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Part Four of 'Glen or Glenda'

Hello again! There are times when I truly wonder why I pick the movies I do for these posts. This film is certainly an example of a… 66 more words


'Glen or Glenda' - Part Three

So … are you ready for Part Three of Glen or Glenda? To be honest, I’m not sure that this film is safe for work, safe for children, or safe for human consumption. 17 more words


Week 12- Ed Wood (1994)

The final film for Tim Burton month is very different to the others as it is a Biopic! I’m not overly familiar with Ed Wood, the real man, other than that he made bad films and is considered one of the worst film directors of all time. 357 more words


PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE (1959) and STRANGE BREW (1983) - The End of the World for Dummies

The following is my entry in The End of the World Blogathon, being co-hosted by this blog and The Midnite Drive-In from March 30 to April 1, 2018. 728 more words

'Glen or Glenda' - Part One

Happy Saturday or whatever day you happen to see this! The latest movie feature was selected based in part on a poll, which drew all of… 78 more words


Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959)

Aliens resurrect dead zombies which torment a small California town. Directed by Ed Wood. 262 more words