

Ed Templeton launches his latest new book ‘Staring at the Sea Staring at the Sand’ to buy a copy visit deadbeatclubpress.com