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Some Thoughts On Failure And Struggle

I worry that we’ve really romanticized terms like failure and struggle.

Last week Debbie Donsky dug into some deep questions around failure and its ability to cause a permanent change.   415 more words

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Let's seek to understand first before passing judgement

With a number of high profile decisions getting significant media attention in recent months from the UK’s Brexit through to Colin Kaepernick’s decision to sit through the US national anthem, the speed at which people publicly react to such decisions has really hit home and made me question what this means for us as school leaders. 462 more words

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Book Review: First Day at Bug School

First Day at Bug School Sam Lloyd Bloomsbury Children’s Books Wow! This is a Bug-alicious book absolutely full to bursting with buggish delights all of which are hidden (except to readers of the story) amongst the grass and weeds down at the bottom of the garden, and it’s the very first day of term.

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The Educational Caravan

This past summer I was visiting a friend in Chicago, we had to drive from one place to another and he said, “just follow me”.  It was about 30 seconds later that he ran a yellow light and lost me in traffic.   1,394 more words

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How I made my advertisment in Keynote

It was very exciting to become a published author this year and a big thank you to Holly Clark and the EdTechTeam for encouraging me to write… 234 more words


Book Review: Lucy & Company

‘Lucy & Company‘ is a trio of everyday stories extraordinarily brought to life by Marianne Dubuc in her own beautifully understated style. It takes a playful look at friendship and taking adventures together.

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How New Zealand education builds appreciation for cultural differences

If you look at current world events, such as #Brexit or #Trump, it’s not hard to conclude that ignorance of other cultures leads to prejudice and intolerance. 745 more words