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Before there was Tommy Wiseau, M. Night Shyamalan or David Ayer, there was Ed Wood – the “Worst Director of All Time.”

Nowadays Johnny Depp is officially the most overpaid and unofficially the most objectionable actor in Hollywood, but his affectionately offbeat turn as the eccentric, transvestite protagonist reminds us why people liked him in the first place. 248 more words


Criswell Predicts Your Incredible Future

Some people listen to Taylor Swift.

I listen to “Criswell Predicts Your Incredible Future.”

“I predict cabbage will be your #1 favorite vegetable next year.” 104 more words

Cult Movies

Classic Sourdough by Ed Wood and Jean Wood

One of my new year’s resolutions, not that I place too much stock in them or treat them too seriously, is to learn to bake sourdough. 122 more words

Review: The Disaster Artist (2017)

The Disaster Artist is a movie that is continually searching for an epiphany and never finds it. James Franco directs and stars in a story about Tommy Wiseau (James Franco) and Greg Sestero (Dave Franco) coming to Los Angeles and their subsequent pact of making the critically lambasted 2003 picture- The Room together. 485 more words

2017 Films

A Wild Scene with William Rowland, Ed Wood, Joseph F. Robertson, a Love Feast, the Doctor, the Women, and an Outrageous Machine…Maybe

9-19-70, Chalreston, WV – In the mixed up world of The Wild Scene, a Doctor (Alberta Nelson) is writing a book about the troubles of the youth in the Now Generation that puts the Old Age line at 26 (even if some of the actors look at least like 27!) and deals with her Daughter’s happenings as well. 515 more words

Killer B Cinema's January Line Up!

Hello and Happy New Year!

Killer B Cinema presents Cocaine Fiends & Ed Wood’s Jail Bait! Two killer B-movies to kick off your New Year right and for the low, low price of $5. 231 more words