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There is a question constantly swirling through my life. ¬†Partially because I am a teacher, partially because I am a mother of school aged children, but I think most strongly from a soul wrenching call to action that I’m trying constantly to ignore because I feel so unable to answer. 630 more words

From Topic to Thesis, Teaching Students to Write Argument

One of the most difficult things to teach young writers is how to develop a thesis that demonstrates an argument-worthy topic. And now with the Common Core State Standards emphasizing argument, teachers everywhere work tirelessly to help students be savvy discerners of information in hopes to develop thoughtful communicators of messages based on evidence. 416 more words


Adaptation verses the 3 Rs

Let me start with a confession. I am a terrible “solutionist.” If you have read this blog before, I think you already know this. I obsess about problem-solving for myself and others. 860 more words


Technology in the Early Years

As I was out with a friend of mine, ironically to watch a movie, we had a brief, yet intriguing conversation about the effects of technology and its use on children in their primary years. 702 more words


#5 best Ed decisions (#5bestEd)

So about two weeks ago I wrote a blog post about the 5 best decisions that I have made as an Educator or more importantly the 5 most defining moments that have changed me for the better. 308 more words

Beginning of the Year Laptop Expectations for the Classroom

August signals the return to school for students and educators across the country. The beginning of the year is often filled with reconnecting with friends, building communities in the classroom, and handing out textbooks. 1,024 more words