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School Revolution 2020: Part 2

We’re underway! This is the second in a monthly series I’m writing to document my high school’s significant shift in how we approach learning at school. 722 more words


A Teacher’s Plea: I Don’t Care If You Listen To It, Though.

For the first time in my teaching career, I will be leaving students I’ve taught for a few years. This has hit me really hard in a lot of ways because, for the first time, I’m not going to see the amazing students I see every day. 2,230 more words


Failure is for the privileged.

I recently attended the 4th annual CrossRoads conference organized by Infosys Foundation USA. It was filled with some great speakers and panels, but the most profound moment for me was a single statement made by  780 more words


The Revenge of Analog by David Sax

Maybe it’s because I am reminiscent of my youth and was craving a walk down memory lane that I decided to read this book? Or maybe it’s because I wanted to know that all things I love were returning into today’s mainstream? 626 more words


Story-telling: an exercise in confidence

When I started at Trinity in 2015, my experience in story-telling had, I might say, lapsed. I had some early experience reading aloud in my babysitting years of my early teens, but in the 10 intervening years , I hadn’t so much as picked up a picture book. 426 more words


What Schools can learn from the London Tube

Like many lessons from history, it takes cross-disciplinary thinking and rule breaking to solve new problems for a new world.

As someone who is hoping to change schools to better prepare children for the way the world is and not was, I’m always on a look out for analogies that might help a few more educators and parents understand both the reasons for change and/or practicalities for achieving it. 475 more words


Why Good Grades don't make a Good School

THE BANKER: “As educators, we need to think beyond degrees and certificates. As governments, we need to take advantage of the world of instant information to harness the coming skills revolution.  803 more words