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Review: The Last House on Cemetery Lane (2015)

While searching through available horror films on Netflix, I stumbled across The Last House on Cemetery Lane and thought to myself “That’s a really cool title”. 806 more words


Ed Wood (Film Review)

So, today I don’t have another chapter of Rise of Darkness, having hit a brief block, but I’m working on it. In the mean time here’s  613 more words


Kooky Vampira Gyrations

Every movie, he did– had kind of a morbid-slant to it, wouldn’t you think?

Yes, and I could be talking about no one else than Tim Burton, who directed Beetlejuice and also “Ed Wood”, a biopic about “The World’s Worst Director” as it was all fiendish plots, cardboard graveyards, rubber octopus contraptions, flying saucers dangling on fishing-line, and the most bizarre assortment of “stock footage” ever spliced-into a feature, to save on “special fx”. 227 more words


Last year, Ed Wood‘s Plan 9 From Outer Space(1959) saw its Blu-ray release; posthumously, Ed is thoroughly enjoying his last laugh. He can thank those smug, condescending, hopelessly unimaginative thugs posing as establishment critics, the Medveds, for resurrecting him from the dead and catapulting him into a cult Valhalla. 3,382 more words

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February's Love Bites: ED WOOD (1994)

Love comes in many forms (heh heh): the love for a partner, a parent’s love for their children, a patriot’s love for their country, that sticky awkward love that can get you arrested if it’s done in public places. 1,455 more words

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The Lost World (1960)

I was watching an old movie on Film4 on Sunday evening that brought back many good old memories for me. It was one of those oldies that I’d first seen way back when I was a kid, sometime during the first seven or eight years of my life, and is one that I hadn’t seen in many, many years. 778 more words

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10 Tim Burton Films You Really Ought to See...

My love affair with Tim Burton films began when I was 8 years old.  My teenage siblings allowed me to watch Beetlejuice – I’m pretty sure they shouldn’t have at that age!- and I instantly fell in love with its unique gothic-inspired look, its wit, its heart and, of course, the Saint-Saens-like soundtrack of Danny Elfman.  1,077 more words

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