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Film Review: Orgy of the Dead

“Orgy of the Dead” is an unusual picture for the casual moviegoer. However, if you’re aware of the work of Ed Wood or an obscure film genre coined “nudie cuties”, then this odd film’s existence shouldn’t be a surprise. 370 more words


Bill Murray Singing "Que Sera, Sera" In A Meat Locker With A Mariachi Band

I’m guessing  this is a scene from Ed Wood that didn’t make the final cut? Maybe Tim Burton was like: “you know what would be really great, Bill? 37 more words

The Curiosity Parade

Retro Review: Not Plan 8 or Plan 10

Jay McDowell takes a new look at an old gem: PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE!

Source: Retro Review: Not Plan 8 or Plan 10


Glen or Glenda

◩ 1953 ◊ Ed Wood ◊ 108 mins ◊ United States ◪

Called one of the worst films ever made, Glen or Glenda is the interesting debut of what would  be known as the famously devastating career of director Ed Wood. 547 more words

United States


I am a Johnny’s fan but I arrived when Johnny was wearing Jack Sparrow’s costumes so I admit that I had never seen some of his oldest movies. 281 more words

Johnny Depp