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Why schools are like my daughter's terrible Art!

I’m not a bad parent or nasty but thinking objectively, my 9-year-old daughter’s latest painting from school is a shockingly bad piece of art. It’s use of the paint medium is half-hearted and lacking in purpose, her composition is even and uninteresting, her choice of colour is neither complimentary nor figurative, and she has failed to show any understanding of tone –  if you squint it just becomes a grey rectangle. 520 more words



I’m always comparing school and sports, and the school year is a very long, sometimes grueling season. There are things I think of doing during the school year that I know won’t get done until the summer, when the offseason starts and I have a chance to rest, recuperate, and focus on getting better for next year. 467 more words


Introduction: Mr. S - The Llama is Learning

Alright, lets set all the cards on the table:

As of this writing, I am a progressive, high school teacher quickly approaching my third year in Oklahoma. 897 more words


Join A Summer Book Club!

My passion for books must have started in my early years when my parents consistently read to me. I cannot express how appreciative I am for their love of books and for instilling in me the benefits and love for reading. 231 more words


The Language We Use

As far back as I can remember, there have been various moments that have imprinted on my brain when someone has spoken to me and used various words that have impacted how I think.   546 more words


Personalization - Thinking More Deeply About Genius Hour

If I had to choose an ultimate goal for any and all students, I would have to say that I would hope they would all become lifelong learners seeking out their passions and consciously choosing to learn throughout their life. 794 more words


Getting a school’s message across in the new media landscape

While the news media environment has changed, our goal as communications professionals hasn’t—create a simple, accurate and relevant message for quick delivery to parents, employees, students and community. 50 more words