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Making Connections and Building Rapport

As I will soon be entering into my internship, I’ve been considering rapport and classroom management. I’ve been thinking about the human connection and interaction part of education that can get lost in some discussions about educational theories and teaching methods. 757 more words


TV CAN TEACH US: Why Reality TV Models Decision-Making (Good and Bad)

TL Standard 1: Teacher Leaders model ethical and moral behavior

I unapologetically watch reality television with students in my classroom.

While this may sound strange, I love reality TV myself and I love finding teachable moments for my students in their favorite shows. 612 more words


Calm Down: How NOT to Freak Out About Standards and State Testing*

By nature, I have always been a hesitant person.  When I was a kid, I was unsure of everything.  Especially food.  If it didn’t look or smell like chicken or pasta or cheese or bread, I’d pass.   506 more words

Professional Development

Facilitating Change

Education has been undergoing “reform” for as long as I can remember. With each new year comes a new buzz word, an exciting new approach to education, another “bandwagon” that teachers are expected to jump on and implement.  545 more words



You probably felt the dread creep somewhere into your soul this morning. It’s the last week of July and the next school year is still almost a month away (for most of the country, I recognize that many school districts are starting next week in some parts of the country) and yet many of us just had a sudden jolt of panic…. 588 more words


Kicking Off Back to School with Camera Fun

As we prepare for the start of school, and hundreds of eager minds bouncing into our buildings, many educators kickoff the school year with activities to foster community within their classrooms. 533 more words


ENSURING EQUITY IN SPITE OF OURSELVES: Creating a Learning Environment for All

Standard 5: Establish a culturally inclusive learning climate that facilitates academic engagement and success for all

“Are you Mr. Shinn?” I get asked regularly by parents and students on their first time meeting me. 892 more words