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Stop the Summer Reading Slide!

As you all know, I am an avid reader and have written many a post about reading and/or writing workshop. It is a passion of mine and I believe we must be the individuals in our students’ lives to promote a love for reading and writing. 175 more words


A thought on KIT

KIT days were really visible and accessible when working in the financial sector, and as a senior manager, something that you needed to be well versed to then be able to direct staff to the ways that KIT time could be utilised. 698 more words

Getting Ready for Off Peak Training

Professional development is an integral aspect to every profession, not just education. I feel fortunate that my DNA craves learning and I go out of my way to seek and find it. 498 more words


Technological Literacy & Ethical Issues

  • New insights I gained from reading about technological literacy.

The article ‚ÄúTechnologically Literate Citizens‚ÄĚ from ITEEA
clarified the meaning and the importance of technological literacy in our… 717 more words

Day in, day out: a blog on opening routines

I want to write a series of blogs about what it would be like to be in my classroom, and how I approach teaching on a day to day basis. 836 more words


Becoming an Unplugged Educator -- Why I Said Goodbye to Social Media as a Professional

As I currently sit at my gate at the Tampa International Airport waiting for my flight back to Oregon, I find myself finally committing the time to a post that has been a long time coming. 1,199 more words