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Dark Side Skates Was Not Your Average Skate Shop

“What’s a blumpkin?”

“It’s when a guy takes a shit and a girl gives him a blowjob at the same time.”

“That is so disgusting.” 1,824 more words


Ed Templeton Plans To Go Extra Vegan In 2016

Huntington Beach, CA—The Templeton family has had a terrific time celebrating the holiday with vegan feasts this season, but come the new year, Ed plans to go even harder with his cruelty-free lifestyle. 304 more words


Ed Templeton's Teenage Smokers

Ed Templeton is a professional skateboarder who is also a well established artist. He works in many different types of media. But I want to focus on one of his photo series he did titled “Teenage Speakers.” His style of photography is a very straight forward almost documentary style of photography. 126 more words

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Ed Templeton

Ed Templeton’s work has a very in depth close feel to his work although he mostly shoots in black and white the way he has set up his images is something I will take more care with. 159 more words

Book Project

Ed Templeton

In these images show both sides of skateboarding as a hobby and as a job, I think that showing both sides of the subculture will help my work  appeal to a wider audience whether it is within the skate boarding community or outside it. 85 more words

Book Project