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Quietus 2016: movie time!

Kind readers,

I’m a busy creative beaver.

Today, I designed a banner for Quietus:

I wanted to capture the quietude and coziness of this gathering. 57 more words

Quietus 2016

monster movies and a pink angora sweater

Dear wizardly introverts,

today, I designed a spiffy banner for Quietus:

Also, this afternoon, I contacted the licensing people, and I can now tell you which film will be shown Saturday night! 57 more words

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TCMFF 2016 - Thursday 28th April: Cemetery and Splendour

Friends, films and The Formosa aside, I had a few things to check off my (imaginary) Hollywood list. My plans were not grand (or even very ambitious) and I left the hotel on Thursday morning – the day the festival would officially kick-off – intending to do two things: visit Hollywood Forever Cemetery and take the obligatory photograph of the HOLLYWOOD sign. 582 more words

Yes, but if you take that crap and put a star in it, then you’ve got something. – Ed Wood http://ift.tt/1WdLJio

Ed Wood

Film Review: Orgy of the Dead

“Orgy of the Dead” is an unusual picture for the casual moviegoer. However, if you’re aware of the work of Ed Wood or an obscure film genre coined “nudie cuties”, then this odd film’s existence shouldn’t be a surprise. 370 more words


Retro Review: Not Plan 8 or Plan 10

Jay McDowell takes a new look at an old gem: PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE!

Source: Retro Review: Not Plan 8 or Plan 10