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The Research Process: don’t worry, it’s normal to feel this way!

In school today, students are often asked to conduct independent research to answer a question, find out more about a subject, or to inform a presentation to their class. 417 more words


Augment discussions with video technology: Let’s Recap

When one hears the term “let’s recap”, one immediately thinks about summarizing or reviewing what was shared or what was said. For the team at Swivl, an educational technology company originating out of California, Recap means far much more. 509 more words

The Golden Rule & The Duty of Critical Thinkers / #socialresponsibility #edchat #TeamUSA

updated 2:24 pm est 11/10/17

The idea of cultivating critical thinkers is easily a lofty ideal purported to be achieved throughout academia and espoused as the hallmark of journalistic integrity.  1,190 more words

Is it more important for school leaders to manage change rather than lead it?

There are an overwhelming number of initiatives that schools can invest time in developing in order to improve and change for the better. Some schools may charge full-on into as many initiatives as possible whereas others may take a more cautious approach to change. 519 more words

Education Leadership

Teacher Life In Six Memes

When Government policy changes and some really important aspects are no longer priorities.

When something good happens and you remember what got you into teaching in the first place. 65 more words


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Hello everyone!

Thank you to those of you who have been reading and following this blog for the past few years.

We have now integrated the blog into our… 77 more words

Lucy Cawkwell

The boy on the floor

To say that I had a challenging and dynamic class of 5th graders when I arrived back into the world of education last year is an understatement. 1,600 more words