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The Young Marrieds in 1974 plus some cool and sexy odds and ends

1-28-74 – Could this be the Ed Wood film? I seriously hope I’m not being confused by any other titles as the film we can now see carried a 1972 copyright, but at least there’s a Village Voice ad printed in it’s 1-31-74 issue to confirm more playdates in the later year. 432 more words

July 22, 1959: The Moon Is Alive with the Sound of Music

Plan 9 From Outer Space is not the worst picture ever made. It’s probably not even the worst film to premier on July 22, 1959. The film has been featured in countless retrospectives, Turner Classic Movies, and documentaries. 277 more words

Wretched Richard's Almanac

Review: World Sourdoughs from Antiquity

If Ken Forkish’s book Flour Water Salt Yeast made sourdough bread seem simple and scientific, Ed Wood’s World Sourdoughs from Antiquity made it seem mystical and magical.  253 more words


Sad Monsters on Tired Tuesday

Do you suppose I can get away with another post of monster movie pictures with silly comments?  I am going to try.  I felt all day that I was Trudging Through Tuesday (I once wrote a blog post of that title).   321 more words


Martin Landau - Rest in Peace

Really don’t like it when these are so close together. Really makes one feel their mortality. As I write this up, I’m listening to the soundtrack from… 288 more words

Rest In Peace

Making Bela - A Tribute to Martin Landau

I was saddened yesterday to read of the death, at the age of 89, of the fine actor Martin Landau. His was a familiar face from my youth, from… 252 more words


Mission: Impossible actor Martin Landau dies aged 89

Well known Mission: Impossible actor Martin Landau has sadly passed away, aged 89.

Landau played master of disguise Rollin Hand in the original TV series… 163 more words